Earn money and bitcons with Bituro

Earn money and bitcons with Bituro

In today’s article I am going to talk about Bituro, an application that will allow you to earn money through Paypal, Bitcoin, Google play store and Amazon.

If you are interested, then keep reading the article.

Main features of Bituro (Redeem code)

Payment methods Bitcoin, Paypal, Amazon gift card, Google plus Play gift card, Starbucks gift card and Objetivo gift card.
withdrawal minimum $1 dollar
accepted countries All the countries
Promo code (50 plus points) 2746843
download backlink Press here

What is bituro?

Of course, Bituro is an application for ios and android devices, which will allow you to earn money for answer surveys, watch vídeos (advertising), playamong other options.

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Of course, it is afín to some applications that I have tried, but it has some aspects that have caught my attention and which you will be able to know if you continue reading the article.

What did I find interesting and different from Bituro?

  • Bituro has different options to collect the money you have earned.

    Of course, the one that has caught my attention the most is the option to get paid with bitcoins.

  • It pays you per minute when you play, that is, every minute you perro earn a certain number of points.

    This option is not very common in this type of applications and it reminds me of the old version of Cashpirate.

  • It has an option that allows you to win a daily prize if you are the person who comes closest to the price of bitcoin.

    If you give the most accurate forecast you perro win more than $10 dollars.

Of course, the first step is for you to download the application.

I leave you the following backlink so you perro download the application:

Once you have downloaded the application, when you open it you will see the options that bituro has so that you cánido register, which are: Fb and your account Google plus.

I have to say that I prefer to register with my Google plus account, but you cánido select the option you prefer.

Now, the next step is to entrar the guest codeof course whenever you want get 50 plus points.

Bituro invitation code

Once you have registered, you will see the option to entrar a guest code, which will allow you to earn 50 points, which will be added to the 100 points that are added to you for registering.

So, you have to press the option: “Entrar now” and you will have to put the following code: 2746843

Now you are ready to start earning money with Bituro.

How to earn money with Bituro?

Next I am going to espectáculo you all the options that Bituro has so that we cánido earn money.

Earn money answering surveys

Answering surveys is an option that many people use to generate a few dollars a month and Bituro is no exception.

Within the application you will find in the home section all the surveys that you will be able to do.

It should be noted that you will have to create your profile so that they start giving you surveys according to said profile.

In addition, you will get 20 points for carrying your profile.

Beyond that there is not much to say because it is very fácil, you select a survey and start answering the questions.

Once the quiz ends, you will receive your reward.

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Start earning dollars answering surveys

Are you looking for a page with which you perro earn money? Well, I am going to recommend one of the best survey pages.

Of course, it pays and pays more than many other pages.

Start earning money from home!

make money playing

Earlier I mentioned that I liked the fact that bituro pays us to play, but not a certain amount for downloading a game, but within bituro they establish the games for which they will pay you for each minute played.

For example, right now within that section is TikTok, so for every minute you spend within TikTok they will give you 2 points.

I like this because it’s not that you get paid to play in-aplicación games, which cánido be boring, but rather games or aplicaciones that you may have already played or used.

make money with tasks

This option is also very well known and consists of downloading games, applications and registering to pages in exchange for a certain number of points.

Guess the price of bitcoin and earn money with Bituro

This option also seemed very good to me because all you have to do is equipo the price that you think the bitcoin will have that day.

If you are the person who came closest to the price, then you will be the recipient of a prize.

The prize that the last person won was 1400 pointsthat is, with that he was able to collect $10 dollars.


  • Every day you will have the opportunity to make your forecast and the winner will be selected at 04:15 pm CST.
  • If you were able to make the exact bitcoin price forecast, then you are going to win 1000 plus points.
  • There perro only be one winner.

    If there is more than one person who came equally close to the bitcoin price, then, the person with the most points wins the prize.

make money watching vídeos

Another option that does not need much explanation is to watch vídeos to receive a reward.

Of course, the vídeos are commercials and most are around 30 seconds long.

Now, per ad you will be earning 2 points.

Earn money by inviting friends

If you invite your friends and they register with your code, then you will get 10% of the points that your friends get to make.

In addition to that 10%, you are going to get points.

The points will be distributed depending on the country of origin to which the person you invited belongs.

Points that you will receive depending on the country

USA 50 points
Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Singapore. 30 points
Japan, Korea, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates 20 points
Other countries 10 points

Bituro’s opinion

Of course, I have already tried many applications afín to Bituro and in fact, I am gaining with them, however, I have to say that, as I said before, there are some options that I really liked about Bituro and for which I am going to continue using it. .

Now, something I don’t like is the fact that there are rewards that give you more or less points depending on the country where you are.

Also, it seems to me that someone who cánido’t get many referrals is not going to get points very quickly.

Therefore, youI recommend that you use other pages or applications to earn money.

two pages that I recommend you are:

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 Earn money and bitcons with Bituro
  Earn money and bitcons with Bituro
  Earn money and bitcons with Bituro

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