Earn money Uploading Vídeos to Fb

Earn money Uploading Vídeos to Fb

Vídeo is one of the most interesting content today, one of the most profitable ways to generate money and a especial way to genera other benefits for large companies, SMEs and personal brands. Generally, when talking about making money with vídeo, everyone thinks of YouTube, however, they also it is possible to do it with fbalthough it is not the most habitual option of all.

If you are looking for a bit of plus money with your vídeos, Fb is a good option, but first you need to know how to do it. And we will talk about this in this article!

Perro you make money uploading vídeos to Fb?

Although this option to earn money with audiovisual content is not very famous, Fb certainly allows you to monetize vídeos in order to generate some income.

Now, the reason why it is not habitual is not only because it is a popular network with a different approach, but also because it is usually less productive than other platforms like YouTube.

How vídeos are monetized on Fb

Now, the fact that vídeos on FB cánido be monetized does not orinan that anyone cánido become a millionaire with the vídeos that are uploaded to the platform overnight.

There are certain elements that you should keep in mind:

Requirements to monetize vídeos on Fb

In order to monetize your vídeos, it is required that you meet these three requirements:

  1. Meet the minimum number of followers: 10.000.
  2. Comply with about 30,000 reproductions among all your uploaded content, which are at least 1 minute in the last 2 monthsthese vídeos must be at least a few 3 minutes.
  3. Your account must comply with Fb’s monetization policythat is, that the followers are well segmented, have continuous activity, good reach, be within the countries, etcétera.

Once you meet all these requirements, you cánido request monetization of your vídeos on Fb.

Earn money with your vídeos on Fb

To earn money with your vídeos on Fb follow these steps:

  1. you go to your seguidor page and entrar at the top in “Publishing tools”.
  2. In the middle part of the left select the option “CreatorStudios”.
  3. Now in the middle left you perro clic on “Monetization”.
  4. You choose the page you want to monetize and with which you are associated with your personal Fb account. There Fb will tell you very clearly if you are eligible or not.
  5. Once you are eligible for it, Fb itself will tell you, and thus you will activate and enjoy monetization.

➜ Here you have all the official information from fb:

Ways to get more views on your Fb vídeos

Once you have your vídeos monetized on Fb, it is necessary to increase the numbers, make people play more and more in order to win more and more

How to do it?

  1. Share the vídeos in interested communities: There are large groups that support content related to their theme, you perro articulo there to increase reach, always taking care not to be reported as contenido publicitario.
  2. associate with influencers: Look for people who have a good community and who perro benefit from a kind of content alliance, in this way both how you will grow in their views. It is an investment.
  3. Create good content: Although it is obvious, it is necessary to say it, when you create quality content, people share it and this in turn generates greater reach and views.

You are ready to start making money with your vídeos on Fb, you just have to put in effort and desire, and the money will come in due time!

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 Earn money Uploading Vídeos to Fb
  Earn money Uploading Vídeos to Fb
  Earn money Uploading Vídeos to Fb

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