Discover how Gaia GPS will take you beyond

Discover how Gaia GPS will take you beyond

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just looking to start a fácil hike, there are plenty of ways to get you both on and off the road.

Ask a person? Or take a map with you?

Well, you could do both, but you would surely miss things and even get lost, especially if you perro’t read that map you packed before you left.

To keep you out of trouble, we bring you the best ways to start your outdoor journey, or even make your journeys already started worthwhile.

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In this review, we bring you an aplicación called Gaia GPS, a mobile phone aplicación that could easily replace your old GPS device.

In addition to giving you coordinates, this aplicación includes many different types of maps to suit your needs and requirements.

You perro use it anywhere in the world, although some features may only be available in certain countries.

Keep reading our review to see if it is the aplicación that suits your needs.

Image courtesy: Gaia GPS

What is Gaia GPS?

Gaia GPS is a mobile mapping and navigation application released in 2009.

The outdoor site, created by Anna and Andrew Johnson in 2008, morphed into what we know as Gaia GPS in 2009.

In order to ensure that you are equipped with as much information as possible necessary for your adventure, Gaia GPS offers more than 100 maps according to the type, activity and area where you would venture.

Where does the information come from?

The vast pool of data and information available to you ensures that you will know everything you need to know to embark on your next adventure.

The usuario-friendly interfaz, the availability of sin conexión maps, and the quality of maps that could easily replace Google plus Maps are some of the few features that will surely get you hooked on this aplicación.

If this isn’t enough to convince you of their commitment to providing the best possible service, perhaps their associations would reveal that they are dedicated to ensuring accurate information is provided to their users and that every adventurer matters to them.

Off Grid Trailers, Indigenous Women Outdoors, Outdoor Afro, She Jumps, and Mazams are some of the organizations they have partnered with.

Currently, Gaia GPS is available in iOS and Android versions.

It supports many Apple devices but is limited to teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas when it comes to Android.

How does Gaia GPS work?


In addition to directly searching for waypoints or destinations, you perro also manually entrar coordinates to find where you want to go.

The function to connect to other smart devices like your Apple Watch and Apple CarPlay also helps to navigate your route, especially with its turn-by-turn navigation system.

Find and save routes

Now you perro easily search for individual destinations, tracks, roads, trails, waypoints, etcétera.

and save them.

Once you’ve saved an item that might be a favorite or even a place worth visiting, you cánido easily access them from your saved elementos.

sin conexión use

One of the most attractive features of Gaia GPS is the ability to use it sin conexión.

If you are concerned about your mobile network coverage or data usage, simply download a section or sections of a map and use it for your sin conexión navigation.


Gaia GPS allows its users to contribute to tracks and make the experience better for everyone.

There are nearly 2 million public overlay tracks available on Gaia GPS! They cánido be accessed on GPS Gaia Maps, Satellite and Gaia Topo, USGS Quad Maps among many other maps.


An attractive and also a necessary feature of this application is that it is dedicated to the safety of its users.

Gaia GPS makes sure they provide you with the most accurate information they have on trails, tracks, roads, and destinations, so you perro enjoy your adventure without worry or fear.

Image courtesy: Gaia GPS

How much does Gaia GPS cost?

For the most part, Gaia GPS is free and you perro access most of the services that Gaia GPS offers without having to pay for a subscription service.

With that being said, however, you’ll also be missing out on many great services and tools.

If you want to get the full experience, we suggest signing up for a premium membership that is only $39.99 per year.

If you opt for a free subscription, in addition to losing access to various maps, you would also be missing out on the most important feature provided by Gaia GPS, which is the ability to download maps for sin conexión use in case cell service is down. available where it will go.

Even if you choose the free subscription, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the planning features, create routes, areas, and waypoints, and organize, back up, and share your data, among other features.

Paid subscribers will have access to specialized maps (including NatGeo Trails and weather maps) and various activity maps, and the ability to download and/or print custom maps.

Image courtesy: Gaia GPS

What makes Gaia GPS attractive?


Being able to create your own routes and waypoints makes traveling so much easier, and things get even better when you perro save those routes and destinations that you’d like to return to or explore when you have time.

If you have too many things marked on your map, you perro simply hide the saved elementos and sort your map to see only what you want for that trip.

Another big part of the customization is the feature to trim your tracks.

If you ever forget to end your ride on your phone, you cánido always go back to the aplicación and clip it to where the trail ends.

backpacking and off-roading

Using Gaia GPS is one of the safest ways for you to off-road and backpack.

Being able to know where you are in real time but also not sticking to a conventional road would ensure the best off-road experience for you.

Gaia GPS has partnered with many associations and organizations (for example, the US Forest Service) to ensure that you are provided with accurate information to find your way.

Map Types

As we said earlier, the maps available to you cánido be navigated through any type, activity, or area.

Under type, you perro access topographic, satellite, highway, nautical, aviation, historical, NatGeo, and weather maps.

In activity you perro see hiking, offroading, camping, backpacking and ski touring, among other sports-related maps.

Finally, in the location you cánido access maps of the whole world, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, México, Europe and Asia.

These multiple maps will provide you with different details and information to find the trail, track, destination or landmark you are looking for.

What makes Gaia GPS annoying?

Battery duration

The easy-to-use interfaz that Gaia GPS offers as a mobile aplicación cánido be annoying at times.

Since you’ll be using a móvil on your trip, its battery could drain much faster than your average GPS device.

You may also need to make sure that your móvil is weather and shock resistant as you will be using your móvil a lot more on your trip under different circumstances.

Availability on devices

Gaia GPS is a very maleable aplicación when it comes to its availability on multiple devices.

However, you need to be a devoted Apple usuario to be able to use Gaia on your other devices.

Unfortunately, for now, Gaia GPS is only available on Apple Smartwatches and Apple CarPlay.

This could be a big bummer for those using Android devices.

Unavailability of locations

If you are not from any of the locations mentioned in the available area maps, you may not be able to enjoy Gaia GPS.

They may not have enough information about the destinations, tracks and trails you may want to explore.

Even in places where maps are available, some users complain about missing destinations, trails, etcétera. in Gaia GPS.

Is Gaia GPS worth it?

Both types of subscription perro be worth your while, if it’s the kind of aplicación that would make your trip safer and easier.

The free subscription is more than enough if you’re not worried about cell reception.

The paid subscription would also suit your needs with its large data equipo, maps, and available features.

However, you wouldn’t have a use for it if the aplicación didn’t have detailed maps for your area.

This is something you may need to keep in mind when approaching the aplicación.

Your Gaia GPS experience would mostly depend on your own móvil device.

Some users on the Google plus Play Store have reported the dysfunctional nature of the aplicación on their teléfonos inteligentes.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Gaia GPS, AllTrails might be worth a look!

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 Discover how Gaia GPS will take you beyond
  Discover how Gaia GPS will take you beyond
  Discover how Gaia GPS will take you beyond

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