Earn money for dirección de Internet shortening (The best

Earn money for dirección de Internet shortening (The best

Learn to earn money by shortening url, a totally free method that you cánido use to share your backlinks.

A alternative to monetize your blog, Fb, Instagram, Youtube vídeosetcétera.

Backlink shorteners are a very easy means with which we cánido earn money en línea passively.

We will only need to register, shorten our backlinks, and that’s it! We will start earning money for every thousand views our backlink gets.

The backlinks of popular networks, weblogs, websites or products in y también-commerce are usually quite long.

These long backlinks not only have a bad aesthetic, but due to their great visual weight, people mistrust them and do not usually clic.

So dirección de Internet shorteners, apart from being a good way to make money doing nothing (literally), they are also a way of motivating users to visit our backlinks.

If you want to learn more about how to use these shorteners, and make money with them, then we will explain everything to you.

What is a dirección de Internet shortener?

Backlink shorteners are a sprograma that allows you to disminuye the number of characters in a backlink up to more than 90%.

However, in a strict sense what backlink shorteners do is redirect users to the original backlink vía the shortened dirección de Internet.

Another of the functions that backlink shorteners fulfill is that we cánido see the statistics of these.

This is very useful for promoting your referral backlinks or running advertising campaigns.

In this way we cánido see if we are receiving clicks, if the campaign is succeeding or not.

How does a url shortener work?

Its way of use is really fácil.

We choose the shortener that we like more, and we register.

Then, We introduce our backlink in the indicated panel and choose the option to shorten it.

AND readythe site should return the shortened backlink to us.

When users clic to the shortened backlink, will be sent to an advertisement that will last 5 seconds, and then be redirected to the original backlink.

The trick to making money from this is to drive as much traffic as possible to the shortened backlinks.

Best url shorteners to earn money

there are many backlink shorteners on the Internet, very good and useful.

Next, we present the best backlink shorteners found on the net.


Adf.ly is one of the most habitual shorteners with In Internet.

It is a site that allows you to earn $5 per 1000 visitsand $22.18 per CPM from the United States.

The withdrawal is made automatically on the 10th of each month.

The minimum withdrawal depends on the payment processor, $5 for Paypal and $20 for Payoneer.

Besides, 20% of total revenue cánido be earned made by referrals.


Shorte.ST is one of the best url shortenerswith greater reliability and payment system than there is.

The minimum withdrawal is $5 for Paypal and Webmoney, but $20 for Payoneer.

The payment date is the 10th of each month.

Like Adf.LY we perro win a 20% for the profits obtained by our referrals.


This backlink shortener has one of the better pay rates.

Each CPM ranges from $1.5 to $2.8 depending on the country from which the traffic comes.

Unlike the other sites, Ouo.IO sends its payments on the 1st and 15th of every month.

The minimum withdrawal limit is $5 for Paypal and Payeer, and $50 for Payoneer.

It also has a referral system with which we cánido obtain a 20% of your total earnings.


MiniURL.io is also a site with which we perro earn plus money.

Has a fee of up to $250 per 10,000 visits, for backlinks created on your page.

As with all shorteners, your pay rate varies from country to country.

Your CPM is a base amount of $1.8.

You make your payments twice a month, and your minimum withdrawal limit is $5 by Paypal.


Shrinkearn is an excellent backlink shortener that has one of the highest posting rates on the web.

With Shrinkearn we cánido earn up to $20 for every 1000 visitors.

In addition, it has a statistics system where we perro obtain detailed reports on the development of our shortened backlinks through its page.

We will receive our payment by Paypal after you have reached $5.

In addition, it has one of the highest rates in the shortener referral system, with a 25% of the total profit of our referrals.

shrink me

Shrink me. io is without a doubt one of the highest paying dirección de Internet shorteners today. Shrinkme offers $220 for every 10,000 dirección de Internet visits shortened.

And your CPM goes from $1.50 up to $22 depending on the country from which the traffic comes.

The minimum payment is also $5 for all your payment processorsand of $50 to Payoneer. pay through Paypal, Payeer, PayTM, UPI and of course, Payoneer.


Smoner is also an excellent shortener.

His publisher fee is $3 to $7 for each backlink visited.

Pay per clic of dirección de Internet’s shared on popular networks, weblogs, Youtube and websites.

Your referral system has a percentage 10% of your total profit.

Your payment method is through Paypal, and your minimum payment is $3.


Shortzon also has a great publisher fee, ranging from $3 for almost every country in the world to $13 in the United States. And up to $120 for every 10,000 visits.

In addition, one of its greatest benefits is that it is not prohibited anywhere in the world, increasing the amount of traffic we cánido receive.

You have a fixed commission of $20 on your referral program.

How much money is made with backlink shorteners?

Depending on the number of visits produced by our shortened backlinks, we perro generate up to $100 daily.

Of course, everything will depend on the traffic generated by our backlinks, and the country they come from.

The difficult thing about this method is generating the necessary traffic to earn an interesting sum at the end of the month.

Perro you really make money with this?

Certainly, there are better ways to earn money en línea.

But Backlink shorteners offer you the opportunity to give your backlinks more aesthetics, and earn money passively.

Most of the platforms that sell products over the Internet, websites or weblogs use these shorteners.

And yes we perro win a good dough(silver) with this!

Conclusion on shortening backlinks

With backlink shorteners we will not become millionaires.

But if we do it well, we perro earn a good amount of money monthly without really doing anything.

In addition, the amount of traffic that we receive will also depend on the niche that we manage, since the niche will determine the country of origin of the clicks.

The CPM always varies depending on the country where the visitors come from. Define well the niche that you are going to use to make the most of dirección de Internet shorteners.

We know that we have repeated it several times in this article, but we do not want to overemphasize it.

If we want to make money this way, the amount of traffic to our shortened backlinks must be high.

In short, backlink shorteners They are still a good option to give our backlinks more aesthetics.

In any case, they are useful to monetize any backlink you want to share on the Internet

This is all we need to know about dirección de Internet shorteners, to earn money with them. If you want to start making money en línea for free, start shortening all your backlinks.

Do you know any other shortener? Do you make money with it? Tell us in the comments! If you have any questions, you know, we are at your service!

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 Earn money for dirección de Internet shortening (The best
  Earn money for dirección de Internet shortening (The best
  Earn money for dirección de Internet shortening (The best

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