Earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo,

Earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo,

This page has announced its closure on October 30, 2017, it is now: Gift Hunter Club

-Sponsokdo is no longer operational-

sponsokdo is a page where you perro earn money doing choresin addition to being able to get numerous prizes and free gifts. This site offers many ways to earn money such as filling out surveys, watching vídeos, listening to the radio and other activities that are relatively easy to do.

This page was created in 2012, but after a while the company went bankrupt and was declared a scam. It was later acquired by the company Innovative Hall Media Technologies in 2015 and became a Reliable and paying sponsorship without issues to its users.

The current company that owns Sponsokdo is a veteran in the campo with years of experience and they are the same owners of Gift hunter club, which is one of my favorite pages and one of the most reliable sites I know to earn money doing tasks.

Data sheet

Created in: Year 2012, relaunched in June 2015 by Innovative Hall

Languages: Spanish and English.

minimum payment: From $2 which are equivalent to 750 points Kdoz.

Payment method: and other gift cards.

Referrals: 1 level of referrals.

Payment per referral: Desire $0.40 for each valid usuario you invite and get a twenty% of everything your affiliates generate.

How to earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo?

You could say that the new reliable Sponsokdo is the twin brother of Gift Hunter Club and it works exactly the same, there are very few differences between one and the other, one of the few differences is the color of the page, so if you are already familiar with GHC you won’t have any problem to start getting points and earning money. If you don’t know Gift Hunter Club nothing happens, besides being a page very easy to use and intuitivebelow is what you should know about how to make money with Sponsokdo and how to start working on this website.

This page allows you earn money doing chores and also you cánido get multiple prizes and giftsall that without spending a penny, you will only have to exchange the points that they give you for the reward that you choose. This website works with a system of points called kdoz, these points perro be redeemed for money, gift cards and other rewards. Points called kdoz earned by completing tasks that they offer us, that are on the menu win kdoz.

Earn money by doing tasks in the section Earn kdoz

Wall of offers: This is perhaps the main source of points on this website, since you perro gain a lot of pointskdoz” for doing different activities that are displayed on the panel, such as registrations on websites, paid surveys, downloading aplicaciones or programs, games, etcétera.

Each offer wall works the same, you just have to select one of the offer walls in the left column of the panel and then you cánido choose the campaign that you like the most

Daily surveys: In this section you cánido also get a lot of points for completing surveys. You cánido carry out a survey of each of the providers per day.

Vídeos: In this section of vídeos, we will be able to view commercials and skits and we will receive points in return. If you perro’t find any vídeo to view, you cánido try going to the offers section.

Tasks: This is the section with which you perro earn money doing chores or also called Crowdflower mini jobsthey aresame tasks offered by some pages such as neobux or clixsense.

Note: Is important spend a little time perform tasks wellsince how much the higher the percentage of hits and tasks completed successfully the higher the number of points you will receive since you will level up “task plus” and you cánido thus obtain a greater number of points.

Radio: In this section you receive points for listening to the radio. You simply have to select the station you want and every 30 minutes a code will appear to verify that the points you get. The good thing about the Radio is that you perro listen to it and earn points while doing other activities on the page.

Mobile aplicación: Here we perro access the mobile applicationthis way if you want you cánido earn money with sponsorship if you are away from home or when you do not have a computer nearby.

The Store, to exchange your kdoz points

The store is the place where you cánido redeem the points you earn and get multiple rewards such as money, gift cards, discount vouchers, etcétera.

In the store you cánido request payments by PayPalPayza or Paysafecard to directly exchange the kdoz you have for money, the minimum amount to withdraw is $2.

Referral and task contests

In the section of contests there are the different contests in which we perro participate, we have 2 types of contests:

Referral Contest: this contest rewards those users who invite the page with the most referrals per month. You cánido see the finalists in the top of each month.

Homework Contest: In this contest they offer a reward for those people who do more tasks per weekthe prize are $5 and other prizes are given among the finalists.

Testimonials section

In this section you perro send your payment testimonial and you will receive 5 kdoz points for each testimonial you articulo. In order to validate a testimonial, it is important that you follow the steps described in the information point.

Sponsokdo referrals, interesting affiliate program

This page has a affiliate program very interesting and if you have wondered how to earn more money with Sponsokdothis section will be very useful for you, since you perro get plus earnings by promoting your referral backlink and inviting new users.

In the section of Invite Friends is the affiliate program where your referral backlink appears to promote. The affiliate system of this site is not bad at all, since you will earn 20% of all the points your referrals get. In addition, for each affiliate who gets their first 150 points kdoz you will receive the same plus!

In this section there are different banners to promote your referral backlink, you perro use them on your popular networks or on your blog.

Sponsokdo, tricks and some consejos

there are some tricks and consejos I would have liked to have been told when I first entered, that would have saved me a bit of time and money, so here are some of the tricks by Sponsokdo that perro be useful when working on this page.

To make more money with surveys perro fill in the form special surveysfound in the section daily surveysto have access to more paid surveys. If you are a seguidor of taking surveys and you are good at filling them out, you cánido undoubtedly get a very good use out of this function since they will send you a greater number of surveys.

One of the things with which we must be careful when making offers, both on this page and on others, is that We should not make those offers that ask us for the mobile number either card numbersince they perro charge us commissions and expenses, to avoid scares it is better not to carry out the tasks that this information asks us for.

A little trick that perro be useful if we want to earn a little more money is that some offers are updated throughout the day and new ones are coming out, so if you run out it is very likely that there will be new ones the same day.

Another very good way for those who want to earn more money doing tasks to get some plus points is to take advantage of the bonuses offered by this website for performing tasks. There are 2 bonuses:

weekly bonuses: If you do at least one task a dayat the end of the week you will receive a plus of 30 kdoz.

Daily plus: If you get 600 kdoz with daily offer campaigns will give you a plus of 60 kdoz a day.

Sponsokdo opinions and conclusions

This site was considered scam due to mismanagement by the first owners, but since this page was acquired by Innovative Hall in 2015 it did a 180 degree turn and became a reliable and paying Sponsokdo without problems to its users, it could be said that it is about “GiftHunter Club 2”.

The sections more interesting to earn money doing chores are the wall of offers and the daily surveyssince they are the best paid activities.

One of the most attractive things about Sponsokdo is its referral systemsince you perro earn a good number of points if you manage to have a good network of referrals.

In addition, on this page if you have any questions or problems you perro contact the Customer Service and they will serve you pretty quickly.

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 Earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo,
  Earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo,
  Earn money doing tasks with Sponsokdo,

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