Earn free cryptocurrencies with the

Earn free cryptocurrencies with the

On the Internet it is possible earn free cryptocurrency with adI’m advertising.

The platforms that are dedicated to paying you cryptocurrencies for viewing ads are known as PTC (Paid To Clic or what is the same, pay per clic in Spanish).

There are many pages of this type, but more than one 75% After a few months, these pages stop paying or close, making users lose the time they have dedicated to them.

It is better to focus attention on pages of this type that are veterans, that is, they have been running for a long time.

Pages to earn free cryptocurrencies by watching ads

The platforms to earn free cryptocurrencies by watching ads that you will see here are highly reliable.

Before viewing these pages, I invite you to find out how these platforms work from the following backlink: Go to the operation of the sites to see ads or pay per clic.

Here I present the best pages To earn free cryptocurrency by watching ads:

bitcoin pages


BTCClicks is a PTC operating since 2013 that allows you to earn fractions of bitcoins free watching ads.

The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 satoshi through any bitcoin wallet.

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How to earn cryptocurrencies by watching advertisements?

The operation of this type of platform is fácil.

It will only be necessary to clic In the different ads that you will have available daily, view them for several seconds to receive the earnings.

In this fácil way you will be earning cryptocurrencies on these types of pages.

Generally, the remuneration for each displayed advertisement will depend to a large extent on the display durationthat is, the longer ads will be better paid.

To these earnings obtained by the ads you must add other possible sources of income that these pages offer; surveys, offers, tasks, games and a referral system.

Referrals will forever report to you a percentage of the amount they generate by performing actions within these platforms.


Remuneration for the display of advertisements is one of the most classic ways to start earn cryptocurrencies from home.

Since it is not necessary to make any type of investment, these types of platforms are presented as a good risk-free opportunity for those people who are starting out in Internet businesses.

Another great advantage of this type of business is that they allow users to register and participate in Any part of the world.

Generally many pages come out of Paid to Clic new and although there is no risk of losing cryptocurrencies, you cánido lose a lot of time on them, so it is advisable to be prudent when entering these pages.

The key is to work hard and mark yourself goals long-term.

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 Earn free cryptocurrencies with the
  Earn free cryptocurrencies with the
  Earn free cryptocurrencies with the

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