Earn easy money with very little effort

Earn easy money with very little effort

Perro you imagine being able to complete your monthly income with easy money? A small amount that is added month by month to your salary without you having to do practically anything.

Well, this is not a dream, it is a reality.

I am going to explain how to get it, as well as the frauds that you should avoid.

All that glitters is not gold, if you want to earn easy and fast money

Surely on some occasion you have come across a website, a blog, or a comment in a forum from someone who promises you that you cánido earn thousands of euros a month without doing practically nothing.

I have also seen them and I have thought the same as you, “this cánido not be true”.

But unfortunately, there are people who are having a bad time and need to believe that it is true, which makes them “perfect” victims for scammers.

There are hundreds of examples of scams en línea that want to make you believe that you are going to make money.

If you fall for them, hopefully you will only lose some time, but it is quite possible that you will also end up losing money.

Here are three examples:

Remote jobs that don’t exist

He modus operandi is almost always the same.

You find a job offer that allows you to earn money from home, generally a fairly interesting amount.

You do not need any type of training or experience and they practically do not explain what the position consists of.

What they do tell you is that in order to access the job you need to pay an amount for management expenses, training, etcétera.

If you take the bait and pay up, you’ll never hear from that so-called company or job title again.

binary options scam

Binary options are a perfectly regulated and legal investment system, but there are always scammers willing to take advantage of other people’s ignorance and need situations.

This investment system is somewhat complex and is not suitable for people without knowledge.

But they sell it to you as if it were the easiest thing in the world and urging you to take advantage of the opportunity and earn a lot of money.

You put your money for that supposed investment and it goes directly into the pocket of the scammer who, logically, is not going to make the investment that he has promised you.

Receive easy money in your checking account

There is a scam in which someone contacts you by dirección de correo electrónico and asks you to use your checking account as a platform to take money from one country to another.

All this accompanied by a more or less elogiable story about why you need to move the money and the reasons why you need an intermediary.

Of course, in exchange for doing nothing and putting your checking account, it offers you to keep a percentage of each transaction.

And here comes the scam.

In it better of cases access your account and keep your money.

Do you want to know what happens in the worst case? They use your account to move the money, they don’t pay you anything for it and you also become an accomplice in a possible crime of money laundering.

Beware of weird correos electrónicos to earn money! They perro be scared.

I could go on and on, but I think with these examples you already get the iniciativa.

In the end, what all scams have in common is that they offer you to earn a lot of money quickly and without doing practically anything.

Now, this does not orinan that you cannot earn easy and fast money en línea and even sin conexión.

What happens is that you have to have a head, common sense.

Money does not fall from the sky.

There are formulas with which you perro get plus effortlessly, but they are not usually large amounts.

Before going on to see how to earn easy money, give me some advice so that you do not end up being a victim of a scam: if something is too good to be true, it is a lie.

Earn easy money in your spare time

Do you have a computer or mobile with an Internet connection? Do you have a little free time? Well, then you already have everything you need to complete your income with a few more euros.

paid surveys

They are precisely what their name indicates.

Through some of the platforms that I will talk about later, you receive surveys prepared by brands that seek to obtain information from consumers.

You spend a few minutes filling them out and in return you receive a small payment.

Some of the ones that work best are Toluna, Lifepoints, and i-Say.

Let’s see them in a little more detail.


Toluna is one of the most famous survey websites and accepts users from both Spain and abroad.

It has a fácil, pleasant and intuitive interfaz, and it will not take you more than 20 minutes to answer each survey.

You accumulate points that are later transformed into money and that you perro collect by bank transfer, through PayPal or by gift vouchers.

In addition, it has a referral system with which you earn money for each person you invite to participate.

You earn points for completing surveys, but also for other tasks such as visiting certain websites, completing registrations, making purchases or voting for sponsored content.


Although it is a relatively new platform, Lifepoints is actually the sum of the experience of two classic survey panels, GlogalTestMarket and MySurvey.

Once you register, they send you surveys to your correo electrónico.

The points you earn depend on the time you spend on them.

Some last only 10 minutes, but others perro exceed 30.

The points you earn perro be exchanged directly for gifts, but also for a check to spend on Amazon or for a cómputo that you will collect through PayPal (you cánido request payment from 600 points, which is €5).

i Say

The i-Say platform is managed by Ipsos, a market research company that has been active since 1975.

In this case, it is aimed exclusively at the Spanish public.

You perro register totally free in just a few minutes and once you have filled out your profile you start receiving surveys.

For each questionnaire answered you receive points that you cánido later exchange for Amazon checks or gift vouchers for other stores.

Typically, you receive between one and two surveys per week.

In addition, it has a referral system with which you cánido increase your earnings by adding points for each of your friends who join the platform.

Mysterious client

Companies need to know if the attention they are giving to customers in their establishments is really good, and for this they often complejo turístico to the figure of the mysterious or ghost customer.

This is someone who pretends to be a habitual customer, but who is actually in charge of examining important aspects, such as the way the shop assistants treat the public, whether the store is tidy, whether it is accessible, etcétera.

