Earn money by Wasear

Earn money by Wasear


The aplicación is no longer available except in its apk format. The users are very few and it is not worth downloading it. if you want earn money with your mobile I explain other ways in the blog.

Good afternoon guys!, how are we doing on Sunday, I’m at home, on Sunday hahaha!!, the question is that I’m hanging out with my friendsand how do I do it?, “vía WhatsApp”, you will say, well no…

It’s been a while since I discovered a application for Wasear, and that also… they pay us!!, wow if they pay us, it takes about 5-10 days to entrar the money in PayPalbut they do.

Well yes, they pay us, (man, you’re not going to get rich, but something helps), so I think it’s best to download this application, which by the way, is Spanish (we’re going to make our homeland), the application is Quack Messengerforks totally free to download vía Play Store and of aplicación storetherefore, serves to IOS and android.

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This aplicación has many advantages and no drawbacksthe main advantage is that we get paid for what we do every day, imagine the profit potential!!.

Only with what we talk, with our friends, with our relatives, children and with our wives and husbands we would earn good money every month by what we do for free (and until recently, paying, let’s not forget).

Obviously, like all applications to earn money, Quack Messenger has a referral code, I’ll leave you mine, in case you want to put it when you install it (although it’s not essential). My code is the following: en-49052-6.

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Quack pays us in arrears, exactly by PayPal on the first day of the following month and it takes around 8 days to be reflected in our account. Every day, We perro see our earnings in the “income” sectionthe more we chat, the more we earn.

Payments will be made at the end of the month, so we must pay attention on the 1st of each month to clic on the “Request Collection” option in the income section, in options, request income, go to the history by clicking on the icon located above, in the corner. Once there, select the previous month and the button to request the payment will appear at the top, then it will ask you for the PayPal address.

Here you earn money for everythingfor having the application turned on, for receiving and sending messages, that’s why I advise you to keep the application open, to have groups, to talk to people, who, in addition to enriching yourself personally, will be able to get to know other cultures.

As I told you at the beginning, I have been talking with my Quack friends, it is a group that we have, in which we help to generate money, if you are interested in the subject, you perro leave your phone number or dirección de correo electrónico in the commentsinstall Quack (do not forget the code is-49052-6 hahaha!!) and I’ll put you in the group (I’m the administrator).

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If you do not want to put your number in the comments, you cánido send me an correo electrónico with your number to mloro1976@gmail.com, my dirección de correo electrónico.

Well folks, another good deed done, another day helping people to earn money en línea. All the best!!

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 Earn money by Wasear
  Earn money by Wasear
  Earn money by Wasear

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