Does IQ Option PAY? This is what happened to me

Does IQ Option PAY? This is what happened to me

I remember that when I began to be interested in this invest in binary options, I had certain doubts and some mistrust as to what would happen to my money.

A friend who had tried to learn to invest told me that his experience was very bad, since the platform with which he was investing he kept all his money, despite the fact that he had made a profit from his operations.

Some time later, he found out that said broker had closed his website because it was a scam.

To avoid this, I began to investigate on the internet.

For me, a good broker that is reliable must have 5 important things:

  • A minimum deposit low
  • That pay fast
  • That this regulated by CySec (the Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • that does not have hidden commissions
  • And that perro generate me dollar earnings

That’s how I found a broker that met those 5 requirements that I wanted: IQ Option.

This broker has a very low minimum deposit (with only $10 you perro start investing), is regulated and does not charge commissions.

The opinions of many users were good and I did not manage to find any negative reviews of it.

I was testing their platform with the demo account they offer and everything seemed great.

However, I had to check for myself if this broker It would not give me any problem to withdraw my money and that the same thing that happened to my friend would not happen to me.

After all, you don’t know what will happen to your money by depositing it on a web page that you trust even if it is a serious company.

Anyone cánido create a professional website and articulo fake reviews to get some people to deposit money.

Unfortunately, we are not free from this kind of scams by Internet.

That’s why I’m going to tell you here the whole truth about IQ Option, if they really pay and how was my investment experience with them.

What will you find in this article?

As do they work binary options?

For start investing in binary options, You must choose a financial asset, analyze its behavior in the market and determine if, in a certain period of time, its price will increase or decrease.

Getting started in the world of binary options is a relatively fácil process.

You do not need to have knowledge of the subject, but yes it is recommended to have basic notions.

In case you don’t have any iniciativa or experience with this market, some broker platforms like IQ Option, they give you quick concepts to learn from scratch.

First of all, you must choose the broker of your choice.

This is the intermediary with which you will be able to carry out the operations you want with the money you escoge to invest.

Now, to make a trade with binary options, you must take into account various factors. Choose an asset you want to invest in it is the first one.

Then you must deposit the minimum money that your broker requires, the amounts vary from $10 to $200. With IQ Option you cánido start trading with as little as $10. Without risking a lot of money!

you have to pick a period of time in which the price of the asset will change, It cánido be from a minimum of 60 seconds to a month.

Continuing with the theme, you should study the trend of the asset.

That is, you will see a real-time chart that moves up and down as the price of the asset increases or decreases.

All assets have a trend, sometimes bullish, other times bearish.

You must analyze it to make a good decision, you perro support yourself with the tools that the broker provides.

Seek to know the price trend to disminuye your margin of fallo.

Now, with all this data, entrar the amount you plan to invest.

If the operation is successful, you earn the money you invested agregado an plus dividendwhich ranges from 30% to 95% of the investment value.

This profit percentage varies according to the asset, you cánido see it before choosing the financial asset you want.

This is the great advantage of binary options, which you perro know what the profit of each operation will be From the beginning.

For example, you entrar the platform of your broker and you choose to invest in the Gold financial asset, which offers an 88% return.

You see that the trend is up on the 60-second timeframe, and since every trend breaks at a moment, you bet $1 down.

If you win, you’ll get your dollar back agregado about $0.88 in profit.

What would it be 88% return on investment.

Many say that following “instinct” as a strategy in these operations is a good alternative.

But it’s not always like this.

You should take advantage of the tools they offer you to study the market and improve your operations with them.

With IQ Option, you only have to deposit the minimum amount of money (which it’s only $10), You entrar the investment platform and you will notice that a box immediately pops up with a default asset trend graph.

You search in its list (located on the left), the financial asset that most attracts you or that you have studied, and you make an operation of minimum $1, either up or down.

That’s all.

If you have experience with en línea trading, you have the options of “Indicators” in the bottom to improve the accuracy of your analysis.

At the same time, IQ Option offers a totally free demo account upon registration, which gives you a virtual $10,000 to test by investing in its platform.

It is the perfect way to learn to trade.

That assets cánido you find on IQ Option?

IQ Option has more than 200 assets among which you cánido choose to start investing.

They are divided into different groups that I will explain below:


IQ Option offers 133 shares from companies around the world that are listed on the depósito market.

You cánido find tons of options, such as General Motors depósito, Twitter, Fb, Apple, etcétera.

In these assets you cánido invest with CFD’s, which are contracts for difference.

This investment method allows you to trade with the movement of the share price, without having to buy the chosen asset.

