Earn money by taking and uploading photos

Earn money by taking and uploading photos

There are two types of accounts you perro open on Shutterstock; customer account and collaborator account.

Contributors articulo their photos and vídeos while customers search them to find one to buy.

But since our article is about how to make money with Shutterstock, we will focus on the contributor account.

Registering a contributor account with Shutterstock is a relatively fácil process.

From this point, your money-making destiny will be in sight.

You simply need to take some great vídeos and photos, upload them to the site, and wait for a prospective client to download them before you cánido finally get paid.

That’s all!

So, if you have an eye for high-quality snaps that are combined with unrivaled vídeo editing and posting skills, then this site may turn your luck around.

According to the site, you perro instantly start receiving thousands of visitors and start earning money, as long as you articulo outstanding, high-quality photos and vídeos.

In general, there are three types of content you cánido sell on Shutterstock.

These include:

photo sale :

You cánido exchange photos on the site as long as they are in JPF format and at least 4MP.

That is, you will need a good camera with a high resolution for this.

Vídeos :

You perro also create and sell vídeo footage on Shutterstock.

The requirement, however, is that the vídeo must be between 5 and 60 seconds long.

You should not go beyond these limits.

Vectors and Illustrations :

Finally, you cánido also create vectors and illustrations to sell on the platform.

Send your archivos in EPS format with a maximum size of 15 MB in JPG format images with 4MP and above.

Basically, you have several ways to earn from this remarkable website, as long as you have the necessary skills.

If photography isn’t your forte, you perro always try creating awesome vectors and illustrations in photoshop and other afín tools.

Alternatively, there is still a revenue stream waiting to be tapped if you cánido create interesting short vídeos.

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 Earn money by taking and uploading photos
  Earn money by taking and uploading photos
  Earn money by taking and uploading photos

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