Earn money listening to music: 10 sites that

Earn money listening to music: 10 sites that

if we recently saw how to make money listening to audiobookstoday we go into depth with the sites that pay to listen to music.

These specialized music platforms pay users to take care of listening, review and review the new songs of different singers and composers.

They need retroalimentación from thousands of people to help artists find the path their music requires.

If you are passionate about music, and you are interested in earning money listening to music through these platforms, this guide will interest you.

10 platforms and aplicaciones that pay to listen to music

We have prepared an updated list with the best platforms and applications to earn money listening to music.


Musicxray is a website created for composers and singer-songwriters to submit their new songs and earn money by listening to music.

It is a platform that is in charge of contacting new artists and potential headhunters.

However, artists must pay a equipo amount in order to promote their albums and create a seguidor club on the portal.

Now, users perro sign up as a seguidor to hear the music of your choice, then the platform will pay them to listen to the new principiante musicians.

It is important to mention that the recordings are of at least 30 seconds and the payments are 10 to 20 cents dollar minimum for each reproduction.

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2.Playlist Push

This platform seeks to support new independent artists to reach their highest levels.

For it, you will have to write reviews of their albums through the website.

However, in order to participate in this program, you must meet these requirements:

  • Owning a playlist on YouTube music, Apple music, or Spotify
  • Have a certain amount of followers

If you do not meet these requirements, your request will be rejected by the web; Another interesting fact is its good payment rate, since, for every new song you review you will get 12 dollars which will be sent to your bank account.

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This mobile aplicación for Android and iOS allows you to earn money by listening to music.

So, you perro get up to $600 a year for listening to music from your cell phone.

In addition, it works easily since you perro use it while working in the office, home or even while traveling, you just have to accumulate points for staying active within the aplicación.

On the other hand, you have the option to exchange your points for gift cards.

Best of all, you perro record music sin conexión and withdraw your earnings vía PayPal.

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RadioEarn is a good web platform if you want to earn passive money by listening to the radio.

To start, you will have to register and create a profile, in addition, if you are a dueño de un sitio you perro add the radio to your page for other people to hear.

In this way you will earn income and earn points every 15 minutes of playback.

Later, these points perro be converted into dollars and receive the payments vía PayPal once a month.

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This is a large music research company that tests songs before airing them.

Basically, they pay their users to listen to the music and share their opinion.

To do this, you only have to register and select the type of genre you want to hear and rate it.

In relation to the reward is through points, and for each song you pay 1 dollar.

Once you manage to accumulate the points, you cánido exchange them for prizes or Amazon cards.

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Cash4minutes is a web platform through which you perro get money just by calling and listening to the radio.

If you want to be a usuario, you have to create an account and fill in your personal information, including phone number.

After finishing the profile, you will receive an correo electrónico with all the tasks that you must complete.

As a usuario you will have the option to listen to any radio station that is available.

cash4minutes will pay at least 0.08 cents for every minute.

For its part, payments are made by Litecoin, PayPal, Bitcoin or you perro exchange your profit for Amazon gift cards.

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This website pays its different users to complete tasks, among which you cánido earn money by listening to music. it will suffice with that complete the assignments and get points.

These tasks cánido include taking surveys, watching music vídeos, listening to the radio, among many others.

However, payments are made by Bitcoin, PayPal and Amazon gift cardshaving a withdrawal limit of 2 dollars or 225 points.

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It refers to a startup with headquarters in the Netherlands that connects new singer-songwriters and brands with curators around the world.

So, if you are a curator you cánido join the community and be one of its experts.

In relation to your work, it will be to work hand in hand with the brands and provide your opinion on the songs.

Also, you should give recommendations on new records.

To be part of this platform you must meet these requirements:

  • Have experience in the music industry.
  • Possess knowledge as a curator.

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Since 2007 it provides users 8 ways to get money from home, and one of these is listening to music and completing the profile.

Now, to get the money listening to music you have to be aware of the captcha that is displayed every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, payments are made every Monday and you must collect 20 dollars to make the withdrawal.

Its only drawback is that only accepts users residing in the United Statesso to entrar you must use a VPN.

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Previously, was known as InterTrans, INC and unlike other web platforms, it is a transcription service that pays you to help create a lyric database.

So you cánido get up to 4 dollars per song and your payments are made weekly by HyperWallet.

However, in order to join their work team you must meet these conditions:

  • Owning a computer with a especial operating system
  • Provide your country of birth
  • Have an account in iTunes and Gmail

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Cánido it be complemented with other ways of earning money?

Luckily, listening to music is an activity that does not require our full attention.

It perro be easily complemented with:

And these are just a few ways, there are many more that you cánido use to get plus per month.

Is it profitable and perro you make money listening to music or is it a scam?

On any of the websites or aplicaciones you cánido earn between 10 cents to 12 dollars for each song you listen toIt all depends on the platform.

To withdraw the profit you must collect a certain amount and they will transfer it through PayPal or exchange it for gift cards.

The sites that we have left in the list above do pay (until today), however, it may be that one fails at some point.

That is why you must be be cautious and investigate google plus reviews on the platform.

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 Earn money listening to music: 10 sites that
  Earn money listening to music: 10 sites that
  Earn money listening to music: 10 sites that

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