Dollar today in Cúcuta

Dollar today in Cúcuta

He dollar today It is currently due to the influx of Venezuelans who go to Colombia to buy basic necessities, there are also many who consult the price of the dollar today in Cucutaand how the currency exchange is made, on our page, we publish referring to the value of the dollar today according to the average of the exchange houses in the city.

Historic Parallel Dollar in Venezuela

We keep you informed about the Rate of dollar price in Venezuela according to the graph of Free dollar in Venezuela.

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Bolívar Price in Cucuta Today

At the border, the demand for foreign currencies as it is the American Dollar in recent years it has been growing as much as in cash or transfer, so that these were used as a reference indicator to the Dollar in the center of Cúcuta

This has made it so that there are many businesses dedicated to buying and selling foreign currency on the border, which is done with Bolivar Today and Pesos, in this way innumerable Colombian-Venezuelan companies have emerged that have managed to establish in the center of the city and on the border with Venezuela, a financial center for all types of markets in Cúcuta.

Bolívar Today in Cúcuta

How do they equipo the dollar price today in Cúcuta?

The valuation process of the Dollar today in Cúcuta in the North Santander borderr is fácil:

A telephone call is made to the exchange houses located in the city ​​centerand others found inThe stop Villa del Rosarioand then the money changers are asked for the purchase and sale price of the currencies, and the price or value of the currency is averaged. Dollar in Cúcuta.

The value of Dollar at the Border it always has a higher cost compared to the dollar in the center of Cúcuta, this is because in Villa del Rosario it is the closest to the customs office of San Antonio del Tachira border with Venezuela, and the demand is greater than in the center of the city, which the money changers take advantage of to always offer foreigners below the real price.

How the Exchange Houses in Cúcuta work

We will talk about a house or limited companies that regularly and professionally carry out purchase-sale operations in exchange of currencies including those that are carried out through transfers or transmission of funds with the public within the national territory.

These are authorized by the DIAN – Directorate of National Taxes and Customs regulated in their operation, with currencies two exchange rates are usually quoted depending on whether it is a purchase or a sale.

Remember that the exchange rate of the currency of a country is express as the price of a unit of foreign currency in terms of the national currency

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Bolivar price today in Cucuta

In FromTodoProcedures we publish the price in USD “US dollar” according to the rate of indicators used for changes in Venezuela, with the State Companies recently created by the Government called: DIPRO, DICOM, SIMADI who publishes the BCV

Price of the Cúcuta dollar today with bolivars in cash and transfer

Dollar in Cúcuta today – Dollar Cúcuta

Purchase – Cash Sale – Y también Currency
230,800 BsS 270,500 BsS Bolivares
Purchase – Transfer Sale – T Currency
250,000 BsS 265.0000BsS Bolivares

Bolivar Cucuta Today Price

Cúcuta dollar price today Colombian pesos

Purchase Cash Sale Y también Currency
3450 3520 Pesos
Purchase Transfer Sale T Currency
4100 4050 Pesos

How to earn money with the Cúcuta dollar?

There are several ways to invest your money, the most common is buy low and sell high if I imagine that tomorrow the dollar will become more expensive then I will buy cucuta bolivar price for tomorrow to sell more expensive.

Let’s remember that the exchange house buys cheap and they sell them expensivein this way the exchange houses obtain profits through the difference between the purchase and sale price.

Examples of Buying and Selling

So what an exchange house does is buy low and sell high.

Let’s see an example of a dollar rate exchange window with fixed dollar prices for the day.

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Change cucuta today

Following the example, let’s imagine that I need buy 100 dollars I have to deliver the amount of Bolivares 20,500 by dollarr then what you would do is multiply 20,500 x 100 and the total to pay would be: 2,050,000 Bs.

Purchase (20,500 Bs) fixed purchase rate (When you purchased)
Sale (21,200 Bs) fixed sales rate (To sell at a profit)

dollar today cucuta – Price of the dollar in Cúcuta

The following is Subsequently sell at a price equipo by the exchanger higher than the one you bought and sell at 81,200 bs per dollar

In this example, the profit of the exchange house is 700 Bs per dollar and the total earnings based on the $100 purchase Dolores is from 70,000 Bs of earnings that’s an excellent margin for a single transaction.

Family remittances

Family remittances handle exchange operations, in amounts of currency sent by millions of Venezuelans residents abroad or residents in the territory Colombian nationalexchange rate that is used the same as in retail market operations

Carry out operations with currencies in small amounts, examples with tourists who move daily in the city to exchange their foreign currency for local currency, be it Colombian pesos or American Dolores.

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 Dollar today in Cúcuta
  Dollar today in Cúcuta
  Dollar today in Cúcuta

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