Documents to emigrate legally to

Documents to emigrate legally to

Deciding to emigrate to an unknown country is not a decision that should be taken lightly, it is necessary for people to carry out a study of the necessary documents to be able to emigrate legally in the country of destination.

Among the documents to travel to Colombia by land and entrar legally from Venezuela is to have a valid passport as well as criminal records for Colombia with apostilles and the letter of invitation to Colombia.

But in the case of an indefinite stay, that is, wanting to live in this country, obtaining a legal visa is essential.

In this article we will offer you extensive information on the requirements for your membership in Colombia.

What documents do you need to be legal?

So if you want to emigrate to Colombia you must be up to date with the following documents depending on your case:

  • Valid passport
  • Border mobility card Work, resident or emigrant visa
  • Special Stay Permit (PEP)
  • Citizenship card (people with direct Colombian relatives or Colombian spouses).

In the first place, in order for you to be able to work legally, you must have the documents or a visa, which cánido be a work, resident or immigrant visa.

Regarding the Temporary Permanence Permit (PEP), this was granted to people who entered Colombia illegally, that is, without a passport, and the Colombian government benefited them by granting said permit.

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PEP – Special Permit to Stay (PEP)

This document or permit gives the Venezuelan the opportunity to opt for benefits such as work, health and studies, as we said before, it allows the foreigner who decides to eradicate in this country to fall into low working conditions, and on the contrary perro enjoy the benefits of law.

What are the types of Visas to Emigrate to Colombia?

The Venezuelan who wants to leave his country and live in Colombia must be very clear that the essential requirements or documents that must be met are visas, which are divided into Type V Visas (visitors), Type M Visas (migrants) and Type R visas. (residents), according to information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

General requirements or documents

Venezuelans who entrar Colombia with the intention of working or studying, must process their visa presenting the following general requirements:

  • Passport with a minimum validity of three months.
  • Photocopy of the passport: of the personal data of the holder of the document and of the page where the stamp of entry to Colombia is reflected.
  • 3 recent de adelante photos, 3×3 cm white background.
  • Form No.

    SC-FO-15 requesting the visa; printed, filled out and signed by hand.

  • Photocopy of the administrative contract, previously signed and authenticated by the parties involved.

    The contract must reflect: duration of the contract, salary offered, position to be held and must specify that under situations of death, termination of the contract, transfers, resignation or abandonment of the job, the person will be deported to their country of origin.

  • Attend an interview with an official from the Colombian consulate.
  • Pay the visa fee.

Type M Migrant Visa

It should be noted that there are many who crash with this step, because they do not have the necessary knowledge to know how to obtain it and they believe that it is something very fácil, but it is not.

First you must have a contract with a company that wants to help you with the visa, this type of visa is 2-sided, the employer and the employee and not all, but not all companies meet the requirements, that’s why it becomes a bit difficult to obtain said visa.

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The duration of a work visa is generally one year. and after having it for 5 years in a row you cánido apply for permanent residence.

It cánido be requested by Venezuelans who want to settle in the country and do not meet the conditions to apply for a type R visa.

Example: spouse or permanent partner of a Colombian, father or mother of a Colombian by adoption, refugee, worker, businessman, student, independent, among others .

Visitor Visa or Visa Type “V”

This type of visa is easy to obtain for most visitors, they are valid for 90 days, although they cánido be extended up to 180 days.

Most simply require a passport valid for at least 180 days from entry.

But in the case of Colombia, it does not require a visa for Venezuelans among its requirements to travel to this country as a tourist.

Resident Visa or Type “R” Visa

The foreigner who wishes to entrar or remain in the national territory to settle permanently or establish his domicile in the country cánido opt for this visa.

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Venezuelans who may apply for a type “R” visa must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Having been a Colombian national, he has renounced this nationality.
  • You are the father or mother of a Colombian national by birth.
  • Has remained in the national territory continuously and uninterrupted for two (2) years as the main holder of type “M” visa under the conditions of numerals 1 to 3 of article 17.
  • Has remained in the national territory continuously and uninterrupted for five (5) years in one of the following conditions: a) As the main holder of type “M” visa under the conditions of numerals 4 to 11 of article 17. b) As a beneficiary holder of type “R” visa.

This has an open work permit and allows its holder to carry out any lawful activity in Colombia.

Where to apply for the Visa to emigrate to Colombia?

Visas must be applied for at a local Colombian embassy or consulate, it is advisable to apply several months in advance of the day you intend to entrar Colombia.

Family members arriving in Colombia must espectáculo documentation of their relationship with the main visa holder.

The spouses must espectáculo a duly legalized marriage certificate.

As for children, proof must be provided that the visa holder is the parent or legal guardian of the child.

Other factors that you must take into account to emigrate to Colombia

Other factors that you must take into account when emigrating from Venezuela to Colombia, and deciding in which districts you are going to eradicate, is the price of rents, food, services and strata, and transportation.

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Apartment or room rental prices

This is the second most common question that one asks, but when choosing the apartment or room keep in mind the strata, they go from 1 to 6 and you pay for public services differentially, the lower the stratum pays less and the higher pay more.

This is because 1 is for low-income people and the services are subsidized by the government.

So it depends on your economic capacities and tastes, you perro choose where to live, but taking into account that the majority of Venezuelans who arrive in Colombia come with limited resources, you must choose between strata 1 and 2.

From strata 3 up they ask for many requirements as guarantors and months in advance among other things.

Is transportation very expensive?

Definitely the cost of transportation is a strong blow to the pocket, therefore, try to cómputo your place of residence near your place of work so that you save this expense.

In Cúcuta the ticket may be a little more accessible but already in the capital or other cities the cost is higher.

the price of food

This is a basic question, and it perro be said that here in Colombia food is quite cheap, but this also varies depending on where you do your markets.

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 Documents to emigrate legally to
  Documents to emigrate legally to
  Documents to emigrate legally to

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