Earn free money with tasks and

Earn free money with tasks and

On the Internet it is possible earn free money with tasks and mini-jobs Crowdsourcing.

It is an ideal method for people who want to earn a decent amount of money and do not have or do not have the facility to create a referral network.

The variety of tasks is quite large and adapts to any type of person.

There is a great diversity of types of tasks or mini-jobs, among which are: listening to music, translating texts, writing articles, categorizing photographs, conducting small surveys, watching vídeos, etcétera.

All this type of en línea mini-jobs are encompassed within the terms crowdsourcing and Get Paid To (GPT).

Pages to earn money with tasks and mini jobs.

Below is a list of the best platforms to earn free money with tasks or micro-jobs.

All of them except for some specific exceptions (which will be indicated) accept users from anywhere in the world.

promo cards

Promo Cards is a platform that allows you earn money visiting websites, making en línea purchases, downloading applications, etcétera.

Withdrawals are made through Paypal, promo cards, Amazon, among other methods.

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TimeBucks is a platform operating from 2017 that allows you earn free money in different ways, such as viewing ads, completing surveys, performing tasks, etcétera.

The minimum withdrawal is $10, and the means of payment are: PayPal, Payeer and bitcoin.

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How to earn money with tasks and mini-jobs?

For earn money with tasks and mini-jobs en línea It is necessary to register and make the necessary configurations in this type of pages.

After configuring and finishing making the necessary configurations, you will be able to start carrying out the different tasks and mini-jobs that the page has.

Getting free earnings on these types of pages is a really fácil process, because the tasks you will have to perform are easy to develop, so anyone with a little computer knowledge will be able to start generating income.

You perro increase your earnings with referrals.


Crowdsourcing, paid tasks and mini-jobs are a good opportunity to start Work from home.

In addition, the registration and participation in this type of platform and page is totally free and free, so you will not take any type of financial risk.

Platforms of this kind are usually quite stable, since very few have become SCAMs overnight.

This is because behind them are customers, suppliers and large companies that need their services.

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 Earn free money with tasks and
  Earn free money with tasks and
  Earn free money with tasks and

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