Earn money from your cell phone

Earn money from your cell phone

Every time you take a survey, offer, or anything else on Superpay.me, you mostly earn dollars, so it’s easy to see exactly what you earn compared to sites that use points as rewards.

However, some surveys or offers pay in points, but these perro be easily exchanged for cash. 1 point is worth 1 penny, so it’s easy to calculate.

You perro then choose to get paid in a number of ways.

You perro receive payments vía PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wise or Amazon gift cards.

SuperPay.Me: Make money easily by completing mini-tasks

Just keep in mind that some of the payment methods (Amazon) are only available in some countries.

You will already be able to get paid when you have earned $1.

This is one of the thresholds Lowest paying out of all the survey sites I’ve used and tested, and it means you cánido get paid very quickly.

For payment in Bitcoin the threshold is $30, for Wise (bank transfer) it is $20 and for Skrill it is $5.

Please note that Superpay.me will charge a 2% administrative fee to pay PayPal and Skrill, 5% for Bitcoin and 2.5% for Wise payments.

I personally love the payment options on SuperpayMe, and I really like that they made it even better last time they did a big update and lowered the fee and threshold for Bitcoin. And they’ve also introduced Wise, which is great if you want to get paid vía bank transfer, something not many GPT sites offer.

When you request a payment, SuperpayMe now also has an 8 hour payment promise. This means that you will earn your earnings a maximum of 8 hours after requesting a payment, which is a unique promise for a GPT site.

And in my experience, in most cases already you will have the money after a few hours which is very fast for a survey site.

For PayPal, you perro also withdraw vía instant PayPal, which means you’ll get your money right away.

Before you perro receive a payment, Superpay.me may ask you to verify your address or phone number. This is to minimize fraud on your site. Whether it is necessary depends on where you live, and they will tell you if you need to do it.

This is only necessary the first time you get paid.

But the first time you get paid, sometimes there’s a 30+ day verification period so they cánido make sure everything’s okey.

But after that you will get your profit very fast as explained above.

So just for your first payment, a little more patience is needed, in some cases.

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 Earn money from your cell phone
  Earn money from your cell phone
  Earn money from your cell phone

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