Does UPS sell or collect money orders?

Does UPS sell or collect money orders?

UPS does not sell or collect money orders.

Although UPS offers domestic and international shipping solutions for individuals and businesses, it does not offer money services at its UPS stores.

For more details, see below.

UPS Money Order Policy

UPS does not sell or collect money orders, corporate customer service representatives said.

We have contacted UPS stores in Alaska, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nevada and Washington to confirm this information.

Where to find money orders

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A money order in the United States is a document issued by the United States Postal Service that serves as a prepaid means of payment for sending money to another person or company.

Other UPS Store Services

Although UPS does not offer any money services en línea or in its stores, the following services are available at your local UPS store:

  • Services for companies: Including copy, fax and scan
  • Mailboxes: UPS Store mailboxes have a mailing address and perro accept packages.
  • Mailing Supplies and Shipping: You perro buy do-it-yourself supplies or have the store paquete your elementos for domestic, international, or freight shipping.
  • Notary services: Be sure to bring your completed documents and a valid photo ID.
  • Passport and ID photos
  • Printing: Access a full range of printing services, from business cards to banners.
  • Trituration: The UPS store works with Iron Mountain to accept small or large amounts of paper for shredding.

To end

In summary, UPS does not sell or correo money orders in its stores.

However, you cánido access other money order options and financial services through third-party providers.

Be sure to check the provider’s policies and fees before making any transactions.

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 Does UPS sell or collect money orders?
  Does UPS sell or collect money orders?
  Does UPS sell or collect money orders?

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