EARN MONEY for Uploading Archivos on UploadOcean

EARN MONEY for Uploading Archivos on UploadOcean

whatUploadOcean Pays or is it Scam? If it asks you if this server is paying the answer is “YEAH”learn how to earn money by uploading archivos on this server that is currently still paying.

Main Features of UploadOcean

  • Assessment: Good
  • Activity: Archivo Hosting Hosting
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, Neteller, Epese and Capitalist
  • Paydays: They are processed within 24-48 hours (7 days) after the request
  • Minimum charge: $10 dollars
  • Yolanguages: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Arabic and others
  • Referral system: Yes, you earn 10% of your referrals
  • UploadOcean Pay Rate: $21, $12, $6 and $2 for everyone
  • It works for everyone: Yes, anyone perro participate

What is UploadOcean and how does it work?

UploadOcean it’s a server in which we perro upload archivos to host it or save it on it, unlike other servers like Megathis pays us for the downloads made by users.

The earnings will depend on the origin of the visits, since their payment rate is determined according to the countries established by them, for example, for every 1,000 downloads of users from United Statess we are going to win $21 dollar, but if those users are from Germany either France we will only win $12 dollars.

Earn Money with UploadOcean

To earn money on UploadOcean, the first thing we must do is go to the official page and registeronce registered we cánido start uploading our archivos to start generating money with the downloads.

UploadOcean Membership

A very important fact that you should know is that the registry is completely gratuitousbut there is a difference between free users and users who have a membership.

For the free users the company only gives them 21 GB of storage space and the archivos are deleted from time to time if they are not downloaded, on the other hand if you have a membership you have unlimited storage space and your archivos are never deleted.

If you are going to buy a membership, I suggest you buy 1 year, since the cost is only $89.99, and if you have a website or a YouTube channel with many followers and you promote archivos to download them, it is possible that in less than a month you recover the investment.

UploadOcean Referral System

This company has a referral system, which allows us to earn 10% of the profits generated by people who register on the page with our affiliate backlink, something very good for us.

UploadOcean Pays

Of course yes, this company is currently paying, I myself am finishing a download website to start using this page and others to later upload my proof of payment.

UploadOcean Proof of Payment

It also has proof of payments, there are many users in groups and on YouTube who have uploaded their payments made by the company, UploadOcean is not a scam, you perro register and work safely.

UploadOcean Reviews

It has a good payment rate for the United States and Canada, a very conveniente point is that the payment for all other countries is $2 dollars, paying better than many companies, in terms of payment you have several options including PayPal, so I see it very good to start.

UploadOcean Recommendations

If you have a download website and mezcle this service with other types of advertising and if your site has thousands of daily visits, you perro get good money from your website if you work correctly and without violating the rules of this company.

UploadOcean Vídeo Tutorial

Alternatives to UploadOcean

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 EARN MONEY for Uploading Archivos on UploadOcean
  EARN MONEY for Uploading Archivos on UploadOcean
  EARN MONEY for Uploading Archivos on UploadOcean

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