Thanks to this, you perro speculate on the price of the asset no matter if it goes up or down.

When you trade CFDs, you cánido hold your position for the long term.

If you escoge invest in binary optionsyou cánido also choose to trade various stocks using this investment method.

As long as the market is open, you cánido trade binary options in the different actions that IQ Option offers.

Foreign exchange

It’s about the currency pairs that we perro find in the Forex market.

IQ Option trades in this section with 45 different types of currency pairs.

In this type of operations you perro know the value of one currency with respect to the other.

And at the moment of making your movement, you would be investing to see if one of the currencies will cost more or less than its respective pair.

This It is one of the markets that investors use the most.

And just like stocks, you cánido trade CFDs and binary options.


IQ Option has 12 different types of cryptocurrencies ready to trade, among which is the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin and many more.

It’s a very volatile market, so the short trades work great here.

However, the opposite cánido happen, so it is recommended to be very careful.

You perro trade in this market through CFDsin the options section we will not find cryptocurrencies available given their high volatility.

Simply, you place the amount of money you want to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice, choose whether to trade upwards or downwards, and you escoge when to close your operation.

Raw Materials

Although in the IQ Option investment platform we see the raw materials section, we only have available Gold and Silver assets for now.

When investing in these types of assets, you should know that due to the global economy, exports and imports of raw materials are constantbut in the same way they perro be interrupted unexpectedly.

This market is very volatile, Therefore, caution is recommended when investing.

In these assets you perro trade CFDs and binary options.

As you cánido see, each of the sections contains a different type of asset.

And that It’s something you should take advantage of. Since each type of asset has a different trend and volatility in the markets, knowing them is important for you as an investor.

For example, the volatility of Bitcoin will not be the same that owns Ethereum, even though they are part of the same asset block.

This is due to different factors such as the confidence of the asset holder, supply and demand, changes in their means of collection.

And if we compare a currency pair with shares of a company, they also differ in volatility and trend.

The best you could do is pool a small number of assets (with which you feel more comfortable) and study them so that you perro know their behavior to operate properly in them.

The big difference between trade CFDs and binary optionsis that with binary options, you perro see what will be the profitability that each asset will give you and you must determine how long the price will move in the direction you indicate.

With CFDs, you only have to select the amount you want to invest and your profit will depend on how much the price has increased or decreased of the asset upon closing the transaction.

In the IQ Option asset listyou find all the binary options available in the first section “Options”. Other assets are represented as Forex (currency), CFDs (stocks), Crypto and Commodities.

how to open one demo account free on IQ Option

1. Go to the IQ Option website

To start investing in binary options without risk, it is best to start practicing with a demo account where you don’t have to invest anything.

IQ Option offers you a totally free demo account with $10,000 to start investing.

You just have to register on their website and you cánido now test their investment platform with this demo account.

This is something that you must do yes or yes before depositing your real money, especially If it is the first time that you will invest in binary options.

With this demo account you cánido be wrong without riskso you also learn to handle the basics of the IQ Option platform.

2. Register with your data

The registration process is fast.

You only have to complete the data that asks for the registration form that will appear on the right.

You cánido also complete your registration in a single clic with your Fb or Google plus account.

Remember use your real data to not have any problem with deposits and withdrawals of money.

When you have written your name, surname, and your correo electrónico, just clic on the “I accept terms” box and then Clic on the green button “Open the free account”.

3. Make your first trade with the demo account

Congratulations! You are already registered in IQ Option and already you perro entrar the investment platform to start trading.

Once in your account, you perro clic the yellow button that says “Operate” to access the investment platform in the web browser.

4. start practicing

The first time you entrar the investment platform, a box will appear to make your first deposit of money.

However, you just have to close it to continue.

At the top, where the amount of money available is displayed, you cánido switch to the demo account.

You just clic it and select the practice account.

Now $10,000 will appear available to invest.

Try the strategies you want and learn to invest in binary options!

As withdrawals by IQ Option

For withdraw funds on IQ Optionyour account must be verified and have a minimum of $2 in funds to withdraw, you perro make the request through the payment methods they offer.

The IQ Option withdrawal process is very fácil.

First, you need to make sure that your account is verified to make a withdrawal.

If you haven’t, do so before you start.

You just need to verify your identity sending a photo of your identification documentwhich you perro take with your mobile and send it to IQ Option.

You have at your disposal different payment methods such as Visa / Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller credit or debit card.

It is also possible to withdraw payments through Webmoney in its different presentations such as WMZ, WMR and WME.

