Does Paidlikes Pay or is it Scam? Earn money with

Does Paidlikes Pay or is it Scam? Earn money with

did you know you cánido earn money with your popular networksThat’s right, Paidlikes is a platform that pays to use our popular networks to follow and like popular network profiles, it is an alternative to generate income quickly and easily.

Today there are many platforms with this same theme of generating income with our popular networks, so we must understand that this business model is real and it is enough to have several accounts created for this purpose.

What is paidlikes and how does it work?

Paidlikes is a company with which we are going to earn money with our popular media profiles such as: Fb, Instagram and YouTube. Businesses and advertisers want to gain more entusiastas and followers on their pages, that’s where this company comes in.

When we register on the platform, we perro make money with paid likes clicking on “I like it”, “Continue” either “To subscribe”.

For each like, follow or subscription we will earn 1 to 3 points, one point equals 2 cents, that is, we cánido earn between 2 and 6 cents per clic. Once we have accumulated 250 points which is equivalent to 5 euros, then we cánido withdraw our money through PayPal within 24 hours.

Would you like to earn money with likes, followers and subscriptions? So Sign up in Paidlikes and start generating your first income today.

Paidlike Details

  • Assessment: Good
  • payment methodsor: PayPal and Bank Transfer
  • minimum payment: 5 euros
  • referral system: Yes, you earn 10% of your referrals
  • Languages: German
  • accepted countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How to make money with Paidlikes

In addition to earning money with your popular profiles, as we have seen before, you cánido also earn money with Paidlikes by filling out surveys, every time there is a survey available we cánido take it and earn something plus with this platform.

Paidlikes also has a referral system, so if we invite many people we will earn money with our referral backlink, the platform pays 10% of our referrals. We are also going to win a small plus for our first withdrawal up to the fifth, which sounds great.

Paidlikes pay, proof of payment

From a credit of 250 points (5 euros) you perro have your credit credited to your account PayPal or bank. We will process your payment and send it to you within 24 hours. We verify your first payment, so it cánido take up to 48 hours the first time.

After our approval, PayPal transactions only need a few minutes before payment is received. Please be aware of the fees that may apply to a PayPal transaction. Payments vía PayPal are also sent on weekends.

Bank transfer payments take 1-2 business days to receive payment and are free. Transfers are sent Monday through Friday. On weekends and holidays, shipments only start the next business day.

At the moment Paidlikes pay and it’s not a scam, despite the fact that there is little information in Spanish since the platform is only available Germany, Austria and Swissbut we perro work with it using a VPN or virtual machine.

Paidlikes Opinions and suggestions

As I mentioned before, this company is not available for all countries, only for Germany, Austria and Switzerland but we cánido work it using a VPN or a virtual machine. The popular network profiles that we are going to use have to be true, so I recommend creating a profile preferably from one of those three countries.

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 Does Paidlikes Pay or is it Scam?  Earn money with
  Does Paidlikes Pay or is it Scam?  Earn money with
  Does Paidlikes Pay or is it Scam?  Earn money with

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