Do you want free Bitcoin? Here are 15 ways

Do you want free Bitcoin? Here are 15 ways

Here are some of the best methods to get free cryptocurrencyranging from sign-up bonuses to free “crypto cash back” every time you shop.

Free cryptocurrency perro be obtained in a variety of methods, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In this article, we’ll go over 10 different strategies, including how to get started as well as the inside information you need to acquire as much free cryptocurrency as possible.

The methods on this list range from the fácil to the more complex, and are ranked by how much work they require and how much money they cánido make.

1. Get Cryptocurrency Signup Bonuses

Some websites and aplicaciones offer cryptocurrencies as signup bonuses. The most common place to find these bonuses is on cryptocurrency exchanges, where you buy and sell digital currency.

Here are two prominent platforms that offer a plus, along with how much you perro expect to receive:

  • TradeStation. Get $10 worth of a free supported cryptocurrency (BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, or USDC) with a minimum deposit of $0.01.
  • Phemex. Get $10 worth of BTC or USD after opening an account and following on Twitter. Earn a second $10 trading plus by transferring at least the equivalent of 0.003 BTC or 0.04 ETH to your account.

2. Coinbase Earn

When you sign up for Coinbase, you get access to Coinbase Earn (which cánido be found in the Coinbase aplicación under the “Rewards” tab). This is a platform that offers short modules that teach you about different cryptocurrencies. Each module takes a few minutes at most and is paid instantly.

As a Coinbase usuario, I make sure to take advantage of these offers as soon as they become available. The following image espectáculos the cryptocurrencies I earned through this method (and the amounts they are worth in USD) at the time of publication:

My de hoy Coinbase Learn earnings so far.

No deposit is required to access Coinbase Earn, but you do need to verify your account (which requires uploading a photo ID, a process that takes less than five minutes).

3. Get crypto as cash back

Crypto cashback works the same way as a estándar cashback system: you buy through an aplicación or website and receive a percentage of your purchase in the form of crypto.

  • StormX: A free application that allows you to earn up to 10% in Bitcoin in more than 500 stores when you shop en línea. It works like habitual shopping rewards websites like Rakuten and Swagbucks: just use the aplicación to visit a retailer’s website, then shop as usual. You will earn the native aplicación token (STMX) and have the option to stake it to earn interest. To learn more about how it works, check out our StormX review.
  • lolly: A crypto-copia de seguridad application that works afín to StormX. Get $5 in free bitcoin after your first qualifying purchase.
  • Cash Aplicación: The habitual peer-to-peer payment aplicación offers a free debit card, called Cash Card. Users cánido add “Boosts” to their card, which provide cash back (or other incentives) on purchases at certain merchants. Cash Aplicación has a built-in cryptocurrency trading platform, and a common boost is a percentage of your purchase back in the form of Bitcoin, typically 5% or 10%. Learn more in our guide on how to get free money from Cash Aplicación.
  • fold: Returns a percentage of Bitcoin when you buy digital gift cards through the aplicación. It also offers a daily “spin to win” wheel, which is free to play.

4. Cash-back credit and debit cards that pay in cryptocurrency

Many credit cards offer automatic cash back on your purchases, either in the form of points or statement credits. Recently, a new class of credit cards has emerged that offer rewards in cryptocurrency.

Some of these crypto cards offer sign-up bonuses that waive annual fees for a year if you spend a certain amount on the card in the first few months.

Here are some of the best options for upcoming crypto credit cards:

  • BlockFi: Earn 1.5% back in bitcoins on all purchases.
  • gemini: Earn up to 3% cryptocurrency back on all purchases. There is currently a waiting list that you cánido sign up for with our backlink.
  • fold: Along with its crypto-backed aplicación, Fold also offers a crypto-backed Visa prepaid card. Rewards are not automatic: each qualifying purchase earns you a spin on the Fold prize wheel, which may or may not result in rewards.

5. Earn Interest on Cryptocurrency You Already Own

Nothing beats putting your money to work for you, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Some cryptocurrency savings accounts offer up to 8% interest, which is considerably higher than traditional savings accounts.

However, please note that there is no FDIC or SIPC insurance with these options.

With BlockFi shutting down to new investors, Gemini Earn is the biggest player right now in the space. With Gemini Earn, you perro earn up to 8% APY by lending your digital assets.

6. Earn cryptocurrencies by playing games

It is worth noting that the cryptocurrency rewards from playing the games below cánido vary greatly, and it could take a long time to reach the minimum withdrawal or withdrawal cómputo.

