DUO Network Token: New Cryptocurrency,

DUO Network Token: New Cryptocurrency,

DUO Network Token. This new cryptocurrency based on the duo network, has raised a lot of buzz since its release, having higher price peaks than practically any other cryptocurrency in the emerging market, for some it is a promising value proposition; for others a great scam and fraud of buying and selling.

Called pump and dump one of the most questioned and illegal practices in the depósito and securities market that is being established again in the cryptocurrency market due to security breaches with the management of finances in these new digital assets.

What is DUO Network?

DUO Network is a decentralized platform that allows the issuance, trading and settlement of tokenized derivatives. It mainly consists of Collateralized Autonomous Tokens (or CAT for short), Price Oracle, DUO DEX.

The platform aims to disminuye risks and barriers in traditional derivatives transactions, through guaranteed smart contracts and autonomous reference rates, thus creating a transparent and autonomous derivatives market.

But what is the truth behind all this?

Here we are going to explain both parts, both the value proposition behind which these amazing profits are hidden, as well as the inflationary scheme that may be applied with this and other afín cryptocurrencies.

First of all, let’s put ourselves in the situation of what the duo network really is and what value offer it brings to the world of cryptocurrencies.

To briefly explain the DUO network It is a security protocol afín to networks VPNwhich will allow us to remotely access en línea services and applications, even those with SSH or HTTPS security certificates acting as a gateway.

This type of interconnection services has always been subject to great risks since it is what is commonly known as a Man in the middle protocol, this perro be both a benefit and the reason for its high value or, on the contrary, the great confirmation of the absolute risk that this cryptocurrency implies both in its network and in its digital asset.

DUO Network Token

The DUO Network Gateway on the positive side could be a great source of value, since it exists within the blockchain network as an intermediary both for the transit information it communicates and for the remote access it offers.

However, this potential risk of Man in the middle which allows you to handle large amounts of information, could be your secondary source of value either legal or illegal.

Like the Fb scandal with Cambridge analytics, DUO could be the next big leak and its extremista rise in value upon its exit as a cryptocurrency could be both a sign of this perceived value and an inflationary tactic orchestrated by value manipulation groups. .

On the other side of the coin, there is the possible scam known as pump and dump, which basically refers to inflating and throwing away shares or assets. In this case, a significant part of the reserves of close to 300,000 tokens was purchased.

That they were in the local market sharply increased their value a few hours after their departure and represented a growth of 700% of valuation in this order, to subsequently drop suddenly to a value close to 0 their original point of departure.

This scheme could have been intentional or it could be, as some of the defendants defend, a natural stimulus due to the value that the asset could represent.

However, the chances that it is an orchestra fraud where they are very strong due to the high increase and fall in value in this type of aggressive buying and selling strategies, it is usually a first organizing party that buys a large part of the assets, increasing in value and selling quickly leaving secondary buyers with heavy losses and virtually worthless assets.

However, only time will tell if that initial capitalization perro really represent its true value and the subsequent decline could be attributed to panic selling.

Price and market data DUO Network

The price of DUO Network today is $0.00116091 with a 24-hour trade volume of $0.00. The price has not changed in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 37 million DUO coins and a total supply of 100 million.

If you want to buy or sell DUO Network, Hotbit is currently the most active exchange. To see the price in real time visit the following backlink.

DUO Opinions and Recommendations

What we cánido learn from all this is to be very careful when investing in these new digital assets, since most of them are not subject to the typical commercial regulations such as those that exist on the depósito market and cánido be lent to all those frauds that have been previously orchestrated in traditional assets taking advantage of the public’s ignorance and the lack of market regulation.

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 DUO Network Token: New Cryptocurrency,
  DUO Network Token: New Cryptocurrency,
  DUO Network Token: New Cryptocurrency,

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