Does Pay or is it Scam? Big fraud

Does Pay or is it Scam? Big fraud

Does Moneyaq pay or is it a scam? Earning money watching vídeo is one of the ways to generate income en línea, you cánido get a few dollars without a problem, the detail is that you have to be very careful with some platforms. What is it and how does it work?

Moneyaq is a platform where you perro earn money by watching vídeos en línea from your computer or cell phone, registration is super easy, you cánido do it by visiting the Moneyaq official websiteentrar the data requested and that’s it, you cánido start working.

How much money perro you earn on

As they themselves establish on their website, the cost of a minute of promotional vídeo goes from $0.50 cents onwards, so in 1 hour of work you cánido earn up to $30 dollars, and if you work at least 3 hours a day every you’ll earn about $90 a day and about $2,700 a month, which is too good to be true.

In addition, you perro increase these earnings by referring other people since the platform has a referral system, which allows you to earn 40% of your referrals. payment method and minimum withdrawal

One of the good things that the platform presents, which makes it super attractive to users, is that the minimum withdrawal is just $200 dollars, which is very easy to achieve based on the fact that there are vídeos of up to $18 dollars, so Which to reach that amount will not be a problem.

You perro withdraw the money earned by PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union and Bank Transfer.

So far I have not seen vouchers neither moneyaq proof of paymentif any of you have charged on this platform let us know in the comments.

Does Pay or is it Scam?

I prepare this article with the best intention, the purpose is not to attack anyone or speak ill of any platform, I try to base myself on the facts and the opinions and experience of other users and mine of course, but everything indicates that is a scam for logical reasons.

The high commissions give it away, all of us who are dedicated to earning money en línea know that no platform, not even starting, will pay high commissions for watching vídeos of up to $18 dollars just for watching a vídeo, nor does YouTube pay so much that it is the mother of all.

Vídeo about (My Opinion and Suggestion

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 Does Pay or is it Scam?  Big fraud
  Does Pay or is it Scam?  Big fraud
  Does Pay or is it Scam?  Big fraud

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