Earn money selling text instructions

Earn money selling text instructions

Advances in artificial intelligence imagers have been remarkable in recent months.

The current leaders in the field of art of artificial intelligence are the Dall-Y también2, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion programs. These programs cánido create an image from a brief written description on virtually any subject.

Developing a high-quality text prompt has become an art form in its own right as technologies for this purpose have advanced. PromptBase allows you to monetize these detailed descriptions.

What is promptbase?

Promptbase Platform

You cánido buy and trade various types of text instructions or detailed descriptions that generate artificial intelligence images in the new PromptBase marketplace. So Promptbase is a platform where you perro sell and buy these types of instructions or as they are also known: prompts.

Get access to the best prompts, increase your productivity, save API fees, and earn profit by selling your own creations.

In this screenshot you cánido see what the market looks like.

What is the cost of these instructions or prompts?

Sellers cánido equipo the price of their prompts between $1.99 and $4.99, with PromptBase keeping 20% ​​of the profits.

Price example of a prompt that would generate a castle with the drawing style of the anime studio Ghibli, the same behind the classic Spirited Away

Profit Generation Methods

Just follow these three easy steps: Write your prompt, add some photos generated with the prompt, and connect to Stripe.

1. Specify an image or a prompt

Entrar the title and description of the prompt [lo que el prompt genera, lo que obtendrá el comprador]. Equipo your price. Pricing starts at $1.99, but you cánido adjust it up to $4.99 if you want.

2. Upload the generated images

The next step is to add at least three images generated with the prompt and a verification backlink. You perro get the backlink by making public the image created in Dall-Y también2.

3. Join the Stripe network

Finally, backlink your bank account through the Stripe payment gateway.

When your upload is complete and the request is in the review queue, you’ll see a notification afín to the following:

The average approval time is approximately 4 hours.

You perro generate images directly from PromptBase

you perro try your prompt directly in PromptBase if you don’t have Dall-Y también2 yet. Stable Diffusion, is the AI engine which drives the built-in image generator in Promptbase.

Once you have registered, you will receive 10 free credits every day. 3 photos for 1 credit. Here’s an adorable puppy as an example:

photo of miniature Australian Shepherd puppy on pier in front of breathtaking mountain lake, epic scene, beautiful colors, high resolution
You perro get an additional 100 spawn credits for $10.

Is it worth buying prompts on PromptBase?

It raises the question of why anyone would pay for AI art/image generator text cues if they perro be obtained for free and you cánido make them yourself.

There are many ways to get AI text generator art without spending a penny. Here are a few that occur to me.

concluding remarks

We live in a world of ever-evolving AI-generated graphics, and the demand for stimuli that deliver such captivating visuals is increasing every day.

The future of the art industry will be drastically altered by AI-generated artwork in the not too distant future.

Today, anyone perro be called “artist«. But we need to know:what exactly AI-generated art means for the art market? whatIt is perceived as something positive or negative?

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian” piece featured a banana taped to a wall with plastic duct tape and fetched a price tag of $120,000, a real joke to… well, everyone. If that’s art, then AI-generated images are too.

One could argue that AI art generators open up the arts to anyone with a computer.

On the other hand, critics may argue that AI-generated artworks focus too much on mechanical processes and algorithms, removing any human elements.

In our opinion, AI-generated artworks perro have a positive influence on the art world. They cánido help break down barriers and introduce new audiences to the art world by making it more accessible.

Yet we perro’t help but feel let down by the rise of manufactured art. It’s causing individuals to focus more on frequent releases than continuous improvement. That takes all the fun out of the spontaneity of putting a pen or a brush on a canvas and letting paint and imagination run wild, since it’s hardly necessary to know Photoshop or editing techniques.

Simply put, great art is not made overnight. The time required cánido vary, but cánido sometimes be quite long. Don’t be left behind in the world of AI, learn all the ways you cánido take advantage of this new technology.

Entrar the new world and learn with these AI resources

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 Earn money selling text instructions 
  Earn money selling text instructions 
  Earn money selling text instructions

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