Discover these useful tools for

Discover these useful tools for

We understand the division of the market in digital marketing as the treatment by which a market is divided into different segments that are derived in the same way or have afín needs.

Because each segment is too afín in their needs and attitudes, they may respond to a marketing strategy in afín ways.

That is, you may have the same feelings or ideas about marketing for a product or service, sold at a certain price, distributed in a different way, and promoted the same way.

However, there are several types of market segmentation depending on some business criteria, according to their demographic or geographic information, according to psychographics and depends on behavioral data such as spending and consumption habits.

In this way, once you have collected this information from the client, you will be able to implement a more complete iniciativa of ​​what they will be like and what their expectations will be compared to what they hope to obtain when interacting with what they are looking for.

Usuario segmentation

We cánido find many different ways to segment a market.

While, in the relationships present in the company, we cánido divide the market into different types of companies or countries.

As for business-to-consumer trade, we could divide it into demographic segments, lifestyles, behavior, among others.

However, these segmentations are usually used for much more complex strategies, while consumer segmentation is done with a more concentrated and practical perspective.

In relation to the above, you cánido segment your customers in a blog according to the interaction, the sources, the average visits, the visits to some page, the conversions, etcétera.

On the other hand, the segmentation of an en línea business cánido range from the search for products outside of that site, abandonment at some stage in the purchase process, or the incorporation of different promotions, among others.

How perro you carry out segmentation?

  • SEO tools.

    These tools cánido make it easier for you to segment the market using palabras clave, content, and interactions.

    In addition, they cánido offer you the necessary knowledge so that you perro identify customer segments and the most convenient messages to objetivo them.

    In addition, these tools will be able to offer you a view of digital marketing, which is why they are understood as a powerful tool for organizing the marketing strategy.

  • web analytics.

    In case you weren’t aware, this tool analysis of data coming from your web page, have already introduced views for the segmentation of visitors.

    These tools behave as a data source that informs about usuario behavior for market segmentation and the appearance of different types of segments.

  • Usuario surveys.

    Surveys are a wonderful way to receive quality information about users.

    Also, there are some platforms on the web that give you the ability to embed such surveys on your website, providing you with a comprehensive advanced report on them.

    All these tools perro help you when collecting data and proceeding with the segmentation of your clientele.

  • search trends.

    Knowing what users are really looking for on the web and also knowing the words they use, SEO is a very incalculable action.

  • Sharing on popular networks.

    There are tools that control popular sharing by finding out the sharing of content.

    With the analytics of the interaction in popular networks, you perro know the most habitual and highest performing content that takes place on a website.

  • Popular Media Tracking.

    The tools used for popular media monitoring perro help to understand the general preferences that the audience has.

  • keyword alerts.

    Activating alerts for certain palabras clave will help you identify mentions and the frequency of these, whether it has to do with the competition with your own company.

  • Influencers.

    There are some methods with which you perro control popular media, notifications, which manifest mentions that are related to your interests on the internet.

    Finding certain influencers in a certain ámbito is a escencial action for many marketing teams.

  • heat maps.

    The tools that have to do with heat maps they solve problems and have the same importance in the content optimization exercises of your website.

  • Segments in your CRM application.

    This task will help you gather all the customers you currently get and those existing in different segmentation ranges.

    Once the segments have been defined, the marketing field cánido launch offers, correos electrónicos and messages that are consistent with those usuario segments instead of carrying out mass communication, targeting messages and offers will improve the benefit of communications .

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 Discover these useful tools for
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