Earn money making crafts to sell

Earn money making crafts to sell

Crafts to sell from home is a good option for make money from home doing crafts and dedicating yourself to something you really like. Many people are really “handy” and perro make real virgins from home. What they may not know is that they cánido make money doing crafts and then selling them in stores, markets or en línea.

The good thing about this type of easy crafts to sell the thing is You do not have to make any type of investment beyond the materials with which you will make the crafts. You cánido leverage your arts, your creativity and your imagination to make money with a profitable business that with which you cánido earn money.

If you have never thought about it, but you really do a lot of crafts at home, and you have never thought about taking advantage of them, you have come to the right place. Yeah keep reading, you will see a complete guide on how to earn money with crafts to sell on the internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of making crafts at home to sell

Whether you have never done crafts at home or if you want to start selling crafts at a market, on the internet or anywhere else, you should know that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all are easy crafts to make at home and sell. Although in this case, the advantages may far outweigh the disadvantages. figure it out.


  • The main advantage is that you cánido work from home. You perro have your own schedules and mezcle it with your daily routine.
  • You will not need a place no office, even if you don’t want to, you won’t have to have a website either. It will be enough that people like your work and that you know how to promote them through networks.
  • Perro take advantage of popular networks to sell more. Many people are in networks just for entertainment and they like this type of crafts.
  • The materials what are needed they are not expensive and do not require a large investment. You perro even make them with recycled materials, such as paper, cans, plastic, etcétera…
  • you won’t have to have previous experience. Even if you’ve never done it before, you perro soak up en línea tutorials and learn to make almost any kind of craft.
  • Your crafts cánido be personalized. This will add much more value and with it you will attract much more customers.


  • The beginnings how everything cánido be difficult and it is possible that you do not generate a large income from the sale of the crafts. It is habitual, since no one knows you.
  • No all the crafts you do they will sell at too high a price. It is also possible that you need a lot of time to do them.
  • if you do very wellyou sell a lot, and you exceed some income, you perro register as a self-employed worker. If this is not the case and you escoge to do everything in “B” you will have to take risks and above all, you will not have the same benefits that are accessed by a habitual job.

Craft ideas to sell

maybe the most important to make crafts to sell is the iniciativa of ​​what to sell. Know what perro you offer your possible objetivo audience, you should think about what kind of competition you perro find doing one or another craft. In addition, you must consider how you are going to market the elementosthe different customization options, how you will detalla them, etcétera…

Yeah you have no iniciativabut you know you want to do something, I recommend go through some of the many websites of handmade custom accessories.

Although in most cases you will find wooden crafts for sale, there are many people who do crafts for children. It is the case of this instagram profiledoes super cool stuff for kids and also for adults. The profile, in case you’re wondering, is of my niece, who does crafts.

you should also escoge where you are going to sell themif you are going to make an en línea sale or if, on the contrary, you will opt for the traditional markets.

Be that as it may, here I propose a few craft ideas to sell.

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Wool crafts to sell

If you like knitting, and you’re also good at it, you perro take advantage of this virtue to make wool crafts and in this way earn income taking advantage of your leisure.

The positive part of this type of craft is that you have a wide variety of colors and options to make. You cánido do from scarves, handkerchiefs, hats, gloves. In addition, the materials are quite cheap. If you are crafty, you perro do many beautiful things, in my house, for example, we didn’t buy sweaters or gloves, not even scarves, everything was made for us by my mother.

Necklaces and bracelets

Both necklaces and bracelets they are usually in high demand and they cánido be sold relatively easily. You will not need to use precious metals since the most important thing is the design and above all, originality.

From synthetic materials, you will be able to create beautiful pieces like necklaces and bracelets, use your imagination and personalize all your creations. You are sure to be very successful!

Cell phone cases

Everybody has a mobile Nowadays, they are considered as elements of popular positioning. Many people like to personalize them and that your case is something special and only. You perro take advantage of this pull and do custom covers made of eva rubber to sell, you perro also make them with any other material. Talk to the client and ask him what he wants, surely your design is what he is looking for and you will be very successful.

