Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】

Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】

If you like en línea games, surely you use Discord.

This varied chat application allows you to communicate with your friends and allows you to do many other things.

However, Discord is mostly used for gaming, especially as a VoIP service.

Although it usually works like a charm and requires little effort to equipo up, problems perro still arise.

Is easy to see why “Discord not detecting the microphone” is not a problem you want to see when planning a game with your friends.

Here’s how to fix this annoying problem.

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The first thing a helpdesk will ask you is “Have you tried restarting the aplicación?” Then, they will ask you “Have you tried to restart the device?”.

Although it may seem trivial, a fácil restart perro often fix various things that are going wrong with your device.

  1. So, simply shut down the aplicación by going to the system tray, right-clicking on the Discord icon, and selecting Quit Discord.

    Then run the aplicación to see if the fallo persists.

  2. If it is still present, restart your device and see if that has fixed the problem.

    In the likely case that the fallo persists, move on to the next method.

Restarting applications and devices forces them to purge temporary archivos that only exist during runtime, might have been corrupted, etcétera., it also causes drivers/registry archivos to be reloaded.

So, as fácil as it is, start by restarting everything.

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Update the drivers for Discord to detect the microphone

If there’s a missing, outdated, or corrupted audio controlador on your system, it’s most likely the one causing all the fuss.

The solution here is to simply update your audio drivers.

There are a couple of ways to update your audio drivers.

The easiest is to check your sound card and download the corresponding controlador from the manufacturer’s site.

Another way would be to find an automatic update tool that will scan your system and components and automatically find and download all the necessary drivers.

Try running as administrator if Discord doesn’t detect my microphone

For some reason, a problem may occur when running an application normally.

This cánido be the case for this especial fallo, but also for many other issues.

What you perro try is to run the Discord aplicación as administrator.

  1. Doing this is very fácil; just quit Discord if it’s already running and navigate to the Discord icon on your Desktop.
  2. Right-clic on the icon, select Run as administrator and confirm.

    Now, check if the fallo in question persists.

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Reset audio settings

You may have pressed something by accident, the aplicación itself may have done it but the settings have changed.

Resetting settings cánido make a lot of things work within the Discord aplicación, voice settings are no exception in this case.

  1. To reset your audio settings on Discord, open the aplicación and go to Usuario Settings, located at the bottom of your Discord home page (gear icon).
  2. In the menu on the left, select Voice and Vídeo.
  3. On the page that appears, scroll to the bottom, clic Reset Voice Settings, and confirm.
  4. Once you’ve reset the settings, you cánido find the Microphone Test section and clic Check to see if the solution worked.

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Disable exclusive mode

The solution to this problem may not be in the Discord aplicación itself.

The culprit may be Windows.

There is a setting on Discord that allows you exclusive control over the audio device controlador.

Windows may not like this, so you will have to disable this mode in your operating system.

  1. To do this, go to the sound icon in the system tray, right-clic on it, select sounds (“Sounds”).
  2. Now go to the tab Recording (“Recording”).
  3. Then select the device in question and clic on Properties (“Properties“).
  4. In this menu, select the tab Advanced (“Advanced“).
  5. Then uncheck the boxes in front of Allow aplicaciones to take exclusive control of this device and Prioritize aplicaciones in exclusive mode and then select Accept.

Check your privacy and security settings to detect the microphone

If none of the above suggestions worked, then you may want to check your privacy and security settings.

We are going to cover how to do that in Windows 10.

  1. Clic on the menu Start and select Setting.
  2. Now clic on Privacy.
  3. Then clic Microphoneit’s in the menu on the left under Aplicación permissions.
  4. Next, make sure the microphone access is enabled and? Allow aplicaciones to access your microphone is On.

Does Discord detect the microphone? Hopefully adjusting your privacy settings has remedied the situation for you.

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Conclusion – Does Discord detect your microphone yet?

If none of these solutions helped you, it’s time to contact Discord support.

They will walk you through the process and hopefully give you a solution.

Which of the methods has worked for you? Have you tried a different one that has been successful? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments below and add your thoughts.

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 Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】
  Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】
  Discord does not detect my microphone 【SOLUTION】

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