To use these withdrawal methods, you must have minimum $2 in your funds.

If you wish to withdraw less than that amount, you must contact IQ Option customer support.

The maximum amount allowed to withdraw is $1,000,000 per day.

The first step to request the withdrawal of your funds is to go to your account options and choose “Withdrawal of funds”. You perro find this option in the drop-down menu next to your profile picture.

By selecting the method and amount, you will have made the withdrawal request that perro take up to 24 hours in being processed.

Once this request is approved, the deposit of the money to your account takes approximately between 1 to 3 business daysso you should keep in mind that if a withdrawal is approved on Friday, your money will be in your account between Monday and the following Wednesday.

Also, withdrawals must be made to the same credit or debit card that was used to make the first deposit, otherwise, your request will be canceled as a security measure.

IQ Option has a somewhat strict withdrawal methodology that goes like this: If you make your first deposit with your card or bank account, the withdrawal amount may not exceed the amount of the first depositOtherwise, your withdrawal will be annulled.

In other words, if you made a first deposit with your credit card from $10 and you win $30, you cánido only withdraw $10 and send it to your account.

The rest must be withdrawn by another means of payment, such as Neteller.

A somewhat tedious method, but it is clear that They care about the safety of their users.

As a recommendation, it is better that you use a virtual wallet like Skrill or Neteller, because withdrawals do not have commission.

On the contrary, if you withdraw through your credit or debit card, the bank charges a separate commission.

You should also know that if your bank account is is in a currency other than the dollar that is used on IQ Option, funds will be converted to the coin of your country and the exchange rate of the bank.

IQ Option has tested have good levels of security As far as money withdrawal is concerned, it is therefore one of the most reliable brokers to invest in binary options.

Does IQ Option pay? My experience staff

I have been using IQ Option by more than 2 years to date and I have not had a problem any with the service or with the investment platform.

I have been able to verify that it really is a safe and reliable broker

on their website They offer a lot of comprehensive information. about themselves and the assets available to invest, as well as guides and resources for beginners.

Its investment platform is dynamic and fluid.

Easily understandable for all people, even those who do not have knowledge about binary operations.

One of the great advantages of IQ Option is that you perro trade from any web browser, download the desktop version or operate from your mobile with its application available on iOS and Android.

In all versions, you will enjoy a good investment experience.

Taking into account that in its demo account you perro test all its features and that each tool you use has an explanation to learn how to use it, we perro say that it is the perfect platform for learn to invest in binary options.

At first, like any service on the web, I was wary of what could happen to my money.

But when testing the demo account, I realized why it had so many good reviews.

So I decided to give it a try and invest my first $10.

I didn’t invert them all at once: I made a first operation of 4 dollars only.

That operation made me a profit of 19 dollars In just 16 minutes my investment lasted.

After this good experience, I continued to invest in other operations.

When I reached $126 I wanted to withdraw my funds to verify the veracity of withdrawals.

I had no problem making the transaction. I had to wait only 2 hours for it to be approved on the IQ Option portal, and then I received my money in my account the next day.

This is because the bank had to review the origin of the money.

Besides, $3 in commission was charged for the transfer.

I thought it was IQ Option that had taken the commission, but when I sent an correo electrónico and they told me that they do not charge a withdrawal commission, I checked my account statement and I saw that it had been the bank.

In these two years, I am getting every month about $1,423 just spend a few minutes a day.

I have lost and won, but I have learned a lot on your platform, both about money and binary trading behavior.

I recommend you use the demo account until you achieve define an investment strategy to be profitable.

Once you do, invest your real money and start earning plus income.

Of course, I no longer use my bank account to make withdrawals or deposits unless they are large sums.

Now I do it through Neteller.

I do much better since it does not require commissions and my payments are made in practically 3 days.

IQ Option is a safe and reliable regulated broker to invest in binary options. His low minimum deposit amount (only $10) It allows those people who do not have such a high investment capital to experience new opportunities without risking so much money.

At the same time, it is a good place to learn how to trade binary options since It has lots of resources and information.

This way of earning income is becoming habitual all over the world.

Now it is possible earn money from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you have an internet connection.

And best of all, it works at all times.

Like any investment, involves risk and you must learn before risking your real money.

But that’s what the demo account and the vídeo tutorials they have are for: so that you perro first learn by practicing, and then start making your first investment to earn money.

And you, have you already tried IQ Option to invest? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience!

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 Does IQ Option PAY?  This is what happened to me
  Does IQ Option PAY?  This is what happened to me
  Does IQ Option PAY?  This is what happened to me

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