Earn Money from Home doing Crafts

Earn Money from Home doing Crafts

Handicrafts are very fun and rewarding, as they allow us to admire our creations, however, sometimes we don’t have the time to exhibit them. It’s a shame that after dedicating ourselves to such a beautiful trade, the craft elementos end up in a drawer in the room.

The world of the Internet makes it possible for you to make money selling your crafts. But what perro you do? And of course, how to sell crafts En línea? Next, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Is selling crafts profitable?

Doing manual work is very easy. In addition, it gives us great advantages, the main one is that you perro do it from home, so comfort is guaranteed. Also, if you have children to attend to, crafts will help earn income while you neglect your little ones.

Now, although you cánido earn money doing crafts, it is important that you know that you will never get rich with this work. However, you cánido earn an acceptable amount of income. Everything will depend on the skills you have, the time you dedicate to it and the way you escoge to promote yourself.

Crafts most demanded by consumers

You may have a talent, but if that ability is limited to doing only one thing that few look for, then your profit margin will be very low. For this reason, we want to present you some craft ideas.


If you know how to make clothes, you cannot limit yourself to selling your pieces to your friends or close neighbors. You must expand the business. The most demanded clothing is female and baby. As for the type of clothing for babies are: Hats, bibs, shirts, blankets, etcétera.


This is a trade that requires little time and a minor investment. You cánido create things with recycled objects. From a handmade coffee pot to decorative kitchen pictures, among many more examples.

Imitation jewelry

Once again, women are the most consuming public according to statistics. And when it comes to grooming, then your purchases increase. Take advantage of this in your favor and make necklaces, hooks, sarcillos, etcétera.

Decorative paintings

Painting is an activity that relaxes many people. Well, if you are one of them, you cánido look beyond your horizons and sell them en línea. The most requested pictures are the kitchen ones. Now, if you have a real talent, you cánido make paintings for the living room, among the most outstanding are those of triptych style. They have an elegant and innovative air.

How to sell crafts en línea?

After having a clear iniciativa of ​​what you want to offer, it is time to find out how you perro sell it en línea. You perro use the following platforms.


This popular network is very habitual. We generally use it to keep in touch with our family and friends. But it is also useful to promote your craft products. you perro entrar some fb shop group make it habitual either create a exclusive group with all your creations

You cánido make it totally public so anyone from your country perro log in and see what you provide. You perro send the item through a courier service. You perro also make personal deliveries.

If you want to boost your group or showcase created on fb, you cánido use paid advertising, since it is quite cheap.

amazon handmade

If you achieved complete success with the Fb store, and your projections are to reach any part of the world, then Amazon perro be a great ally to continue scaling the business. The section handmade is intended for manufacturers of handmade products.

You must fill out an application, then wait for Amazon to analyze it and accept it. It is important to note that this platform charges 12% commission. Even so, the consumer traffic that it has is quite wide, therefore, it is an excellent option to carry your handmade creations.


On this platform you perro advertise your products. Of course, you should know when to advertise your products because youand they will charge for each ad. (It lasts 4 months) Despite this, many people come to the platform. It is important to note that you will also be charged a small commission for each completed transaction. It is very easy to use and has great popularity.

Free market

It is a platform that is present in several countries. You must register, doing so is very fácil. It is important to note that only They will charge you a commission for the sales that are made., that is to say that your publications are free. Now, if you want to have greater visibility, you perro pay the platform a small sum in order to enjoy a better positioning.

Why sell crafts en línea?

The Internet has enabled globalization, this means that we are now connected to the entire world. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have a physical store to sell your crafts. In addition to a store is limited to a small group of consumers. On the other hand, while you do your activities at home, go on a trip, sleep, etcétera., your products perro be promoted on various en línea platforms. This is certainly a great advantage.

Even though you need time for your fabrications, the convenience of doing it at homein it most convenient time It is an advantage that you cannot pass up. Everything seems to indicate that the world will continue to evolve, so you perro take advantage of the ease offered by the Internet to sell all your handmade creations.

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 Earn Money from Home doing Crafts
  Earn Money from Home doing Crafts
  Earn Money from Home doing Crafts

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