Dropshipping What it is and how it works,

Dropshipping What it is and how it works,

Dropshipping what is it and how does it work? Dropshipping is the most modern solution within the various branches of Y también-Commerce, safely placing a product in the hands of the customer. This sales system differs subtly from what would be the procedure in traditional markets, which will be explained in more detail below.

What is Dropshipping and what does it consist of?

This innovative sales complex is based on a store that does not include physical products within its depósito. Where the website is only in charge of managing the requests of users and future clients, with billing, creation and administration of databases.

In other words, the Dropshipping is a mediator. When a product is sold, the merchandise is purchased from a third party and it is sent directly to the users. The wholesale suppliers or companies have the task of storing, packaging, moving and shipping the products requested by customers on behalf of the en línea store.

Dropshipping Features

And it should be noted that, within this model, the merchant that offers the products does not have its own inventory. Rather, it is purchased from a supplier as orders are placed, being the wholesaler that offers the product or the manufacturer itself.

It is clear that, by not having physical products, the start in commerce is much easier. All because it does not have pay deposit fees, packing and shipping orders, inventory controls, having to continually request products to fill inventory, etcétera. In conclusion, the whole process dates as follows:

• The Internet usuario makes a request through his shopping cart in the en línea store or blog in question.

• The person in charge of this business, which would be the retailer, immediately segregates all the details of said order and the customer to the supplier for delivery.

• Finally, the agency to whom the order was placed delivers the shipment directly to the customer on behalf of the company or en línea store.

Dropshipping Advantages

As already described, this model is quite attractive for all those entrepreneurs looking to grow and young people looking for an investment for their economic independence. In addition, all you need is a notebook or a fixed computer with an internet connection, this being one of the great Dropshipping advantages.

Less investment expenses

If an equivalence is made between all the benefits that the Dropshipping for users is not having to invest in inventory products in advance for later distribution. As is known, this was completely necessary in any business before starting in order to meet the initial demand for consumption.

Therefore, without having large investments for inventory, it is completely possible to start a successful venture through this business system. Of course, taking into account the breadth of the business.

Greater scope and flexibility in the tarea field

Dropshipping perro be used from anywhere in the world without restrictions, because, as already mentioned, it works through computers with an Internet connection. Well, it is extremely important to maintain easy communication and exchange of ideas with suppliers and customers, in addition to en línea management.

Wide range of products to offer

And that is because the products for sale within the en línea store are not purchased in advance. So that the retailer cánido offer a wide variety of products to customers, yes, with the depósito of the supplier that has these elementos available for sale within the platform.

100% adaptability

Obviously, within any commercial network in the market, as the net percentage of sales increases, the amount of work will also increase. and inside the Dropshipping it requires an immersed and complete support on the part of the suppliers, allowing the scope of various fields with the use of less financial resources and procedures.

It should be noted that those who use this business model have a better development in the area of Y también-commerce. Therefore, it is an excellent option for all wholesalers and managers who distribute merchandise through digital media.

Product list always up to date

Many of the wholesale distributors They include automated and optimized systems to keep the list of products up to date. And thanks to this, all those who work with the Dropshipping system perro intuitively nurture the interfaz of the en línea store. Although in some cases, very few, it is done in an orthodox way.

Say goodbye to annoying logistics management

As a retailer you cánido forget about the tedious business processes through messaging and contact them every time an order request is made. Which becomes the task of dropshipping system.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Within the business world, not everything is rosy. Therefore, whoever is willing to risk cánido always win. Dare to boost your company and business with this system! It is natural to distrust first hand, therefore, in this segment mention will be made of some truths within this business.

Minimum Benefit Estándar

This is true, but half true. The average earnings at the beginning will be minimal due to the extension that the business covers in its foundations. For example, some start working with commission rates, because the retailer buys from supplier and later it is resold at a percentage profit margin.

It should be remembered that this is a fairly competitive market. Everything will depend on what the usuario wants. And, therefore, it will be mandatory to disminuye the profit margin to attract more future customers and take priority of the elementos available in depósito.

