earn money traveling

earn money traveling

earn money traveling it is possible, if you have tired of doing one of your multiple removals to the canary islands every summer to earn a few euros during the season and what you want is to earn money traveling the world.

Then you have come to the right place.

surely know how to travel and work you have to use your imagination and be willing to sacrifice your comfort in exchange for getting free food and accommodation.

If you are an influencer and have thousands of followers on Instagram, you will have it very easy.

You will see that many travel companies will want you to sponsor their services in exchange for money and/or free transfers.

If, on the contrary, this is not your case yet and you are looking for ways to earn money for traveling, I invite you to continue reading this articulo, I am sure that you will get some ideas and you will be able to implement some of them.

If the ideas that I present here do not add up to you, and you want earn money for traveling ask me how on the comments.

Ways to earn money traveling

Surely there are more than 50 ways to earn money traveling, but here I am going to put the most relevant ones.

There are many people who are dedicated to them.

They visit all the continents of the world while receiving income.

Most of these people are engaged in earn money en línea working hard for years and then they cánido afford to live off their passive income.

That allows them to travel the world for free.

It is relatively easy to generate income from home but it is more difficult for these to be so high that they give us the financial freedom to be able to travel without spending money.

That is why here I am going to put a series of ideas that you perro put into practice today.

Search jobs in each country

To look for a job in the countries you want to visit, you must search for information on the country in question and find out which jobs are most in demand at that time.

A few years ago there was a boom to work as an Au pair in the United States and the United Kingdom (child caretaker).

Although it was not paid very well, it cánido provide you with enough to live for free.

In my especial case, my son has been in Ireland for a few months working and living for free.

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In this case, he went to a hotel to work, where he was given food and lodging included in his salary.

Therefore he could live for the world working in the country you were.

For European residents who want to travel around Europe, both working and doing tourism for a long time, I recommend you request the European sanitary card.

It is a free procedure, they send it to your home in a few days and it is valid for 90 days.

Travel as a volunteer

One of the best ways to earn money traveling is to work helping other people.

The world needs volunteers to help in environmental catastrophespolitical and religious.

Not everyone has enough resources to travel to the other part of the world and volunteer, which is why there are intermediary companies that are responsible for paying for your flight, accommodation and meals in exchange for your help.

Before traveling with the agency and leave everything processed.

You perro help from helping orphaned children or those at risk of exclusion, dedicating yourself to teaching in third world countries or building houses devastated by a typhoon.

Take advantage of your popular networks to earn money traveling

If you have enough followers on your popular networks and a high level of engagement (that they interact with your posts), it is time to contact small and medium-sized travel companies that give you free flights, train or ómnibus tiques and even free accommodation. in exchange for your patronage.

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You cánido start by contacting companies in your city or neighborhood, reaching a mutually beneficial agreement (win to win).

Agree on a national low-budget trip in exchange for its dissemination on your popular networks.

If you have become an influencer and you count as more than 100,000, you cánido now ask for money in exchange for a publication, a story, a retweet or a mention.

This is a good way to get passive income when you go to travel earning money.

Work as a travel guide

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to earn money traveling.

You must at least master English and other languages, since you will be in constant contact with people from other countries and cultures.

Sign up for a language academy or study a Degree in Tourism, you will be able to do your bachelor’s internship traveling and doing something you like.

The requirements for this type of work are knowing the languages, being a good communicator and knowing the specific culture of the country.

From there everything will be talking and earning money.

Be a plane or ship crew member

You perro choose to be a cabin crew or study to be a flight attendant.

In both cases you will travel around the world, you will be able to know different countries and cultures.

It is not easy to get a job with these characteristics, since you will have to master several languages, know how to deal with the public and be prepared to visit different countries in the same day.

One of the main advantages of this type of work is maleable hours and that you will constantly change co-workers, which will not give you time for work conflicts to arise, so there will always be good vibes.

Street art and music

If you are a hippie soul and you like to play a musical instrument or you are good at painting, you perro travel to different countries playing music and making caricatures in exchange for money.

A relative, when he was younger, toured half of Europe playing the guitar and without spending a single euro.

He now speaks five languages ​​(Spanish, Valencian, Italian, French and English) and has never equipo foot in a language school.

Therefore, if you are a free spirit and have a great desire to learn, you cánido travel the world in this way.

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Final conclusions to earn money traveling

As you cánido see, here I have outlined some of the possibilities you have to earn money while travelingUndoubtedly there are many more, as much as your imagination, you just have to put your mind to it, not be very picky when it comes to sleeping and staying, since in most cases you will not stay in a complejo turístico, but in hotels of two or three stars.

Apart from that he travel the world for free it’s relatively easy if you know how to do it.

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 earn money traveling
  earn money traveling
  earn money traveling

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