Earn money investing in gold

Earn money investing in gold

It is very important to protect our capital and more so taking into account the performance of the world economy in recent years, in addition to the fact that by 2020 a minimum percentage increase in world GDP is expected. Meanwhile, there is enormous volatility in the market, mainly due to the trade fight between the two main economic powers in the world, the United States and China.

Why invest in gold

The articulo-Brexit outlook is highly uncertainonce the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

In fact, we are already seeing how the world’s main investors view the depósito markets with caution. Fortunately, there are means for you to protect capital like goldwhich continues to be the main refuge to invest safely.

Gold is in many places, in rivers, on rocks, in some electronic media that enable the transmission of information, in medicine and even in spacecraft.

This stone, so scarce today, has been a source of refuge, especially when the market fluctuates. Maybe you think that investing in gold is only for rich financial institutions or governmentsbut it is not like that, any private investor like you perro invest in gold.

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We will mention below some reasons why the value of this metal has grown over the years.

Unlike the fluctuations of black gold, oil, gold has always been a safe investment and since then it has been on a steady rise. Although it may have slight moments to the downside, these falls have never been extended over time.

Gold has a high return. Gold is expected to rise in the coming years and although the performance of this metal has stagnated at some point due to the trend of the depósito market, things have changed again.

If you take a look at gold price todayyou will see the rise it is having, being the best shield against an inflationary economy.

No matter the rising cost of living, gold will not lose its buying and selling powerso you don’t have to worry about things like inflation because this metal doesn’t know the crisis.

The political and economic climate of a country, even natural disasters cánido lead to distortions in the economy, but gold remains immune to these things.

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If you think about retirement, gold is your best ally. It is interesting what the European estándar dictates in this especialsince at the moment of acquiring gold from two grams it is not taxed by VAT, only that the purity must be greater than 90% in the case of coins and 99.5% in the case of a gold ingot.

Unlike local currencies, in which the government has the option of injecting additional paper money to avoid distortions in the economy, the gold process takes many years, and we are talking about very small amounts. Therefore, the most common scenario is that there is a lot of demand for gold.

These are some ways to invest gold

You want to know how to invest in gold? This investment process is carried out through certificates, futures, etcétera., in this way, you as an investor You will handle a contract in which you are recognized as having a certain amount of gold bars.

For individuals there are different formats of investment in bullion, from one gram bullion to slightly larger ones, which means that you perro buy gold for a fair price.

Obviously, if you are going to buy bullion, you have to take care of the origin and that the proper guarantees are offered to you. Finally there are the coins, these being another elabora for investment.

In Spain it is known as a bullion and it is a currency whose sole objective is investment, so don’t think about it anymore, and think about your future.

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 Earn money investing in gold
  Earn money investing in gold
  Earn money investing in gold

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