There may be inconveniences regarding the content of the depósito

This happens because the retailer does not have full control of the distribution of such products in the wholesaler’s inventory. In Dropshipping, you depend exclusively on the content and articles of third parties, whose changes within your depósito occur daily. There are several ways to synchronize this data, but they are generally not very reliable.

The complexity of each shipment is independent

When delving into Dropshipping, they work with a great variety of providers available, so that the means and senders of the transfer of the product are different in several aspects. Something that will be of great consideration when calculating the shipping costs of the product.

And, in addition, in the event that there are delays or accidents with the transfer of the article, before the client, the person responsible is the Dropshipping company. So, if you work together with more than one supplier, and the customer orders different products from different wholesalers, the delivery may arrive in two parts and at different times.

Sometimes providers perro make mistakes

It cannot be excluded, to err is human. Even until wholesale companies and the product manufacturers with more experience in the market they perro make a mistake when sending an order. Therefore, whoever stands up for them must be the Dropshipping company and apologize, because those mistakes perro cost the good track record.

High competition between products and sectors that offer services

As was well mentioned, within this business model there are an endless number of suppliers that offer the same products at different offers. However, as a good merchant, you have to seek to lead all this competition, applying different strategies that will lead.

Please cover your back. There are many wholesalers who take advantage of the goodwill of Internet users and the same Dropshipping retailers. And even some of them are not found in legal terms, so it is advisable to seek specialized advice on these aspects.

Possible applications of strategies within the market

dropshipping like begin. The use of this type of business is chosen by two types of businessmen. Those more cautious and conservative, where they hire the service to have instruments for sale. And the brave and risky who seek the same service depending on providers, where the investment and control is greater.

Study the market of the entire environment

But before everything is carried out, you must know what type of users look for specific conditions in the products. If you are starting and perro not find where to start, start to investigate in which sectors or elementos to invest. So you perro use the Dropshipping to do a sales test on targeted targets.

The intent of doing this is to apply the system to collect systematic data on which to build theories. And thus treat a complete plan of how to cope with the situation within the market.

It cánido be used to take care of your back in case of large-scale orders

In case you already understand an Y también-commerce business, there may have been situations in which you do not understand the status of the inventory for sure. And by the time the holidays roll around there is the possibility of creating risks of running out of depósito and drifting with customers.

So, when using Dropshipping, you perro have a notion of “security” in case these elementos run out, being saved by a supplier. This way you will be able to invest less in the depósito of the trade and with less worries, being also a coverage in cases like those that happen.

Apply it in case of cumbersome or complicated exports

By running an en línea business and selling with exports to various international territories, some unwanted circumstances may inevitably arise during shipping. First, they cánido be very expensive, so the cost cómputo may be unlikely.

And second, pay the tax rates in the event that the quantity of products requested is in mass. And thanks to Dropshipping, you cánido count on technical and operational support that manages these services safely, and even more economically. So, if you want to expand to these confines, you cánido dare.

The easiest way to distribute “exclusive” products

Now, if we talk about the market, there is a wide variety of products that are somewhat complicated and delicate to handle and move. Those that cánido be packages of heavy cargo, large dimensions, fragile, high monetary value or that require to be in certain conditions around them.

And, old trustworthy, use it as a general poll within the public.

By already having Internet users interested in both the portal and the brand, you have gained a lot of ground. With Dropshipping you cánido count that, instead of invest in the product, you perro see how users respond to them on the web. From there, you cánido start laying the foundation of the company with all the information collected.

Dropshipping Suppliers, Free Companies and Suppliers List


The best known, most reliable and most reputable in the market. These have a lot of relevance of item, device, and product sales en línea for quite a few years now. In addition to having other domains and interactive databases with users.


An Y también-commerce company that has earned its place in terms of the main Dropshipping sites in the world for buying and selling products. This platform has more than 25 years of experience, making them great pioneers in this industry.


