Earn Honey Pay for the United States

Earn Honey Pay for the United States

Earn Honey is a company that through an application allows you to generate money and has been operating since 2014. This company pays for PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The amount of money you perro generate depends on you and the time you invest in the aplicación.

Earn Honey Features

  • Valuation: Average
  • Available: iOS & Android
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon and others
  • Referral System: If you earn 10% of your referrals
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Accepted Countries: United States, Canada and United Kingdom

Earn Honey Aplicación to earn money

It is a GPT program that focuses on the satisfaction of its users and is based on filling out surveys, watching vídeos, and earning money through games. Earn Honey It works with different advertisers and, precisely, its focus is on the display of ads and on the earnings that users cánido obtain by viewing them.

How to earn money with Earn Honey?

Earn Honey offers you endless methods through which you cánido accumulate money to later be redeemed in the way you want. It is a reliable and safe alternative to earn money that is done through an application. These are the methods of generating money:

Create a profile

It is a step that cannot be left aside. at the time of your record A profile will be created, in that profile you will provide all your personal information, your tastes, your interests and other important data. When you create your profile, the page will give you $10. It is absolutely necessary that you be concise when answering each question since your performance in the application and the increase in your earnings will depend on this.

Watch vídeos

This is the easiest way to earn money, through viewing vídeos of different kinds. For each vídeo you watch you perro earn up to 3 points, only if it is watched until the end.

To start earning money in this way you must clic on the earn button and then on the vídeos option. Then, in the all vídeos tab you perro access all the available vídeos that will be organized by category.

Surveys or polls

It is in this section where you cánido generate much more money, you perro even get up to $80 for each survey completed and carried out correctly. Surveys are posted weekly, you should stay active on the main website to keep an eye on their updates.


Through the games offered by this application you will also be able to increase your cumulative cómputo. You perro even earn up to $0.15 for every hour you spend in the game. Earn Honey currently has only one game available, it has the code 2048.


This is the best way to generate income on Earn Honey, through passive income. For each person you manage to register you will be earning 10% of all their earnings.

Award Redemption

The minimum amount of earnhoney withdrawal is $100 (and $1 per Amazon gift card). The payment methods are through direct bank payment, through PayPal transfers or through Gift Card Amazon.

Does Earn Honey Pay or is it Scam?

The company lately has had a lot of complaints from many users, because although it does not work with all countries if it allows registration, that is why some people complain that neither vídeos nor tasks to perform appear. but outside of that Earn Honey Pay, if you want to see payment vouchers You are going to have to look it up in English because there are few in Spanish. Sign up here.

Earn Honey Opinions and Suggestions

Many people to earn with this platform use a virtual machine from the United States, since if you register from another country you will not have any tasks or vídeos to watch, because very few if any will appear, so that it is recommended to use only if you are from the countries with which the company works.

Alternatives to Earn Honey

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 Earn Honey Pay for the United States
  Earn Honey Pay for the United States
  Earn Honey Pay for the United States

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