Earn money transcribing texts

Earn money transcribing texts

If you like to read and are fast at typing, you may be able to earn money en línea transcribing texts.

Transcription of texts is a job that almost everyone cánido do, it is a very fácil job: you just have to transcribe what you hear.

To do the job, you don’t need a lot of previous experience and you cánido earn money from almost anywhere.

The only thing you will need is a computer, some headphones and a desire to work.

What does the work of transcribing texts consist of?

The work of a text transcriptionist is, in a few words, write what you hear.

This is one of the jobs where many people start working from homesince it is one of the easiest ways to earn money en línea.

Like all jobs, positions are climbingyou will start with a basic level and you will be able to qualify to win opportunities in which they will pay you more and more money.

As you gain experience, you will be able to qualify for other opportunities that will pay more and thus you perro earn more money.

In this type of companies that offer transcription jobs rarely will you be able to work full time.

But you cánido do it to get a plus at the end of the month or earn plus money.

What will you need to transcribe texts?

To earn money transcribing texts we are not going to need any type of previous experience.

But nevertheless it is It is advisable to have some elements that will facilitate our work and that (most importantly) they will make our work faster and better.

Therefore, we will be able to climb the ranks more quickly and more transcripts will be assigned to us.

All this will have an impact on our benefit, since we will be able to earn money more quickly.

  • foot pedal.

    this type of pedals is very useful for start and stop playback.

    This way you cánido pause the audio and vídeo archivo much more easily.

    I would recommend you this transcription foot pedal.

  • Headphones.

    You must have a good quality earphone or headset that It will greatly improve the quality of the sound you hear..

    This will greatly affect the quality of your work.

    I will recommend you these earphones.

  • transcription programa.

    You must have good programa that works for you help play audio and vídeo archivos at different speeds.

    There are many free softwares, but from here I would recommend you oTranscribe as one of the best free transcription tools out there today.

Obviously, you perro also do it without any type of device, but you’d be much better off doing it with these.

Making a small investment will make you make money fast.

How much money cánido you earn with a text transcription job?

The answer is fácil: it depends. It depends on many factorsThese may include: the company you work for, the volume of your work, your typing speed (in words or per minute), your experience, and also your typing skill level.

The most transcription jobs are paid for with PayPal.

Therefore, if you want to receive your payments quickly, you will need to register in PayPalif you don’t have an account yet.

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The benefits may have a transcriber perro be usually around $15/hour.

Although if you are an expert, you cánido earn between $25 and $30 per hour.

Depending on the job you have, you perro generate a good salary if you have a job and you are good at it.

I cánido’t give you figures, because as I said before, it depends on many factors, but you perro possibly exceed $1,000 per month.

Besides, companies will offer the freedom to work the hours you wantwhen and from where you want, having your own schedule.

Where cánido I earn money en línea transcribing texts?

There are many places where you perro work as a transcriptionist and earn money for it.

Here I am going to put the main sites where one cánido apply to earn money en línea by transcribing texts.

In most of them experience is not necessary and we will be paid according to the texts that are transcribed, the speed we have, etcétera…

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as mTurk) is a Amazon-owned site which is known for being fast tasks, but also has transcription jobs availableboth short and long.

Obviously, how much the longer the task, the more money will be earned.

If you escoge to apply to Amazon Mechanical Turk you should know that They are very maleable with the schedule..

You cánido choose when and how to do the work and what jobs you want to complete.

You should search for transcription jobs and choose the ones that you cánido complete by looking at the hours you have available.

Be the sponsor who must approve the quality of your translation and this one will have the last word on whether your work will be approved or not, so make sure you do your best and that they cánido approve the work.


fiverr it’s a platform where services of all kinds are offered: transcription, design, programming, writing and much more.

Without a doubt, Fiverr is one of the favorite sites to do transcription tasks.

Usually fácil double basses start for up to $5 since they will not take us long.

But you perro always charge more, it will always depend on the difficulty.

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When you go Advancing on the platform, you will vea that more and better projects begin to flourish with which you cánido earn plus money.


Atext is ato page that hire transcriptionists in both Spanish and English. with what we perro make money from home with quite a few transcription projects. You do not need any kind of experience to start workingnor pass any exam to start earning money.

The Job compensation will vary depending on the difficulty of the transcription and your level of experience.

Us pay by Paypal every week.

Your job compensation will vary depending on the difficulty of the transcription and also your level of experience.

They will pay by PayPal every day.


you will be able to find transcription jobs in Appenscribe cuaBy filling out a quick form on their website and completing some fácil tests that will test your accuracy with both Spanish and English.

The company needs transcriptionists all over the world.

And the more languages ​​you master, the more work you cánido receive.

He payment is made vía PayPaltwo weeks after doing the work, to be able to pay you must be done at least 85% right.


transcribe now to hire audio or vídeo transcriptionists.

This company works with various types of transcriptionists, from televisión espectáculos and movies to medical services.

You may be touched by well-known televisión espectáculos or espectáculos.

For In order to apply for this position, you must send a sintetiza to the dirección de correo electrónico address of your work section.

Final opinions and possibilities of earning money en línea transcribing texts

As you see, the possibilities of earning money en línea transcribing texts are many.

Whether only If you are fluent in Spanish and, on the contrary, you flunk several languages, you will be able to earn money from home by transcribing texts.

It is a possibility to earn money from your home that you should consider if you are a studentOr if you want make money as a teenager given that You cánido do this type of work in your free time.when you don’t have exams or simply, when you don’t have something else more important to do.

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 Earn money transcribing texts
  Earn money transcribing texts
  Earn money transcribing texts

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