Does Shrtfly Shortener Pay or is it Scam? true or

Does Shrtfly Shortener Pay or is it Scam? true or

Shrtfly shortener pays or is scam – True or false. This is the new shortener that pays the most shrtflyits payment rate is very high up to $21 dollars per thousand visits, we are going to know a little more about this shortener that brings us many new features.

What is Shrtfly and how does it work?

Shrtfly is a new url shortener that allows us to earn money for each person who visits our shortened url by clicking on it.

How to earn money with Shrtfly?

Gain It is extremely easy, we just head towards the shrtfly official pagewe we register or we register in it and we begin to shorten our url, once this is done the next step is to start sharing the shortened backlinks.

Does Shrtfly pay or is it a scam?

Although there are few proof of payment on the internet, I perro tell you that Shrtfly is not a scam (but possibly it is) and at the moment it is paying, even though its payout rate is very high unlike other shorteners this perro be a bit suspicious.

But in my research I could see that there are users in Youtube who have uploaded their Shrtfly proof of paymentmaybe they are not so accurate with that of the payment per thousand visits but I think it is worth trying.

And the truth is that it is not common for the pay rate for the main countries it is very high, we are talking about this $21 dollars for every 1,000 visits when in other pages it is only $2 dollars, but as long as you are paying I recommend using it but be careful.

Shrtfly minimum charge

Something that we may like a lot is the Shrtfly minimum payoutthis will vary depending on the payment processor, but the minimum amount to charge is $10 dollars if it is for PayPal.

Shrtfly payment methods

let’s go to some characteristics and different payment methods that we have available to collect the money earned in Shrtfly and what is the minimum withdrawal amount for each of them.

  • PayPal: Minimum $10 USD – Not available for India
  • Wire transfer: $20 USD – Only for India
  • Payoneer: $100 USD (Only for VIP users)
  • Payza: minimum $20 USD
  • PayTM: $10 USD
  • Skrill: $50 USD
  • UPI: $10 USD

Shrtfly referral system

The commissions that Shrtfly pays are also high, you are currently paying for the referrals a 30% commission, meaning that if a person generates $100 dollars we will earn $30 dollars, something extremely despiadado compared to other shorteners that only give you 5%, 10% and 20%.

Opinions about Shrtfly

When I registered in Shrtfly I saw everything habitual on the platform, but I noticed something that caught my attention, and it was when I shortened a backlink to see what type of advertising it is presenting, if it was annoying advertising or not, but I saw something little usual in a shortener.

It turns out that when I clic on the backlink generated by Shrtfly it sends me to a blog session on a web page with advertisements for google plus adsensethere I have to wait 15 seconds, then it sends me to the advertising of the official Shrtfly page where I have to wait 5 seconds.

After waiting those 5 seconds, then it sends me to my final destination, personally this seems suspicious and I don’t think this shortener cánido be trusted, for me Shrtfly is a fraud and sooner or later it will end up being a scam.

In the vídeo tutorial that I will leave you below, you will see for yourself what I orinan, comment and leave your opinion, tell us what you think about this shortener.

Shrtfly Vídeo Tutorial

Sign up here.

Shrtfly Alternative

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 Does Shrtfly Shortener Pay or is it Scam?  true or
  Does Shrtfly Shortener Pay or is it Scam?  true or
  Does Shrtfly Shortener Pay or is it Scam?  true or

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