This portal is the convergence center of several Chinese companies in which they are based in this type of business. Founded 20 years ago, it has more than 18 subsidiaries available within each of its portals.


It is an Y también-commerce company founded in 2010 that has now become famous for the great diversity of products that they offer on this platform. This Dropshipping ensures that they have more than 100 million users who enjoy their services.


Platform belonging to Alibaba, founded in 2009. It has positioned itself quite well in recent months due to the ground gained internationally.

Free market

An Argentine company that began in 1999. It currently has several of these nationalized platform extensions in South and Central America.

List of Places to Find Products for Dropshipping

  • Oberlo
  • Printful
  • Spocket
  • SaleHoo
  • AliDropship
  • Printify
  • inventory source
  • dropship.me
  • World Wide Brands
  • dropified
  • wholesale2b
  • Wholesale Center
  • Doba
  • Sunrise wholesale
  • Modalyst

Dropshipping How to start this business model?

You perro start in different ways to immerse yourself in the world of Y también-commerce. Do not be fooled and be attentive to everything around you. Next, some recommendations will be given on how to proceed to entrar this type of market and how to function in it.

Meticulously select the products to offer and the market niche

After arduously studying the competition within the business, start with the product that sells best among all Internet users, because if there are many involved, there will be no worthwhile competition. Look for that product that has less demand, but that cánido be exploited to become the most requested.

This is done through market niches. What are they? Nothing more and nothing less than a group of users with afín interests and tastes, being only a segment of everything that the consumer market refers to. If the brand to which it is advertised refers to a general market, it is more likely to be successful there than in a specialized one.

The market niche that you cánido have will cover according to: Usuario ages, genders, costs and income, professions, occupations, races, generations, nationalities, popular classes, currency, among others. Which are directly influential in purchasing habits.

Find a trusted provider

You must realize that the wholesale supplier you are going to trust is reliable. This should provide you with all the necessary information on products and open to communication processes in case of incidents. However, he investigates about it on his own.

So, when talking about Dropshipping management you should take into account the following:

• Provider location: If it is from the same territory, you save yourself many cumbersome procedures.

• The parcel service: Of course, do not include your own name or trademark, but that of the en línea store.

• And the management of package transfers: If these include billing and if in case of returns they are in charge of it.

Clear accounts keep friendships, calculate the cómputo with Dropshipping

It is not only about optimizing the prices of the products and articles within the portal and thus increasing the percentages of possible profits that perro be obtained from it. Rather, to negotiate as far as possible the delivery time of the products to the users. With the information provided, think carefully if it is really worth investing in it.

Vea and be attentive to every detail of the clauses

You are aware of legal liability and warranty in the case of dreaded returns. Not only does it remain on the part of the wholesaler, but also the person in charge of the order distribution (Dropshipping) assuming this commitment. Therefore, it is very important to determine if the expenses and compensation they will stay with them.

Do a profit research

Some providers are more maleable than others, either in the payment methods wave financing within the platform. All with the purpose of obtaining an advantage when beginning the development in the market. Of course, the intention is to sell and make it completely profitable, which is not easy at all.

Turn SEO into a helping hand for the Dropshipping business

At first it is difficult to position an en línea store well, because all other stores will have the same descriptions on their products. So, this leads to duplicate content. If you have knowledge in reference to the SEOit will be much easier to stand out from the rest of the portals and, therefore, sell.

You are sure of your investment in En línea Marketing

Please, if you are not sure that you perro invest in what Y también-commerce would be, don’t do it. If they don’t dare to invest, they perro’t win. So, no matter how many intentions to gain ground on the web without having it, sales will not be able to increase.

Your client must be satisfied, be aware of it

The customer is always right, and in the Dropshipping this is essential. Once the usuario has received the package from her, contact him and ask how the result was. In this way you will provide greater confidence and reliably demarcate the seal of your company with positive characteristics.

