Earn Money Returns

Earn Money Returns

Earn Money Returns.

That is the question that many have been made out loud on popular networksand in other weblogs of different colleagues.

They have flowed rivers of ink or keys talking about the subject.

That’s why today I want to put my little grain of sand.

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let’s start with explain the page itself.

Both the positive and the negative.

As you may have already read in the entry I made a few days ago explaining the page earn money.

This page will pay us to use the resources of our computer to mine, possibly bitcoin.

As for the internal factors, I explain it to you.

Point by point.

  • Consume RAM memory.

    with what if our computer is very “to walk around the house”, it will slow it down (in my case it has slowed it down a lot).

    if you have a “average” computer, and from there up, you should notice it less.

  • The speed at which you put it will also influence the resources that the program consumes. It is not the same to put it in “slower” than in “supersonic”.
  • The speed at which it is mining decreases as the days go byI have verified it and other colleagues have verified it, with which the profitability of the program is decreasing day by day.

    At least, for now, we do not know in the future.

  • Referrals.

    As we know there are two types of referrals, those who register vía backlink, and those who register vía dirección de correo electrónico invitation.

    For the first they will pay us $0.25, and for the second they will pay us $2.5.

    for these that amount will only go up to our cómputo when the referral reaches $20 (not counting the initial $10).

    But those amounts will only go up to the cómputo when the program sees that the referrals are active.

  • The Work Cómputo.

    This is the Cómputo for referral commissions, surveys, etcétera., in several days (almost 15) that I have had the program installed on my computer (from which I write).

    It has not risen from 0.38, although I have referrals, both by backlink and by dirección de correo electrónico.

    In my case the Work Cómputo has not risen.

Now I am going to comment on the external factors.

Those that do not have to do exactly with the operation of the program itself, but with those around it.

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  • The price of electricity.

    At least in Spain it is around 0.1432 €/kw, so if we have it on 24 hours a day (which I do not recommend) we will spend a minimum of €0.40.

  • I’m not going to talk to you about Internet.

    In Spain, its cheapest offer is around €30/month, with which we will have a daily cost of €1.

    But We already assume that we have to have this expense yes or yes.

  • As I have said before, the program consumes a lot of computer resourceswith which, if we have a habitual computer, we cánido overheat itwith the consequent destruction of the motherboard.

    Thus accelerating the breakdown of equipment.

  • and then there is the so-called loss of profit(so called technically), that is, what we stop earning when we are doing other things instead of our usual work.

    For example, if the computer is running slower than expected, it will take longer to do the rest of our tasks (watch vídeos, surveys, etcétera…).

    So at the end of the day, maybe (always depending on the team) we don’t have time to do everything.

  • All this together with decreasing mining offered by the program that makes using this program somewhat less profitable.

    I understand that this point perro change throughout the days.

    Since (and it’s all conjecture) that The mining will go more or less quickly depending on the price of the cryptocurrencies.


With the above, everyone must draw their own conclusions.

If you have a computer that you use at NASA or the European Space Agency, great.

You won’t notice the slowdown and you cánido put it in “supersonic” mode so that it will undermine you much faster.

However, if like me, you have a sad intel celeron, things get complicated.

Your computer will slow down and doing an operation that used to cost you a minute will now cost you a minute and a half.

With the consequent loss of lost profits (and get on your nerves).

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If you are wondering what I have done, well, it has been to uninstall it, and as soon as I adjust my electricity bill, I will install it on the desktop computer, which is somewhat older than this one.

But I would only use it for this purpose.

And to wait.

Greetings and much success!!

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 Earn Money Returns
  Earn Money Returns
  Earn Money Returns

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