Do we all have financial anxiety? Which

Do we all have financial anxiety? Which

Money cánido trigger various emotions, including fear, regret, envy, and even hope. At Gigonway, we believe that to be truly healthy, all the connections in your life must be in harmony, including your relationship with money.

Today we’ll examine the psychology of personal money, how we deal with feelings related to it, and untangle any ties you have to help you get a little closer to it.

It may be that every time you go to open your bank’s application, a feeling of dread assails you. When you sit down to organize your finances, your heart rate may increase. Maybe you put off checking your credit score because the mere thought of doing so makes your heart race. These emotional, and perhaps physical, responses to your financial situation are actually quite typical.

Keeping our families safe and finances tied for first place in the recently released American Psychiatric Association (APA) annual survey of what worries Americans most. 66% of Americans said they were somewhat or very concerned about both issues. Health, politics, and friendships with friends and co-workers came last, followed by these.

According to Dr. Altha Stewart, president of the APA, “the survey results confirm the iniciativa that basic needs, such as physical safety or finances, have a significant impact on a person’s mental well-being.” “We strongly advise anyone suffering from anxiety to seek help, whatever the ocasione.”

There are numerous popular and institutional problems that contribute to the widespread economic concern. They cannot be ignored in the discussion. First, there’s $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, which probably explains why, among Americans ages 18-34 in the APA survey, financial concern rises to 70%. . A study of global wealth disparity also found that income inequality in the United States is at its most extreme since the Great Depression. In addition, wage stagnation is a very serious problem that has existed for years. This could explain why there are now 66% more people who say they have financial worries, compared to 56% in 2017.

Also, anxiety is a very personal issue for many of us. How we handle money is influenced by how we were raised, our current circumstances, the effect of any relationship, as well as a variety of other peculiar issues that may be troubling us individually. You probably have some kind of emotional connection to money that makes you anxious, whether you know it or not.

Financial therapist Bari Tessler says, “Unfortunately, neither financial nor emotional literacy is taught, so when these feelings arise, we don’t know how to deal with them.” And once you’ve spent money to meet your basic needs—food, clothing, and shelter—money problems aren’t just money anymore. They always relate to deeper issues.”

The fact that talking about money is still a taboo does not help at all. Money, politics and religion were taboo topics of discussion in the not so distant past. Money is the only thing we’ve been keeping off limits since the internet and popular media ushered in the era of oversharing. Just open Twitter to see many posts and articles about sex, politics, and even religion. whatbut cash? It would still be hard to find anything. According to financial advisor Lynne Somerman, “The thing is, money is a habitual part of life that we like to pretend it’s not so we don’t have to talk about it too much.”

Sadly, but not surprisingly, this has important effects on our health. We know that anxiety has a negative impact on our health, affecting both the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. In addition, new research from the APA indicates that loneliness poses a greater threat to public health than obesity. Of course, financial isolation isn’t the only ocasione of loneliness, but it cánido certainly contribute to it, especially if you’re going through a rough patch and feel like you have no one to turn to for support.

That’s why starting a positive, fruitful, and goal-oriented conversation about money should be a priority for both mental and financial well-being.

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 Do we all have financial anxiety?  Which
  Do we all have financial anxiety?  Which
  Do we all have financial anxiety?  Which

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