Earn bitcoin playing: the best games

Earn bitcoin playing: the best games

We all like to play to have fun, much more if we perro earn bitcoin playing.

Well, you are in luck if you have reached this articulo it is because you love games or you are a gamer.

In any case, you are in good luck, because in this article I am going to espectáculo you how earn money on internet through cryptocurrencies.

If you like games, but much more you like the earn bitcoins playing through fun games keep reading, since what I put here will interest you.

If you are a regular on the internet, you will know that cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in especial are becoming widespread and there are already many people who know them, know what they are and even many establishments accept them as a method of payment.

Therefore, surely you will be interested in power earn free bitcoin and also doing something fun like playing fun games on your móvil inteligente.

Are you interested in what you read? Well, then continue, what follows is much more interesting.

How to earn bitcoins by playing

earn bitcoin without investing It is something very interesting, especially for those who do not have enough capital to do it.

Through our teléfonos inteligentes and with fun games we will be able to earn small fractions of bitcoin (the so-called satoshis) that little by little cánido become a respectable amount.

The only thing you need is to have an android phone (or ihpone), register and a bitcoin wallet (I recommend coinbase) and desire to play.

Diving a little through the Play Store we will find fun games with which to have a fun time and also, take some satoshis in our pockets.

Go for it!

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast It is a completely free application for your Android device that will allow us to earn small fractions of bitcoin for playing.

The application is available to everyone, you only have to have an android device and internet connection.

Its operation is very fácil, and also very afín to the well-known game Candy Crush Saga.

You will only have to join three or more coins of the same color and make combinations to join blocks.

If you try it, you will see that it is extremely fun.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you cánido.



It is an application very afín to the previous one.

The only caveat is that instead of earn free bitcoin, we will earn fractions of Ethereum (Gwei).

We will also have to match the largest number of coins of the same color to get a good score.

The higher the score, the more Gweis we will earn.

The positive part of this application is that payments perro be requested every three days regardless of the amount of cryptocurrencies we have.

If you want to download the application for your móvil inteligente, you cánido do it here.

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Free Bitcoin Cash Aplicación

This is a fácil application in which we perro claim fractions of Bitcoin Cash every hour and additionally every three hours.

It is a very fácil game in which you cánido acquire bitcoin for free in a very fácil way.

Every hour you have two spins and for each additional vídeo that we watch, another two free spins.

You cánido get satoshis for free, the more we level up, the greater the prize.

The largest is 100,000 satoshis, there are people who have cashed it, I haven’t had that luck yet.

As for payments, they are made automatically every Tuesday, as long as you have exceeded 10,000 satoshis.

If you want to download this application just clic here.

Free Litecoin

Application identical to the previous one, but in this case we will earn Litecoin.

Litoshis cánido be claimed every hour and more additional Litecoins every three hours.

Every hour you get two spins and you cánido get another two for every vídeo you watch.

The biggest prizes are above, the biggest prize is 100,000 litoshis.

The aplicación is available on google play store, if you want to download it, you perro here.


Winner is a well-known free bet site.

We will start with 4,000 points and we will be able to bet on different sporting events completely free of charge.

If you bet wrong and you stay at zero, the next day they put the same 4,000 on you.

The minimum payment is stipulated at $25, you perro collect them by Paypal, Bitcoin, Skill or Neteller.

This is a good way to earn bitcoin playing.

If you are not yet registered in Ganador and you like risk-free bets, this is your page.

you perro register here.

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Where do I keep the satoshis I win in the free games?

In the different games to win bitcoin that I have described above, we must put an address of our preferred Wallet.

In some cases, the wallet itself will allow us to exchange cryptocurrencies for real money.

There are several wallets or microwallets.

Here I explain the most important ones.


It is undoubtedly my favorite wallet, because you perro withdraw the money directly to your checking account or to Paypal, it is the only wallet that allows us to do this.

For this and for its promotions, Coinbase is my favorite wallet.

If you don’t have an account, I recommend you try it, their promotion for new accounts consists of giving you €8 when you buy €100 in Bitcoin.

you perro read the full tutorial here.

coin pot

This microwallet is very interesting, since it will allow us to change from one cryptocurrency to another without any commission.

You will be able to change from bitcoin to litecoins or dash or even dogecoins, all for zero commission.

Also, it is the “preferred” microwallet of most bitcoin faucets.

In Coinpot you will see the profits you obtain from these faucets reflected immediately, without the need to request payments.

You cánido read the full articulo I wrote here.

Is it easy to earn free bitcoins by playing?

There is nothing that is easy and worthwhile, the two things are incompatible.

But I perro assure you that you cánido earn bitcoin for free in the idle moments you spend in the bathroom, in television commercials and even on public transport.

Therefore, I recommend that you take advantage of the time and earn some satoshis with your móvil inteligente.

You will only need a mobile phone and internet connection.

Where do you get the Bitcoin to pay us?

That is a question that we all ask ourselves, since money does not come from stones, so where do bitcoins come from to pay us? The answer is fácil: from the advertising that is inserted in the different applications that we play to get these bitcoins.

Most of the aplicaciones to earn money they get their benefits for themselves and to pay us from the advertising that is consumed by the users of the aplicación (in this case us).

Could I earn 1 bitcoin playing?

Nothing is impossible with dedication and tenacity, but of course, you will have to be playing for a long time to get that amount.

The benefits that you get with this type of games will depend on the time you are playing these games, and obviously, we cannot be playing all day.

But what I perro tell you is that all the free bitcoin that you perro get will be good, that is, if you get bored, take your móvil inteligente and play!!

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Earn bitcoins playing – Opinions

Anything we perro bring to our bitcoin wallet will be welcome.

In this articulo I have described the best games that you cánido use on your móvil to earn bitcoin.

Obviously, you should not put aside all forms of earn bitcoin that exist, such as, for example, the faucets and all the ptc that I speak of in salgodelacrisis.

The good thing about these games is that they are very entertaining and to play them you only need a mobile phone and an internet connection.

They won’t use up more battery or more data than your popular networks, so you cánido take advantage of downtime and increase your profits as well as having fun.

Many new applications of this style come out every day, most of them either do not pay or stop paying after a short time, in this articulo I have put you only the ones that have been around for a while and pay.

The article will be updated as they appear or disappear.

If you know more applications to earn bitcoin, you cánido leave them in the comments.

A greeting and many successes!

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 Earn bitcoin playing: the best games
  Earn bitcoin playing: the best games
  Earn bitcoin playing: the best games

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