Earn free money by exchanging

Earn free money by exchanging

On the Internet it is possible get free visits and earn money with traffic rotators.

There are traffic rotators that are dedicated solely to providing free visits to your websites, but there are other rotators that apart from providing free visits to your websites also allow you to earn money en línea.

These traffic rotators that will allow you to visit other users’ websites, where as a reward you cánido get points and real money, where the points will allow you to advertise your website for send you traffic and money You perro withdraw it to your electronic wallet.

Pages to earn money with traffic retarders

Below is a list of the best platforms for earn money and get web traffic with traffic rotators.

All of them except for some specific exceptions (which will be indicated) accept users from anywhere in the world.


EasyHits4U is the best traffic rotator to earn money, get referrals and visits to any website you want to send traffic to.

is en línea since 2003.

The minimum withdrawal is $3, and the means of payment to make withdrawals are: Paypal, Payza, SolidTrusPay and Bitcoin.

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Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost is a traffic rotator that allows you to earn free bitcoins, get referrals and get traffic to your websites.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.00100000 BTC, and the means of payment to make the withdrawals are: bitcoin, Payza, Inernal Earnings and Credit Cards (vía PayZa).

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EBesucher is a platform for automatic traffic exchange and dirección de correo electrónico reception that allows you to earn free money.

The EBesucher page is from Germany, and it has been operating since 2002.

The minimum withdrawal is €2, and the means of payment to make withdrawals are: PayPal and bank transfer.

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How to make money with traffic rotators?

The operation of these platforms is quite fácil.

You only have to register on the platform and start view the pages or vídeos of other users of the same platformwhere for this you will receive credits that you will use to advertise your website, where apart from these credits you will earn real money in most of these types of pages.

Today the importance of receiving visits to any website is well understood. exist many alternatives to receive web trafficsuch as popular networks, but these are not always enough to achieve your goals, so the traffic rotators They are a good alternative to reach them.


Platforms of this kind are usually quite stable, since very few have become SCAMs overnight.

This is because there are always many people interested in being able to earn money and at the same time get resources to send you visits to their websites and/or vídeos.

On the Internet there are many traffic rotators, but it is important to know how to choose which of them suits you to get a good income, so you have to try to study the pages of this type in which you want to entrar.

There are also traffic rotators that only focus on the traffic more than profit.

Go to these traffic rotators.

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 Earn free money by exchanging
  Earn free money by exchanging
  Earn free money by exchanging

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