Both on en línea job search platforms (Infojobs and afín) and on specific websites such as clientindiscreto.com either International Service Check You perro find offers to work as a mystery shopper.

You only have to spend a few hours and then submit a report telling your experience.

In the event that you have to buy something in the investigated establishment, the company pays you for it.

It is a fácil and even fun activity that I have done myself.

If you want to know more about her, take a look at my article on mystery shopper.

The mystery shopper is not here to buy, but to vea.

Monetize your popular networks

You don’t have to be a famous influencer with thousands of followers.

If you have a medium-sized account (1,000+ followers or more) you perro earn some income by posting sponsored content.

On platforms like Publisuites, SocialPubli or Coobis You perro find advertisers who will pay you a few euros to put a mensaje de Twitter or a message on Fb talking about them.

Logically, the more followers you have, the more money you cánido earn.

Earn easy money with your skills

I’m sure there are a lot of things you’re good at.

We all have some (or several) abilities that make us stand out a little.

Maybe you speak several languages, or take beautiful photos, or are good at math.

Well, thanks to the Internet you cánido take advantage of these skills.

Somewhere in the world right now there is someone who needs those special abilities that you have and is willing to pay for them. they.

You perro create your own website or blog and offer your professional services as a translator, copywriter, photographer, etcétera.

But if you don’t want to complicate your life so much, you cánido go directly to platforms that will help you find clients.

image banks

All the content that is uploaded to the network is usually accompanied by images.

Those of us who have a website, like me, are always in constant search of royalty-free photos that we perro use legally and that have quality.

What I do is go to image repositories or repositories, but these archivos need to be constantly updated.

Well, if you’re good with photos, you cánido upload them to these platforms and get paid every time someone downloads one of your images to use it.

Here are some examples:

  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Unplash
  • Picography


Mini jobs are a trend in the digital world.

There are specialized platforms where you cánido offer your en línea or sin conexión services to others: create a website, write a text, make a logotipo, walk and care for dogs, etcétera.

There is a wide variety of professional markets.

Among the most prominent I cannot fail to mention Upwork, Freelancer and Toptal.

If you manage well with English you cánido try the well-known Fiverr.

How to make easy money with what you have

The alternatives that I have just shown you in the previous section perro help you earn a few plus euros, although they could also help you find a new way of earning a living, since you cánido professionalize your skills.

But if you are happy with your job and do not want to have to work on anything else to earn money, a very good option is to take advantage of what you have.

Sell ​​what you don’t use

If the crisis has had something good, it is that now we are more aware of our resources and we are no longer afraid of buying second-hand things.

According to this article in elPeriódico, second-hand buying and selling also helps us achieve a more sustainable world.

Thanks to pages like Milanuncios or aplicaciones like Wallapop or Vinted, it will be very easy for you to sell all those things you don’t use: books, clothes, tools, etcétera.

Not only do you get plus money, but you also take advantage of it and put your house in order.

Having fewer things will help you see life with more perspective and avoid consumerism that may be making you spend more.

Do you have used books? Sell ​​them and you’ll make some plus money.

rent your house

If you have a second residence that you hardly use, or you are going to spend a season abroad, you cánido consider renting your house, either for long periods of time or through vacation rental platforms such as AirBnb.

Another way to get money with your house without having to go live elsewhere is to rent a room that you have free.

You perro get an average of €200 to €300 or even more, depending on where you live.

Here you cánido check what you could get.

Advertising on your car

If you own a car there are several ways in which you perro earn money with it.

The simplest is to rent it as advertising space.

Companies like Encontronazo Dual or Serbecar are specialized in these services.

All you need is for your car to be in good condition, to live in an urban area and to travel several kilometers every day.

For the rest, you don’t have to worry about anything, just charging what was agreed for advertising.

rent car

If you have a car but do not use it daily, you perro also earn money with it.

Private vehicle rental platforms are a very interesting novelty.

They take care of everything, even the insurance.

In this Mapfre article you perro solve your doubts about how this system works, whether you want to rent your car or rent a vehicle from an individual.

There are many specialized platforms in this campo.

You cánido take a look at SocialCar or Amovens.

monetize a website

If at some point you have created a website or a blog, you perro also get money from it.

If you don’t use it, you cánido consider selling it directly.

In case it is an active website with traffic, you cánido get plus income if you include advertising through Google plus AdWords, sell advertising space on your site, backlinks or sponsored articles.

Getting money from your website will require a little more effort on your part, since you must work on it so that it is positioned and attractive to potential advertisers.

It may interest you:


You have already seen it, there are many ways to earn easy money.

Forget about the false promises of earning thousands of plus euros and focus on more realistic options.

With a little effort, or using the things you already have, you cánido end the month with a few plus euros in your pocket.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with you.

Follow these keys that I have given you and surely the end of the month will no longer seem so horrible to you.

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 Earn easy money with very little effort
  Earn easy money with very little effort
  Earn easy money with very little effort

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