Anyway, here are some of the most habitual cryptocurrency earning games for you to try:

  • AxieInfinity: Jugadores buy “eggs” that hatch into creatures called Axies, which cánido then grow and fight. Jugadores entrar tournaments to earn funds, which are used to purchase elementos, Axies, land, and more, both in-game and on third-party marketplaces.
  • CoinHuntWorld: In this game, you search for hidden treasures that are small amounts of cryptocurrency. These amounts may vary, but the earnings are comparable to other platforms. To download the aplicación on the Aplicación Store or Google plus Play, you will need to download a secondary aplicación that allows you to play beta aplicaciones.
  • Counter-Strike: This is a classic first person shooter game. There are two main methods of earning cryptocurrency playing Counter-Strike: cryptocurrency tournaments vía Steam and a new initiative from ZEBEDEE. The first is run by Earn Nano, and a player perro join a nano tournament on Steam for a oportunidad to win cryptocurrency. The latter is a Bitcoin startup that is currently planning to launch CS:GO Bitcoin earnings servers.
  • decentraland– A usuario-owned virtual world where people perro build and create structures, explore, and chat with others. The site is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and digital land, wearables, goods, and more cánido be traded, earned, and purchased using in-game currency (which perro be easily exchanged for Ethereum).
  • everdragons: Afín to AxieInfinity, jugadores perro unlock and fight digital dragons against other jugadores. There is an Ethereum-backed marketplace where jugadores perro buy new dragons or sell their own.
  • Just Genere 2: This is an open world third person shooter game. With Earn Nano, jugadores cánido install a mod on their Steam version of Just Ocasione 2 that allows them to earn cryptocurrency by completing missions, defending faction territory, and more.
  • My Cryto Heroes: This is the number one blockchain game in the world, where users find historical elementos and fight against other jugadores. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Player Killers’ Exchange: Jugadores earn cryptocurrency by killing other jugadores in this RPG game. Jugadores cánido upgrade their characters over time and become stronger, giving them a better oportunidad of victory. To cash out, three player kills or 33 NPC kills are required.
  • WeNano: WeNano is more of a popular digital banking aplicación than a game. Users cánido exchange messages with each other in the aplicación (available on the Aplicación Store and Google plus Play Store), and Nano cánido be earned by physically visiting spots. In these places, a usuario perro collect nano payments equipo up by other users in a donation style system or create places themselves.

7. Earn cryptocurrency on new cryptocurrency launches [Airdrops]

Cryptocurrency airdrops are a unique marketing strategy for new cryptocurrencies that blockchain users with an active digital wallet perro benefit from. Essentially, an airdrop is when propagators of a new cryptocurrency randomly deposit coins or tokens into the wallet of an active blockchain usuario.

Sometimes these coins and tokens are completely free, and sometimes the usuario may be asked to perform a task, such as retweeting about the new coin. The goal of the airdrop is to spread awareness of the new coin.

Typically, these airdrops go to blockchain users who have Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets. Companies will always make it known that it is an official airdrop, but beware of crypto repositories that do not have any information surrounding them; This is something called a dust scam, in which malicious actors attempt to de-anonymise your crypto accounts.

Here are some sites you perro use to find out when an airdrop might happen:

  • airdrop alert– This site is one of the highest rated and is a place where users cánido articulo their upcoming airdrops for others to take advantage of. They also offer a weekly newsletter to keep subscribers up to date on new releases.
  • airdropper: Very afín to AirdropAlert, Airdropter stores a list of organizations currently running Airdrops, along with their completion dates. They also offer featured drops.
  • As with the other two on this list, Airdrops are stored, but has more tabs and options for upcoming Airdrops than the others.

8. Use faucets [Faucets] of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency faucets are arguably one of the biggest and most convenient ways to earn free cryptocurrency. Essentially, a faucet is an aplicación or website that pays you a small amount of cryptocurrency for completing a task, such as viewing ads or taking a short survey.

In general, the simpler the task, the less you will be paid.

Most cryptocurrency faucets have a minimum withdrawal amount. On some sites, you may be able to reach this amount in as little as one day, while on others, it could take months.

Here are a couple of the best known cryptocurrency faucets.

  • advercoins: This faucet has a fácil premise: watch ads and then clic on them. One clic gives the usuario a small amount of Bitcoin. When we did research for this article, that number was .00000008 BTC (about .005 cents). The minimum withdrawal is .0002 BTC (around $12), so you will need to clic a lot of ads to collect.
  • Cointiply: The methods of earning income from this site are through surveys, quizzes, vídeos and even chats. The site pays in “Coins”, which perro be exchanged for Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

9. Use the Brave web browser

Brave Browser is a fast and coincidente browser that anyone cánido use that has built-in ad blocking and web tracking protection. Its private browsing mode hides your web traffic using Tor, but its biggest draw is the fact that it offers a cryptocurrency wallet.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the currency used by the browser, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a usuario, you perro select whether or not you want to earn a small portion of this currency in exchange for viewing ads.

Instead of just showing ads, a push ad will be sent. If you choose to view it, you will be paid. PCMag tested the browser for a day and earned about 7 cents.

While this may not sound like much, setting Brave as your default browser and viewing ads on a daily basis could be a nice addition to other strategies on this list. Also, users praise the browser for its security and privacy features.

10. Earn cryptocurrencies by doing odd jobs and tasks

Like cryptocurrency faucets, you perro do odd jobs through websites or aplicaciones and receive small cryptocurrency payments in return. In truth, this is a way to gain a lot of effort and little reward.

