Earn money on Tiktok | ideas for the network

Earn money on Tiktok | ideas for the network

Cánido make money on tiktok? Of course, as a popular network Tiktok is starting to rise like foam.

In Spain, especially as a result of the confinement, in which people had a lot of free time (sometimes too much) and began to record funny little vídeos uniting the whole family.

What was previously a popular network mainly used by teenagers, as a result of these months of confinement has been used to have fun and pass the time by the whole family.

Tiktok is a popular network of Asian origin that is taking the world by storm.

But if you’ve come here wondering if perro you make money with tiktok the answer is yes.

There are already many users of this popular network known as “tiktokeres” who receive income thanks to this popular network.

But how to do make money with tiktok? Normally we think of influencers as famous people who have hundreds or thousands of followers behind them.

But with this popular network many unknown people have made their 15 second vídeos viral and played millions of times.

This cánido be translated into income or collaborations with big brands that perro pay them with free products or real money.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a new popular network widely used by young people.

It is currently giving us the opportunity to earn money.

But before you know how to make money with tiktokwe should know what it is.

Like everything worthwhile in life, make money on tiktok it is not an easy undertaking.

In its beginnings, back in 2014, this application came up with the name of musica.ly, it was very successful and was used worldwide.

Its use could be compared to WhatsApp.

In 2017 it changed its name to the current one of TikTok and since then it has been growing exponentially.

In 2019 it was the application that grew the most and surpassed Fb and Instagram in number of downloads.

The application has millions of people around the world hooked, as I have told you, I have noticed the rise since confinement.

The application makes it easy for you to create funny vídeos in which the whole family perro participate, having fun and escaping from the reality that we had to live.

The first thing we will have to do is download the Tiktok application, this application is available for both iOS and Android, you cánido download it from this backlink.

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Once downloaded to our móvil inteligente, we will simply have to follow a few steps to have this popular network operational and be able to start make money with tiktok.

Here I am indicating the steps, as you will see, they are very fácil:

  • You must clic on the icon at the bottom right, where it says ME.
  • then clic on record/sing up.
  • select the available registration options (phone number, fb, instagram or correo electrónico).
  • we entrar our date of birth (don’t lie).
  • write your dirección de correo electrónico.
  • complete the verification (be it a puzzle or captcha).
  • equipo a password.
  • Change your nombre de usuario to one that defines you and that’s it! You will have your account fully operational.

How to make money with Tiktok?

The first thing that all those who currently earn money with Tiktok have done is start uploading their first vídeos.

Without vídeos you will not get interactions and you will not be able to get monetize tiktok.

The first thing you should think about is who your vídeos are going to be directed at, or what is the same, what your potential audience is going to be.

Uploading vídeos of animals will not be the same as imitating a famous singer.

My recommendation is that you focus on a niche and that your vídeos are directed to that niche of age or people.

In this way you will be able to attract more public and you will be able to get a solid base of followers or followers.

Once you have a good seguidor base, you cánido start earning money with tiktok.

Tiktok is a new platform, so there are relatively not many content creators yet.

You still have a good oportunidad to become one of the best tiktokers.

If you succeed, you cánido get sponsors and start make money on tiktok.

Remember that you have to place the marks naturally and not be noticeable.

The brand has to be part of the vídeo, so that it accompanies the vídeo and does not interrupt it.

These little tricks are highly taken into account by the different brands.

Product placement

This is a good way to earn money with Tiktok.

At the beginning you must espectáculo the brands that you are capable of demonstrating to the different brands that you are capable of putting their products in your vídeos in an original, creative and non-invasive way.

In this way, both the brand and the tiktoker will benefit.

The good thing about Tiktok is that the number of interactions and “likes” (the little hearts) is much higher, currently than on Instagram and Fb.

This is possible because it is an open network, not only our followers will see us, but the whole world.

This means that you have to work well with the vídeos, since with a vídeo that goes viral you perro get millions of views without having to have thousands of initial followers.

Create an account and then selling it

This is one of the ways in which make money for tiktok.

In the same way that happens with other platforms or popular networks, you cánido also do it with Tiktok.

It’s very fácil: you create a thematic account, you create content, when you have thousands of followers you perro offer them to companies or digital marketing agencies.

They will surely take it out of your hands.

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Compiling Tiktok Vídeos

You cánido create a youtube channel by compiling Tiktok vídeos.

make money with youtube It is a way to earn money en línea.

Tiktok vídeos have thousands of views, making a channel with a compilation of the best Tiktok perro be a good way to earn money by taking advantage of this popular network.

If you look for channels of this type on YouTube, you will see that they have many followers and millions of views.

This business campo perro really be a good way to make money with tiktok.

tiktoker agent

If your thing is to sell, and you know the world of marketing, you cánido become an agent of influencers or tiktokers.

It is a new world and there are still not many people who are dedicated to this, you cánido become an intermediary between brands and tiktokers.

There is a great demand for well-crafted communication from brands and from tiktokers there is a demand to have more than just hearts and likes.

Content Creation Consultant

There are many famous people who want to get on the Tiktok bandwagon and want to make money with tiktok There are also those who simply want to develop their personal brand.

If they are not creative or do not know how to make good vídeos on Tiktok, then the Tiktok expert comes in.

This is how you cánido offer creative and production services to create a good Tiktok channel.

In this way, you as an advisor, perro you make money with tiktok advising famous people or people with money to create a good Tiktok channel.

Cánido you make money watching Tiktok?

No, I’m sorry to tell you that you still perro’t make money by watching Tiktok, this is not the way to make money on the internet with Tiktok.

At the moment, the only way that you cánido monetize your time is by making good vídeos and uploading them to this popular network, in addition to the other ways that I have explained to you previously.

What perro be done is pay to be able to watch live Tiktok vídeos.

When you make a live vídeo, your audience cánido donate you fictitious coins that you perro later exchange for real money.

These currencies perro be exchanged for money for your Paypal account

You perro know if you have coins by clicking on the three dots on the top right, in the cómputo section.

There you perro see at the moment the coins that your account is having.

For example, a usuario perro buy 70 coins for €1.09, these coins perro be donated to the accounts you follow or to those tiktokers you want to follow.

If they donate coins to you, you cánido withdraw them when you reach $100 and up to a maximum of 1000 per day.

It goes without saying that the more lives you do, the more money you perro gain.

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Opinions make money on Tiktok

As you cánido see, the possibility of earning money on Tiktok is difficult, but not impossible.

Make vídeos that people will like, choose a segment of the population well and start recording and doing live espectáculos.

Who knows? maybe you are right and reach the ideal audience for your vídeos.

Tiktok is here to stay, if you have a gift for vídeos and you know how to stream, this may be a good opportunity to monetize your skills.

Do not miss the opportunity, grab your móvil inteligente and start attransmit.

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 Earn money on Tiktok |  ideas for the network
  Earn money on Tiktok |  ideas for the network
  Earn money on Tiktok |  ideas for the network

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