Does GiftHunterClub Pay or is it Scam? $5 Dollar Payment

Does GiftHunterClub Pay or is it Scam? $5 Dollar Payment

Does GiftHunterClub pay? Currently there are many platforms that allow us to generate income en línea, this is one of them, it is a platform managed by Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL where we will be able to earn money by carrying out surveys and mini tasks.

This platform has been operating since 2012 and has been maintained over the years, at first, as with all platforms, it was one of the best to earn money en línea, but it declined a bit as the years went by, even so, although It is not as habitual, it is still a source of income for many people.

What is GiftHunterClub and how does it work?

In Gift Hunter Club it is an en línea community where we will generate income by taking surveys, completing mini tasks, participating in contests and inviting our friends since the platform has a referral system.

GiftHunterClub Features

  • Activity: Affiliate marketing, surveys and paid tasks.
  • Awards: They perro be requested from 5 dollars (530 cents).
  • Payment methods: PayPal and Gift Cards for Amazon.
  • Contests: It has a monthly referral contest and tasks with prizes of up to $35.
  • Language: Spanish, English and French.
  • Referral System: 1 level.

    You earn 10% of the profits generated by your guests.

    In addition, for each valid referral (the one that adds a minimum of 100 points) you will earn an additional 75 points.

Accepted Countries: The page is focused on Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, México, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, the United States, etcétera.

In any case, users from all over the world (with a minimum of 14 years of age) perro register and use the website.

There is no geographic restriction.

To register on this platform is extremely easy, you just have to go to the official GiftHunterClub page, entrar the requested information, such as nombre de usuario, correo electrónico and password and that’s it, you cánido earn on this website.

How to make money in Gift Hunter Club?

As we have already mentioned, this platform has different ways to earn money on it with the different activities available such as: Offers, daily surveys, mini tasks (Figure Eight), Quizzes, we perro also invite our friends, with mobile aplicación, referral contest, homework contest and others.

Since we are not going to have such high earnings on this platform, the best way to greatly increase our income is with the referral system, if you have a blog, a Fb page with many followers or a YouTube channel, you cánido promote the web with your referral backlink and so on make a decent profit.

Offer walls: If you have already worked with afín websites, the walls of TokenAds, Matomy, Super Rewards, PaymentWall, Personaly, among others, will be familiar to you.

The iniciativa is to participate in these offers and add points, the easiest tasks to perform are downloading applications, viewing vídeos, free registrations and viewing ads.

Surveys: As its name indicates, it is about adding points by carrying out paid surveys, these have a value between $0.25 and $0.98 with a duration between 5 and 15 minutes per survey.

daily surveys: These have a difference to the previous one, since here we perro participate in daily surveys.

A very important note: The points of the surveys that you have carried out will not be reflected in your account immediately, but it takes between 1 to 7 days to appear.

Tasks: We are talking about Figure Eight (CrowdFlower) “tasks”, usually these appear in English and perro add up to many points.

Vídeos: This is one of the sections that has less activity since there are almost no vídeos available to watch, since here we earn only by watching vídeos through MoreTV.

Although it is one of the weakest sections and where you cánido earn the least cents, just by watching vídeos through MoreTV you perro easily earn points.

mobile aplicación: This GPT has its own application for cell phones, through which we perro perform all the tasks on the web in a more comfortable way, it is available for Android devices at the moment and you perro download it on Google plus Play.

Invite friends: You cánido accumulate many points just by inviting other people to register and participate in the platforms, you will earn 10% of the points generated by your referrals for life, also for each referral that reaches 100 points you will earn 75 to your account.

Contests: As we already mentioned, every month there are two contests in which the most active users and the best sponsors are rewarded.

Referral Contest: Here the 10 users who have the most affiliates per month are rewarded, the first place takes about $35 dollars

Homework contest: Also the most active people of each month win a reward, the first place gets $5 dollars.

Daily plus and weekly plus

If you have a lot of time to dedicate to this platform, you should know that there are two bonuses that will help you increase your earnings on a daily and monthly basis.

Daily plus: Here you have to complete two offers or surveys of 8 points and five tasks, the reward will be an additional 10% of all the points you manage to accumulate that day.

weekly bonuses: If you manage to get at least 1 point every day for a week, at the end you will receive 10 plus points to your account.

How to request a prize in GiftHunterClub?

In GiftHunterClub you perro choose if you want to collect your money in dollars or in euros, for this you just have to go to the menu “STORE” located in the lower left part of your account, select PayPal to withdraw and it will appear if you want to receive the payment in dollars or euros.

GiftHunterClub minimum withdrawal

GiftHunterClub’s minimum withdrawal is just $5 dollars or the equivalent of 530 points, if you want to withdraw $10 you will need only 1,000 points, for Amazon gift card the minimum is also $5 dollars or the equivalent of 520 points.

Does GiftHunterClub pay or is it a scam?

Fortunately GiftHunterClub pays, has payment vouchers and many users are active generating income with this platform.

GiftHunterClub Opinions and recommendations

As I told you at the beginning, the earnings on this platform are not that high, but it does pay and so far it hasn’t had a problem and it hasn’t turned into a web scam, if you have the free time to dedicate it to conducting surveys and doing the different things. activities is fenezca for you, as long as you don’t have to sacrifice another business model that is more profitable for you. Sign up to GiftHunterClub.

Alternatives to GiftHunterClub

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 Does GiftHunterClub Pay or is it Scam?  $5 Dollar Payment
  Does GiftHunterClub Pay or is it Scam?  $5 Dollar Payment
  Does GiftHunterClub Pay or is it Scam?  $5 Dollar Payment

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