Discord slow mode

Discord slow mode

Sometimes you have the need to slow things down in a chat channel.

When the amount of text scrolling across the screen starts to hurt your eyes and give you a headache, Slow Mode on Discord may be the answer to your prayers.

It is even more important to let go of the “slow hammer” when the conversation starts to sound like a fight instead of something more cordial.

What is Slow Mode on Discord

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To give your Discord text channel a touch of coolness, you will need to use the Slow Mode feature that has been integrated into Discord.

Slow Mode is probably the most convenient way to turn a noisy channel into something more relaxing.

Its operation consists of limiting the number of messages that a usuario perro send on a channel based on a cooling time.

The cooldown time is customizable, so you perro equipo the time limit from five seconds to six hours.

This is a per-channel feature, so any activation of Slow Mode on one channel will not affect conversations taking place on another.

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Discord Commands – A Complete List and Guide

Setting Slow Mode on Discord

  1. Access your channel’s settings by clicking the gear icon to the right of the channel you’re currently in or by hovering over the channel with your mouse.
  2. In the tab “Overview” from the left menu, you perro find Slow Mode in the right window.
  • The eyelash “Overview” is chosen by default when you clic Editar Channel, so you shouldn’t have to change it.
  • The Slow Mode option contains a slider that allows you to adjust the interval times to your specified settings.
  • Slow Mode is disabled by default.

    To activate it, all you have to do is equipo the interval to a tie of your choice.

  1. Once the interval is equipo, clic Save Changes in the popup window that appears.

Only those with Manage Channel, Manage Messages, Administrator, or Server Owner permissions perro adjust this setting.

You’ll also be exempt from any slowdowns, which means you perro go wild with any conversation you want.

If you’re just a member having a problem with another member spamming the channel you’re on, you’ll need to go to someone within Discord with one (or all) of these permissions.

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How to know if slow mode has been activated in Discord

Discord has done us a service by letting everyone know immediately if Slow Mode has indeed been turned on.

If the channel you’re on has Slow Mode enabled, you’ll receive a notification along with a screen shake when you try to send another message.

Both the desktop and mobile aplicaciones will have these indicators to make sure you’re aware that it’s time to take it easy on outgoing messaging.

Now you have time to think before you speak (or write) so that the conversation becomes friendlier and less rowdy again.

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Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】

This is an indicator that you’ve hit the Slow Mode restriction:

If you see this, you know your chat privileges are locked.

Take this time to reflect on life, your future, gaming strategies, you name it.

Stop responses.

Once the restriction has been lifted, you will be able to chat again until you are satisfied.

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 Discord slow mode
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