Download Duolingo for PC

Download Duolingo for PC

When the Duolingo aplicación was first released, many people thought that they didn’t have many ways to use this program to learn English or any other language on our computer. However, today you will learn how to download Duolingo free for PC.

If you are passionate about courses through applications or interactive platforms that you use from your PC, the best thing you cánido do is download the Duolingo aplicación for PC and learn a new language. Watch the vídeo if you have Windows 10 or follow the instructions below.

Download Duolingo Free for PC

Although many did not know it, Duolingo is also a Windows application that many access through their home computer. That’s why we’re going to espectáculo you how to download duolingo for windows:

duolingo for computador download

Having Duolingo for the computer is very easy (and the best thing is that you perro use Duolingo for PC without internet), you just have to follow the following steps:

. Step 1: Access the Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Once you are on the Windows 10 desktop, go to the taskbar At the bottom of the screen, there you will find on the left, a search bar, and proceed to “MicrosoftStore”at that moment the search box will espectáculo you the application and you proceed to clic Open.

Place the word Microsoft Store to open the Microsoft store

. Step 2: Find Duolingo in the Microsoft Store

Good, now you will see the Microsoft Store interfaz on your desktop. head to the search bar that is at the top right and immediately entrar “Duolingo”the option of the application you are looking for appears and you continue clicking on it.

Duolingo for computer

Step 3: Install Duolingo on your computer

Then press the button “Obtain” to make it available, and then press the button “Install” so you cánido download the aplicación on your PC.

how to download duolingo for ordenador

Step 4: Wait for the Duolingo for PC application to download

Wait for the aplicación to finish downloading, which is pretty quick, and when the installation is done, just press the start button.

download duolingo for ordenador free windows 10

Duolingo PC Windows 8

The web is available for all versions of Windows, be it Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows XP. If you like Duolingo for Windowsbelieve me it is worth everyone and it is very easy to complete the level challenges with only 5 minutes a day to progress.

One option to consider is to download Duolingo for tabletas or consult the official Dives website.

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 Download Duolingo for PC
  Download Duolingo for PC
  Download Duolingo for PC

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