Dogechain | Reliable and reliable DOGECOIN wallet

Dogechain | Reliable and reliable DOGECOIN wallet

Dogechain It is a totally recommended wallet for save, send and receive dogecoin. The doge is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies and one of the ones I have talked about the most on the blog. However, it is not easy to find a secure wallet in which to store our earnings in this cryptocurrency. In the case of bitcoin, for example, there are platforms such as coinbase, which in addition to supporting BTC itself, supports other cryptocurrencies. Including dogecoin. However, we cánido also use Dogechain, which only supports dogecoin. If you are looking for a wallet that is reliable to store your doges, I invite you to see how dogechain worksfor me the best dogecoin wallet together with the aforementioned Coinbase.

What is Dogechain?

Dogechain it is basically a completely free and secure dogecoin wallet. When I say it’s free, it’s easy to check. Just register and create a wallet, which costs nothing. But today, security, and more as far as money on the Internet is concerned, cánido represent a serious problem for us. In this sense, I would like to explain, before seeing the complete tutorial, the reasons why I consider Dogechain to be the most recommended dogecoin wallet.

» The main virtue of Dogechain is that it is free. The only thing a usuario needs to create a doge wallet is provide an dirección de correo electrónico. Nothing else.

» At the security level, it is important to mention that when we access Dogechain, our browser encrypts the archivos we use. so just cánido be decrypted by having the password access to the wallet.

» These encrypted archivos are stored in the cloud, so not even Dogechain cánido decrypt them.

» The commissions applied by Dogechain they are always 1 doge. It’s about how much doge it is. Among others, one of the reasons why I like the dogecoin cryptocurrency so much is precisely this. Whether we send 100 doges or send 20,000, the commission that Dogechain will apply will always be 1 doge.

Open wallet on Dogechain

Creating a dogecoin wallet on Dogechain is very fácil and fast. The first thing we will do is visit their website and clic on Dogecoin Wallet. If you want, you cánido directly access that section of by clicking on the button below. Next we will see three blocks. In the first we cánido create our account. From the second, it will be from where we will access each time we want to see our en línea dogecoin wallet. And the third, is in case we want to dump all the information in a paper wallet (paper wallet).

Create DOGE wallet

To continue with the registration, clic on “Create Wallet”. We provide an correo electrónico address and password. The password, the stronger the better. We have seen before that when accessing our wallet the data is encrypted. The only way someone cánido steal from us is if they know the password to access the wallet. Until that happens, our funds they will be 100% insured. Hence, he insists on the importance of adding uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, signs, etcétera. As soon as we fill in the three fields, we clic on “Create Wallet”.

Immediately afterwards we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico and within its content we will find the Wallet ID. From now on, to access the en línea doge wallet, we will do it as follows. We will go back to the cover and look at the second block. The one who says «Exciting Wallet». We clic on “Log in” and, in the Wallet ID box, we paste the series of numbers and letters that have been sent to us by dirección de correo electrónico. With scripts included. We write down our password and finally, we access by clicking on “Log in”.

on Dogechain we will not have to synchronize the chain of blocks. They take care of everything using their own APIs.

How Dogechain works

Within Dogechain we already see that the design it is quite fácil and intuitive. Two factors that always make things much easier when carrying out any procedure. Either to send or to receive doges. At the top stands out the menu with five sections. And in the central part we perro see a general history with all transactions and movements that have occurred in our doge wallet.

Best menu

The Dogechain top menu is divided into five sections:

My Wallet » main screen or Dashboard. From here we will see the most relevant data of our account at a single glance.

transactions » Extract of all the transactions that have been made from our doge wallet. Both in which we have received dogecoin and in which we have sent.

Send » To send doges to another wallet.

Receive » List with the addresses of our dogecoin wallet.

Import/Export » Options for advanced users. From here we perro export or import data from other wallets that we have.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

What is the address of my dogecoin wallet?

We will use the Dogechain wallet mainly to receive profits in this cryptocurrency. Whether it is to receive a payment from a faucet, from a PTC, from a microwallet, from an exchanger… For this, we will need know what the address of the dogecoin wallet. In this way, when we want to receive doges, we only need to provide the address of our wallet to the person who is going to send them to us.

Important not to confuse the dogecoin wallet address with the Wallet ID. Remember that the Wallet ID is only used to access Dogechain.

We have two ways to know what is the address of our doge wallet in Dogechain. One is to go to “Receive” and copy the address that appears there. However, the fastest and most common way is the one I espectáculo below.

This is a screenshot (edited) of the section “My Wallet”, from my doge wallet on Dogechain. The followed by numbers and letters is the address of my doge wallet. When I want to collect from a faucet or someone has to send me doges, I provide them with that address and I receive them without any problem on Dogechain.

