Does pay? $5 Dollars per Minute

Does pay? $5 Dollars per Minute

Does really pay, or is it just a scam? You cánido really earn money from your computer doing this fácil task that is filling in captchas, with pages like fivmoney we perro carry out this activity and generate some income. Features

  • Assessment: suspicious
  • Payment methods: Possibly PayPal.
  • minimum payment: $200 Dollars.
  • Languages: Spanish and Russian.
  • Accepted countries: All.

What is and how does it work? is a platform whose activity is to solve captchas, on the internet there are several companies of this type which allow thousands of users to generate some income by participating in them solving captcha.

How to earn money with

Pay earn money in by solving captchas It is very fácil, you just have to go to their official page and register, the registration is super fácil, it will not even ask you to verify your correo electrónico, which makes us doubt a little.

Once registered, you simply go to the menu “Watching ads” to start solving or filling out the captchas, the payment for each captchas is extremely something, it is usually between $0.20 until $0.40 cents, which is very high, since in pages like kolotibablo, 2captcha and Protypers the profit percentage is very low, but these companies do pay. Pays, it is scam or fraud

So far we do not have proof of payments from, we have done an analysis that you will see later in the vídeo and this platform does not have proof of payments that any usuario has uploaded.

It is true that on their platform they do espectáculo the last payments made, but that does not guarantee that they are really paying, since no one has uploaded that information on YouTube, nor on Forums and business pages. minimum withdrawal and payment methods

The minimum withdrawal in is $200 dollars, which personally I consider to be a very high figure, also in my experience this type of platform that usually has a very high minimum withdrawal always ends up being a fraud.

The platform does not establish on its website what the payment method they have, but in the section payments made there if it is established that they send the payments by PayPal.

Analysis of Vídeo Tutorial

Opinions and Suggestions of

This company is not going to pay you, that’s what I think and I’ll let you know why in the previous vídeo, but if someone has charged, they perro let you know in the comments, so It is a platform that I do not recommend using, but if you escoge to try for confirm if you payif you get to receive the payment let us know.

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 Does pay?  $5 Dollars per Minute
  Does pay?  $5 Dollars per Minute
  Does pay?  $5 Dollars per Minute

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