Earn money doing Tasks and Mini jobs

Earn money doing Tasks and Mini jobs

Earn money doing homework en línea or mini jobs It is a method that not everyone knows and that perro be very lucrative if we know how to choose the right platform.

It is important to know what The best pages to earn money doing these jobs and don’t waste time on pages that don’t pay or pay very little.

It is also essential to know exactly how these mini-jobs are done, otherwise you perro waste a lot of time looking for information.

Perhaps you are looking for various ways to increase your income, working en línea.

You may have already heard about paid surveys, from sites PTC or PTR.

Next, we want to present you one of the methods that we like the most to generate money en línea.

We refer to paid tasks also known as en línea mini-jobs.

This method is perhaps one of the best ways to earn income en línea.

As if that were not enough, in addition to the fact that many sites offer this service, they usually have a good number of tasks available per day, and they offer a good remuneration for each successfully completed task.

We are going to see everything related to mini jobs and paid tasks.

Pages to earn money doing tasks


Overall Rating

Although Ysense is no longer a PTC as such, it started with Clixsense.

As we have commented on numerous occasions, Ysense is one of the most lucrative options currently in the field of earning money for doing tasks en línea.

It is a very complete page and also pays cash!

The estimated time of each offer, task or mini-job is 15 to 30 minutes and you cánido get paid through multiple platforms like Paypal, Skrill, Amazon or Payoneer.


Overall Rating

When talking about making money en línea, there are several pages that come to mind, Swagbucks is one of them, for several reasons.

In addition to being one of the most complete pages with which you perro earn money by doing tasks, surveys and more, it is a portal with an excellent referral system.

Ideal for make money with passive income while you do their homework and use their portal.


Overall Rating

Timebucks is one of those pages with a somewhat ugly name, but which has been consolidating in the GPT.

We are facing a page that offers you many paid activitiesthere is such a variety to choose from that we have decided to add it to our top of paid tasks pages.

If you entrar now and clic the register button you will get $1 free welcome

Kinf of Prizes

Overall Rating

KOP belongs to the GPT category, since it offers us multiple ways to earn money.

Through a wall of offers we cánido generate income by viewing ads, registering on web pages, downloading applications and playing games.

It also offers paid surveys where we cánido earn up to $1 for each one.

Your referral system offers us $2 for each guest who completes their first $4.

The platform has a wide variety of rewards, such as Paypal and AirTM more than 250 gift certificates.

It is available to everyone.

Gift Hunter Club

Overall Rating

Gift Hunter Club is a site where you cánido earn income in various ways.

This page has evolved over the years and has become a veteran of the ámbito.

Its variety and easy use make it a very good option.

Your minimum charge is €5 or $5 by PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

It also has an Aplicación for teléfonos inteligentes.


Overall Rating

PointsPrizes is a page from the GPT category with which we cánido earn money in different ways.

We will be able to do tasks for money, watch vídeos, surveys, etcétera.

In addition this site is accepted inall the countries but the page is in English.

It has several payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoins and gift cards.


Overall Rating

Although there are many other better options than neobux, it is still an alternative to earn money doing tasks.

Almost all sections of this page are the same or very afín to those of other platforms such as Ysense or Gift Hunter Club.

You perro collect your money by Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, AirTM.


Overall Rating

InstaGC is a GPT owned by Day En línea Solutions, LLC.

Created in 2011, it is a reliable website that allows us to earn money by performing various types of tasks, such as paid surveys, downloading applications, viewing ads, etcétera.

It also has an unlimited referral system that allows us to allows you to earn 10% for the earnings of each referralIf you register you cánido earn 10 free points.

How do en línea mini-jobs work?

The operation of these sites is afín to any portal for paid surveys or another type of afín offer.

Consists in get paid to complete small tasks, usually very easy.

The payment received has nothing to do with the time spent, but for each task completed.

Therefore, the more tasks we finish, the greater our profit will be.

To use these sites you do not need anything, just a computer and Internet access, because it is completely free.

Of course, these tasks require enough precision to not be penalized, and continue receiving more tasks.

How much perro you earn for doing mini jobs?

Mini jobs are one of the best ways to earn money en línea.

From our experience, we perro generate from €0.50 to €2 dailyeven much more, depending on the page.

These sites offer various tasks on a daily basis.

The amount cánido vary, but in general the flow of tasks is usually high.

In addition, each task usually offers a very good compensation.

In this way, the profits that we perro generate per month with this work method are high.

What types of tasks and mini-jobs are there?

The range of jobs that these pages offer is quite wide.

And there are two types of pages where we will find this variety of tasks: Crowdsourcing sites and GPT pages.

What are crowdsourcing pages?

Crowdsourcing is a word that comes from the combination of two English terms “Crowd” (group of people) and “outsourcing” (subcontracting or outsourcing).

Crowdsourcing, then, refers to the method that some companies use to hand over to third parties the performance of some taskswhich they should complete.

These companies prefer to give these tasks to people who do not belong to their work area.

Because sometimes they don’t have the time, resources, or desire to do these mini-tasks themselves.

Therefore, they help as intermediaries between companies that want these services and users who want to earn money from the comfort of their homes.

Customers get your service; These companies receive a commission for each task; and we charge per completed job.

Thus, we all win.

What are GPT (Get Paid) pages?

GPT stands for the English phrase “Get Paid To”, which means: “get money for”.

a GPT offers various ways to make money.

It includes crowdsourcing tasks such as Ysense or Neobux that work with platforms such as Figure Eight (previously called CrowdFlower).

But it also encompasses much more.

Through a GPT, we cánido make money by sharing photos, playing games, signing up for offers, watching ads, using a referral system, and many other ways.

What kind of mini-jobs or tasks do I have to do?

These platforms offer us a multitude of different tasks and jobs.

These are some of the most common tasks that you will find in these sites:

search information

For example, you should look for the address, zip code, or contact number of a lugar de comidas on its website.

Transcribe and verify captchas, or verification images

In these tasks, you must complete captchas, or verification images to confirm if they are correct, and perro be used in the future.

Classify photos and images

You will receive a list of images, and you will have to answer questions about each one, to give it a category.

Transcribe and evaluate vídeos and texts

You may also have to watch some vídeos, and transcribe their content, or answer some questions about them.

make silhouettes

Delineate a specific figure, such as a fruit, a car or a building.

And many more tasks.

Opinion about earning money with tasks and paid offers

Paid chores and mini-jobs are a great way to earn money from home.

The tasks are really easy, since all this is completely free, and registration and how to use it is quite fácil.

In addition, the minimum payment is usually low, from €5 (or $5) to €10 ($5).

They are available for all countries in the world, and use the most common payment processors such as Paypal or Stripe.

Nevertheless, to obtain notable profits you must be constant.

Keep in mind that the earnings you get will depend entirely on the time you spend working.

We recommend that you perform these tasks daily, otherwise you will not be able to generate your income with this method of work.

In addition, we also advise you do each task carefully and read the instructions well.

Some pages place penalties on users for poorly performed tasks.

And sometimes, it could turn out that you no longer have any tasks available.

This is one of the best ways to make money en línea.

The flow of mini jobs, and the rewards for each task make this method one of the best options to work from home.

Start earning money en línea by making paid offers!

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 Earn money doing Tasks and Mini jobs
  Earn money doing Tasks and Mini jobs
  Earn money doing Tasks and Mini jobs

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