A dogecoin wallet only has one address assigned. To change address, you have to create a new doge wallet.

How to send and receive DOGECOIN on Dogechain

In Dogechain we cánido perform two actions with the doges of our wallet. Receive and save them, or choose to send them elsewhere.

Send Dogecoin

we cánido send dogecoin from our wallet to any other. It is possible that if you use ptc and faucets, which are sites with which we perro get free cryptocurrency, you have never had to send a shipment of doges. However, if at any time you want to transfer your doges to dollars, euros or any other cryptocurrency, you will have to move them from Dogechain. Let’s see how we cánido send dogecoin from Dogechain to another doge wallet.

When we access the section of «Send»which will be from where we will proceed with the shipment of doges, an image afín to this appears:

To send doges to another wallet we will follow three fácil steps:

1. in «Destination» we will hit dogecoin wallet address of the recipient. He himself will give it to us so that we perro send him the cryptocurrencies.

2. Next we write the amount of doge that we are going to send. Since the fee applied by the doge network is 1 dogecoin for each shipment we make, we will have to add that commission to the total amount that will be subtracted from the cómputo. If we want the recipient to receive a fair 500 dogecoin, in “amount” we will have to write 500. But from our total cómputo, 501 doge will be subtracted. The 500 of the shipment agregado 1 dogecoin of the commission that the miners apply.

3. Third and last we will clic on “Send Money”. The shipment of doges will be processed and after a few seconds the recipient will have them available in their wallet.

Receive Dogecoin

Now we are going to carry out the process in reverse, that of receive dogecoin on Dogechain. In the same way that to send dogecoin we need the address of the recipient’s wallet, here the recipient is us, so that to receive dogecoin we will have to provide the address of our wallet to the sender.

If we want to receive a payment from a faucet, for example, it is really fácil. It is very likely that we have provided the address of our dogecoin wallet when registering in the same. But if not, nothing happens. Now we have a doge wallet and its associated address, so we perro now collect from any faucet, microwallet or game. All you have to do is give them the address and ask them to pay us!

In the following image capture you perro see the format in which they espectáculo us transactions in Dogechain history. The first, in green, is a payment I received from a faucet. And the red one is a shipment of doges that I made to another of my purses. In that case, they charged me 2,201 doges and 2,200 arrived clean in the other purse.

Dogechain Main Features

We already know how our dogecoin wallet works, so it is time to do the corresponding analysis on Dogechain. Here are the details that seem most important to me:

✅ As I have repeated several times throughout the tutorial, the security system used by Dogechin it is his great bulwark. It is no longer about the number of doges each one has in their dogecoin wallet. And I orinan this in the strictest sense that it doesn’t matter if there are many or few. Security is basic, no matter how little we have, and it is convenient to have our cryptocurrencies as protected as possible.

✅ From the “Home” of Dogechain we cánido access the bowels of the doge network. There we will see the last blocks discovered, which miner has discovered them, the difficulty, the updated price of 1 doge in satoshis, the last doge transactions that have occurred, etcétera. If you are interested in knowing how Dogecoin works, this is a good starting point to learn the main features of this cryptocurrency.

✅ It is known that the dogecoin network applies a commission of 1 doge for each transaction. Assuming that this data has not changed in years (at least that I remember) “moving” dogecoins is very cheap. And even more if we compare it with the cost that the bitcoin network applies to us, without going any further. In this sense, Dogechain does not apply additional commissions. As the fees for each transaction are assumed by the sender, we will only be charged that amount of commission when we send dogecoin to another wallet.

Dogechain Wallet Reviews

Having a secure wallet is of escencial importance if we want to have our cryptocurrencies well protected. As far as Dogechain is concerned, it perfectly meets expectations. In the first place, it is essential that you have some really safe security measures. Without a doubt, for me, an essential aspecto. Secondly, it allows us to receive and save doge that we get on websites that pay for Doge. And finally, we perro dispose of our funds at any time. Anytime. If we want, we cánido send dogecoin to someone else and they will arrive in a matter of seconds to your doge purse.

I recommend reading the comments of this article to know all the updated opinions about Dogechain.

Anyway, this is all I wanted to explain about Dogechain. In general, we tend to talk more about pages with which earn free bitcoinalthough there are also many others with which you perro get dogecoin without investing. And as a consequence, of the purses that there are to store this cryptocurrency. This often causes us to stop explaining things about other cryptocurrencies. And as a consequence, also the wallets that support these cryptocurrencies and that we cánido use to store them. Today, at least, with this Dogechain tutorial, this minor issue regarding the doge is corrected. Until next time!


Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Dogechain |  Reliable and reliable DOGECOIN wallet
  Dogechain |  Reliable and reliable DOGECOIN wallet
  Dogechain |  Reliable and reliable DOGECOIN wallet

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