In addition to being attractive, mobile phone covers must be functional, you perro use in addition to rubber, felt and many other materials that you perro think of.


Another importante and highly customizable element that everyone has are the keychains. You perro make key chain crafts using a wide range of varieties.

try to be original and create a multitude of key rings with different shapes and above all, with different materialsand if they are recycled better. People really like the whole issue of recycling and collaboration with the environment. That is a vein that you perro exploit, the important thing is that your key rings are useful and that they like them.

pen holder

This type of homemade crafts they sell very welland also at all times of the year, even when the children are not at school.

The pencil holders are used by many people to have organized your desk or office. consider doing fully individualized pencil holder as homemade crafts without the need for any type of machine.

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Also, and as I said above, if you are through recycled materials, much better. This type of material is usually very habitual and, in addition to helping the environment, it cánido be a good business model.

Where to sell my homemade crafts?

And we have reached the most important point: where do I put my crafts to sell and earn money? no doubt that cánido be the biggest problem For people with no experience. The ideal is to reach a lot of people and have a large audience that perro buy your fabric, wood, or whatever material crafts.

Sell ​​crafts en línea from home

Definitely is the most comfortable wayeverything is done through the comfort of your home, even if you want they cánido go to pick up your order at home.

  • By fb. This popular network is great for selling crafts, has a service that allows you to do it easily. You cánido upload the images of your crafts and offer them directly. You do not pay any commission or fees.
  • etsy.com. It’s a page very famous in the world of crafts. It allows us to create a free craft store. But to promote them you do charge: €0.19 per advertisement publication and 3.5% on the sale price. Cánido start here.
  • artesanum. Afín to the previous wing. You cánido publish your articles so that others cánido see them, the publication is free, but you must pay a fee 5% commission on the sale price. Perro start here.

In addition to these “specialized” platforms there are many more platforms and applications not specialized, but that in the same way allow you to sell crafts. Some examples would be wallapopmilanuncios, vibbo, etcétera… You will be able to choose the platform that suits you bestor put your articles in all of them, since they are completely independent.

Crafts to sell in a market

In addition to selling your crafts en línea, you perro maximize your profits looking for places to sell. Here I will explain the places where you perro present your crafts to sell in markets.

  • artisan shops. Cánido offer your craftseither by selling them directly to the business owners or you perro even reach a agree with them to sell them at your premises in exchange for a commission.
  • Street markets. these are another excellent option to sell your crafts The advantage of the markets is that you access a large number of people. You only have to take your place (with a folding table it could be enough) and start selling.
  • craft fairs and conventions. It is in these types of events that more objetivo audience you cánido findyou cánido also find businessmen willing to finance you, so it is possible that you end up agreeing to deals to sell your crafts in different cities or even countries.

Opinions on crafts to do at home and sell

For this one kind of business two things are needed: time and skill. Time because obviously, you are going to consume time doing the crafts at home and skill, which you will have to give to be able to do them. You cánido sell crafts without being self-employedsince the money you perro generate will not be large enough to declare it to the treasury, and they are usually sold to friends and family.

In case it is a professional activity, you should consider it. But always talking to an agency so that they perro advise you.

If you are really crafty and are good at these things, you cánido get some money or maybe make it your way of life, but if you’re not all good, all you’ll do is waste time. If customers don’t like your designs, you won’t sell them, and therefore you won’t make a profit.

If you have both and go on an adventure, it’s a good iniciativa. collect the data of the people you are selling elementos. In this way, if they give you their consent, You cánido notify them when I have new designs of crafts for sale.

As a last piece of advice, remember that originality is essential in your crafts. Don’t ever sell other designs that are being made by other people. And of course, create articles that, in addition to being attractive, are original.

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 Earn money making crafts to sell
  Earn money making crafts to sell
  Earn money making crafts to sell

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