Where and how to create a Dropshipping store

Now, it cánido be said that we are entering the final stretch. you cánido create your On-line shop from popular networks, such as the Fb catalogue, or failing that, weblogs that highlight the company. Immediately you will be able to see how to entrar this world. Through the creation of a blog and affiliate market niches.

Platforms for Dropshipping

First, you must create this theme with WordPress, Shopify, Magento or whatever kind of platform you want. After that, the information is key about the type of product to offer.

Later, buying guides will be built to help consumers make the decision to buy or not a certain type of article, as well as the recommendation to buy good products afín to them. Whose request is sent to an Y también-commerce, for example, Alibaba, and all users who sell will receive commissions.

This traffic comes mostly from the most habitual and habitual web browser, Google plus. In other words, it consists of organic traffic, which Google plus sends to your website for free.

How to choose a dropshipping provider correctly?

It must be taken into account that when you start working on this system you are in an alliance with another company. Here, the provider you have chosen has control over key areas in the sales process, so it is important to choose carefully and not go with the first wholesale Dropshipping provider that comes along.

Investigate by all means, that includes the Google plus browser

Use whatever tool you find working for you. Among those are web browsers. Or, in the case of a more professional and complete version of yahoo, Quorum. There you will find a great diversity of manufacturers and users who offer their products for sale.

Search opportunity directories

There are also centers specializing in the collection of supplier data. But as it was well mentioned before, do not go suddenly with the first options that pass in front of your nose. Look for both positive and negative reviews of that interested party, in other words, his track record and reputation.

After doing an arduous study, choose the one that best suits you.

In short, the best provider is the one that perro meet all the needs and places the service of the en línea store as a priority. A good supplier for dropshipping It is the one who has with all his efforts a cómputo of equitable profits between both parties.

Have a good conversation with suppliers who inspire a good reputation

After moving on to the preliminaries regarding the selection, have a good conversation. The way you express yourself and talk about your product leaves a lot to say in terms of impressions, of course, all being previously investigated in parallel.

Look for wholesalers, not intermediaries

Many times you tend to make these kinds of mistakes. However, they must meticulously look at who you are addressing, whether with the circus owners, or with the clowns. Remember that this perro save a lot of investment costs.

Prioritize those with whom they have customer service

If the manufacturer or wholesaler understands with specialized attention, there it is. That espectáculos the amount of professionalism that the company and its services understand. That they not only focus on sales, but on the quality and experiences that distributors and users who immerse themselves in this market with their products are at stake.

Place on a scale the alternatives and benefits offered by the supplier for Dropshipping. Think about what is really a priority for the growth of your company. It should be noted that not all the benefits mentioned perro always be obtained. But, that’s not to say that one doesn’t make them more productive than others.

The quality and brand of the product they offer also matters

And, last but not least, identify what kind of item they are offering you within the depósito. It is not going to happen that they put a cat in a poke, which is the least desired. Because let’s see, it is better to invest in an already registered brand, than in one of dubious precedence.

The best countries for dropshipping

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. UK
  6. Spain
  7. German
  8. Austria
  9. Portugal
  10. Spain
  11. Italy
  12. Norway
  13. UAE

Dropshipping is worth it

Many people begin to dropshipping from scratch and they do well, because they study everything they need to know before starting, they also have capital to invest, while other people do not do so well so they have a bad dropshipping experiencebut it is treated like any business, if you do things right you will certainly do well in this business model, and believe me it is worth it.

Dropshipping Reviews

Is dropshipping profitable? I think that although many people say that the market for dropshipping is saturatedI think not, what I do believe is that there are products that are saturated in the market because there are thousands of people doing the same.

But I think there are also thousands of products that you cánido market and that few or almost no people are selling. It’s just a matter of looking for a good product to market.

Many people are limited by their geographic location, but it doesn’t matter if you’re from México, Chili, Colombia, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil, bolivian, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, United States, India, Indonesia, Austria, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Germany, or another country, to carry out this type of dropshipping business there are no geographical limitations.

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 Dropshipping What it is and how it works,
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