Earn Money Uploading Archivos – The 5

Earn Money Uploading Archivos – The 5

Earn Money Uploading Archivos. Have you ever wondered how much you perro earn by uploading archivos, how is it that many download websites maintain themselves and generate money, if those are your doubts you will learn all that in a few minutes.

Earn Money Uploading Archivos

there are many free hosting servers on the internet, which allow us to host information, be they archivos of any type as well as vídeos, and there are many of them that pay us when a usuario downloads the archivo hosted on their servers.

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Archivo Hosting

In recent years, these services have become a primordial need for all users, since it is vital to have a platform to store and host our information.

Companies like Google plus have the service “Google plus Drive”which with our gmail dirección de correo electrónico we cánido access that service for free, of course but with limited space.

How do you make money uploading archivos?

Money is earned in the following way, when you upload a archivo to the server and you share the backlink of the resource that you have uploaded, when people download the archivo the company pays you for it.

Each company in especial has a payment rate for every 1,000 downloads that varies depending on the place, that is, the country from which the visits come, also some servers pay more money when the archivo to be downloaded weighs more.

How much cánido you earn as an uploader (Uploading archivos)

An Uploader so that you are aware is a person who uploads material of all kinds on a website, in this case if we are dedicated to uploading material to a web page we could be called an uploader.

The money you cánido earn by uploading archivos will depend on several important factors:

  • Whether or not you have a website
  • Traffic source to share your backlinks
  • Time that you will dedicate
  • Number of archivos uploaded

If you have one download web pageIf you have hundreds of posts all geared towards downloading some resources and your website receives at least 5,000+ hits a day, then you perro earn between $10 to $50 a day.

But if you don’t have a website, you perro share your backlinks in Fb groups or on your YouTube channel, this method has its cons, so I recommend having a website for that.

The 5 Best Servers to earn money

These are the best servers to earn money uploading archivos, they are the ones that I personally recommend if you want to start earning your first income.

  1. katfile
  2. up-4ever
  3. uploadocean
  4. Upload
  5. uploadify

Strategy to increase my income by uploading archivos

As I said, the strategy consists of creating a download web page, you perro do it in WordPress, you are going to search in google plus for the resources that users are looking for the most to download.

It perro be a trend like the movie of the moment, programs, series, courses, books and you are going to upload it and then publish and share it.

Most importantly, if you don’t know SEO you must learn right now, because this knowledge will help you position your website to appear in the first results on Google plus.

Strategy result

If you do all that, surely you are going to get good money from your website, at first you will have to work hard, but once the page is positioned you will start to earn money on autopilot, this is the good thing about this method .

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 Earn Money Uploading Archivos – The 5
  Earn Money Uploading Archivos – The 5
  Earn Money Uploading Archivos – The 5

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