These odd jobs could be on pay-per-clic sites, where you clic an ad or button in exchange for some denomination of cryptocurrency. Alternatively, you may have the option to complete surveys or perform small tasks en línea.

Realistically, your earning potential could be as low as pennies an hour, but you perro certainly pass the time with this method.

Here are some prominent sites:

  • BitcoinGet– This platform is based on surveys and tasks, but the earning potential of this site is not advertised. After entering your personal Bitcoin address, the options to earn will be listed.
  • BitForTip: Users perro consejo Bitcoins and earn Bitcoins simply by helping others with questions or tasks. There is no withdrawal amount, but you need to fund your account with .0001 BTC (about $6) to articulo a query. Supported cryptocurrencies are BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, and Tezos.
  • r/Jobs4Bitcoins: This is a subreddit dedicated to odd jobs for those looking to earn Bitcoin. As with other threads, it’s important to stay vigilant and avoid falling for scams that may be posted.

11. Earn cryptocurrency for blogging

If you are passionate about writing or blogging, several websites are starting to offer cryptocurrency payment options. Usually, the sites that offer this option are cryptocurrency-focused sites.

Sites like CNN’s Cryptocurrency News hunts down journalists from all over the world and has been known to happily pay writers in BTC. Take advantage of blockchain companies looking for writers and request payment in crypto.

Also, Publish0x pays ETH to users for writing and reading content on their site. However, most of the content on this site deals with blockchain and various cryptocurrencies, so it is best for people with a strong interest.

12. Earn Bitcoin through work

It is a well known fact that nothing in life is free, and this also applies to Bitcoin. To get Bitcoin, you normally have to trade your time and effort for it. There are no short cuts. Instead of chasing small profits, consider getting paid in Bitcoin for your skills. Here are some ways to earn free Bitcoin or get a daily Bitcoin:

  • You cánido request donations in Bitcoin through your blog or website.
  • Offer your services to companies operating in the field of cryptocurrency.
  • Search for job openings on websites like Crypto Jobs List, Cryptogrind, Jobs4Bitcoins and others.
  • Ask for advice in your posts or en línea contributions. is a good way to receive Bitcoin micropayments through Twitter.

14. Use sales to get Bitcoin

Another way to acquire free Bitcoin is by selling products or services and accepting payment in Bitcoin. Today, many en línea businesses accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Also, there are platforms like and that allow you to sell goods in exchange for Bitcoin. This cánido be a lucrative way to earn Bitcoin while providing value to customers.

15. Earn Bitcoin shopping on the Internet

If you’re tired of spending money while you shop, consider earning rewards through en línea shopping and making the most of every opportunity to benefit. There are websites that offer rewards for shopping, allowing you to earn free Bitcoin. Here are some aplicaciones that perro help you learn how to earn Bitcoin quickly and easily through purchases:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks offers rewards for making the purchase. Just upload your receipt to their website or mobile aplicación to earn rewards for your purchases. Getting paid for something you already do is always a agregado, and perro even motivate you to shop more efficiently.
  • lolly: Lolli has partnered with certain retailers, and if you buy elementos from these merchants, you cánido earn crypto in your wallet.
  • Pei: Pei is another aplicación that offers Bitcoin rewards for shopping.

Free Bitcoin FAQ

Why are these sites and aplicaciones giving away free cryptocurrency?

The business model of each site or application varies.

Sign-up bonuses are offered because the site or company hopes you will join and then become a repeat customer.

Cash back portals make money by referring you to a merchant’s website; they then share a portion of that revenue with you.

Crypto faucets pay you for viewing ads (which they get paid to display), or when you provide them with valuable data (such as by completing a survey).

Cryptocurrency airdrops use giveaways as advertising to raise awareness of new coins.

Crypto games make money by creating digital assets that have value, but to do this, they need an active player base, so they build free cryptocurrency earning opportunities into their game models.

What are satoshis?

A Satoshi is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believed to have created the protocols used in Bitcoin and the blockchain. 100 million Satoshis are equal to a single Bitcoin. With free crypto sites, you will often get paid in Satoshis.

Cánido you get free Bitcoin or other crypto by mining?

No. Crypto mining requires powerful computers that solve complicated mathematical equations and therefore use significant amounts of electricity. While it is possible to make money through crypto mining, it is certainly not free (and cánido be quite capital intensive to carry out at the scale necessary to be profitable).

Does the IRS tax Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Under United States tax law, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are defined as personal property and are subject to capital gains tax. That said, those capital gains taxes only occur when the gains are realized, and you won’t owe a penny in taxes before then.

To end

Yes, there are many different ways to get free cryptocurrency.

But no, they won’t make you rich.

Of all the options on this list, we think:

Beyond that, many of the games we list cánido generate solid profits; Just keep in mind that earning free crypto through gameplay requires interest, skill, and time.

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 Do you want free Bitcoin?  Here are 15 ways 
  Do you want free Bitcoin?  Here are 15 ways 
  Do you want free Bitcoin?  Here are 15 ways

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