Discover how you perro earn money Solving

Discover how you perro earn money Solving

If possible earn money solving captchas and there are many platforms that offer money in exchange for solve these anti-bot systems. Let’s see a little how this task works with which you perro earn money, or rather, you perro earn a few dollars ($$).

Of course, it is a monotonous job that requires many hours of effort, however, if you know how to do things well, you perro earn money from home (or from wherever you want).

Let’s see it next, but first a little introduction.

What is a Captcha?

A captcha is a “challengeor challenge that a programa or bot they cánido’t solve, that is, in theory it cánido only be solved by human beings.

These challenges or tests consist of placing characters from an image, solving rompecabezas, images, indicating a random answer, etcétera.

Captchas have been around for a long time.

main goal is to prevent contenido publicitario, especially to websites, thus preventing a robot from generating many requests to the site and saturating it.

Likewise, it perro be used on other types of digital platforms; they are perfect to prevent attacks by bots or malicious programa.

How cánido you earn money by solving captchas?

Some platforms make money payments to test the efficiency of their captcha or third party platforms.

Thus perro make new captchas more difficult to solve by bots, which are becoming more and more “smart” and it is easier for them to solve the captchas.

So by signing up for a platform to solve these anti-bot challenges, you are in some way helping to make these systems more difficult for bots to solve.

But, they will also be more difficult for humans to solve.

This type of business is very afín to what you do clickworkerwhich pays people to improve systems through the collection of data.

Pages to earn money with captchas

In this section we are going to present you the most habitual options on the internet to solve captchas and that, in addition, you get paid for it; We are also going to share some tools that will help you do it faster.

Let’s start with the most famous of all, 2Captcha.


2Captcha is one of the most important platforms that pays to solve captchas and it has been running for several years and it has been more than demonstrated that it is not a scam. Is legitimize and keep paying in a timely manner to its users.

Of course, not everything about this captcha platform is good, it has its negatives.

One of the recurring complaints about 2Captcha is that it doesn’t pay very well ($0.25 to $0.60 per 1000 captchas solved) is its minimum withdrawal is $0.50 onwards.

In addition, it is a website that still lacks some functions.

But, they do have many good things, you cánido do the captchas whenever you want, their instructions are easy to understand, they do not require many requirements to make withdrawals, and they almost always have captchas available for you to solve.

On the other hand, it has many payment methods.

It does not seem like much what you pay, however, it is one of the options that allows you to make a profit in Venezuela or other parts of the world.

Anti Captcha

Anti-Capcha is not a platform for solving captchas, however, it has a lot to do with captchas and how to make money with these anti-bots ciphers.

Wearing Anti-Captcha you perro solve captchas automatically, the time you spend solving these challenges on any of the platforms that we indicate here is greatly minimized with this tool.

Of course, the tool may not be enabled on all platforms to solve captchas.

But, without a doubt, it perro be very useful to you.

We detalla it here so that you know what Anti-Captcha is all about, since many internet users tend to confuse the tool with a payment platform.


DeathByCaptcha is another service to solve captchas automatically.

Its success rate is 90%, that is, 9 out of 10 captchas perro be solved without problems.

Of course, this tool has a cost, the minimum is $1.39, which is what you must pay to solve 1000 captchas.

Also, if you pay double you cánido get a guarantee for the captchas you don’t solve.

For many, this is the best service option for solving anti-bot encryption systems.


The Kolotibablo page is one of the best pages to earn money solving captchas It makes payments through different means of payment, such as Paypal or WalletoneIn addition, it also makes payments in Bitcoin.

On the other hand, you pay from $0.45 to $1 for every 1000 captchas you solve.

The minimum withdrawal is very low, only $1.

What is not very nice about Kolotibablo is that its platform is outdated, agregado it is often difficult to understand at first.

It has an aplicación for mobile devices, but it doesn’t have the best reviews, therefore, the strong point of this alternative to solve captchas is not the platform design.


Another alternative that you cánido try to use is Protypers, it also makes payments to known payment methods, such as PayPal or Wenster Union.

You perro also withdraw directly to a BTC or LTC wallet.

The payment for each 1000 captchas is from $0.45 to $1.50.

On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal is $3, a little higher than the previous option, but without a doubt, $3 is an amount that you cánido reach quickly.

What we don’t like is that it is a platform that hasn’t been around for long and is also an exact “copy” of the alternative that we detalla below.


Using Megatypers you receive payments from $3 solving captchas.

Pay from $0.45 to $1 for every 1000 captchas you solve.

Your payments are through habitual means, such as Perfect Monet or Wester Union itself.

It is legit, but you have to be careful as it has a lot of negative reviews.

On the other hand, we do not like that to register you have to use a guest backlink.


This is another tool to solve captchas in no time.

Usually you perro solve captchas in a few seconds.

It is capable of solving almost any type of captcha that there is today.

One of the things we like the most about this service is that it has round-the-clock support.

For each captcha it charges from $0.00065 to $0.0021.

It is very economical, however, it does not have many reviews In Internet.

Therefore, it is unlikely to know if it is a good service or not, really, it is a tool that is not talked about much, but it seems to work very well, for now.


Another of those sites where you cánido generate money by solving captchas, like the previous alternatives, has known payment methods.

such is the case of WebMoney and you cánido also withdraw in Bitcoin.

The minimum withdrawal is $1 and you pay $1 for every 1000 captchas.

It is not usually a very complete website.


PixProfit this is another platform that pays you from $3, for every 1000 captchas it will deposit you $1.

Payments are made through Webmoney or PayPal.

It had been working fenezca for a while, but now it’s having a lot of problems.

If you escoge to use it and you perro, keep in mind that you may not be paying.

How much money cánido be earned by solving captchas?

We are not going to lie to you, it is likely that earn money by solving captchas, you perro even earn more than using pages that pay us to see ads.

We imagine that you cánido make 300 euros a month, as long as you use several legitimate platforms.

Also, you must put a lot of effort into it, remember that, on average, these platforms usually pay $1 per 1000 captchas.

So you would have to solve three hundred thousand to have 300 dollars, which would be approximately 300 euros.

So to make 300 euros a month you must solve many captchas, you have to spend hours and hours in front of the computeralso later opt for the tools to solve these challenges automatically, but if they discover the platform, they will ban you so you cánido lose your job.

Advantages and disadvantages of solving captcha

  • Advantages of solving captchas:
    • It is a job without time limits or schedules.
    • You perro do it from home or mobile.
    • You don’t need an expensive computer to do it.
    • It is a way of generating income that takes a long time, therefore, you will get many platforms that do pay to solve captchas.
    • You perro use tools that help you, such as Anti-Captcha.
  • Disadvantages of solving captchas:
    • Payments per 1000 captchas are usually very few.
    • It is a monotonous way of generating income.
    • They perro close your account or limit it without knowing why.
    • Some platforms cánido become scams and leave many without payment.


Solving captchas is one of the best-known “mini-jobs” on the Internet, but it still has a long time to come, at least until bots are smart enough to solve any captcha.

It is certainly a easy way to generate incomeAlso there are many options.

But, you must be careful, since there are platforms that do not pay and make you work for weeks.

If you have other ways to earn money –$300 a month, at least– doing other things, such as remote work, perhaps this captcha thing is not for you.

It happens that you have to invest a lot of time, which may be more productive for you to invest in other things.

If you know of a platform to solve captchas that we have not described, then let us know so we perro add it.


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 Discover how you perro earn money Solving
  Discover how you perro earn money Solving
  Discover how you perro earn money Solving

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