Digital Marketing » What is it and how does it work?

Digital Marketing » What is it and how does it work?

At present, the Internet it has become a tool that allows people to work with many things.

Among the actions carried out by people using the Internet is the product and brand promotion.

To work with this there is a concept called digital marketing.

Today it is very common for people search for products or services using the Interneteither to look for good prices, to look for information about the products or even to find the solution to a certain problem.

All this is worked using the digital marketingwhich is characterized by the implementation of actions that perro be carried out using digital media, whose main objective is the promotion of brands and/or products.

what is the digital marketing?

He digital marketing (also called En línea Marketing, Cybermarketing, Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing) is the application of a series of trading strategies and techniques that are executed in digital media for the promotion of brands, companies or businesses on the Internet.

En línea marketing is marketing that emplees electronic devices such as: personal computer, notebook, móvil inteligente, tablet, vídeo game console and Smart televisión to apply marketing.

This marketing applies technologies such as websites, correo electrónico, web applications (classic and mobile) and popular networks.

The digital marketing trend is to mezcle different techniques such as content marketing, popular media marketing, influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, correo electrónico marketing, SEO, SEM, etcétera.

This marketing differs from traditional marketing in the use of digital tools.

History of digital marketing

The word “digital marketing” fIt was used for the first time in the 1990s..

From the year 2000 to 2010, en línea marketing became a very effective way to establish a relationship with the consumer in a relevant and profound way.

This has led to the enormous growth of digital advertising, which has helped the evolution of marketing.

In the years 2012 and 2013 the statistics indicated that the digital marketing kept growing more and more.

Growth in digital media is estimated at 4.5 billion Internet ads served annually, with which digital media spending grew by 48% in 2010.

Digital marketing has increased in popularity over time, this mainly in certain countries.

In the US ‘en línea marketing’ is still very common, in Italy it is indicated as ‘website marketing‘, however in the UK and around the world, ‘digital marketing’ has become the most common term, this after the year 2013.

Digital Marketing Basics

The world of digital marketing has a number of concepts that are important to know.

These concepts will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand everything that has to do with this marketing.

Below are the main basics of en línea marketing:


The leds They are contacts that you get by carrying out an Inbound Marketing or correo electrónico marketing strategy, where they leave your information that allow you to identify potential customers to send them relevant content to purchase products or services.

landing page

They are those pages whose primordial objective is to obtain the usuario information to convert them into leads.

The iniciativa of ​​this is that users entrar these pages, and for leaving their information they will receive something in return.


He SEO or search engine positioning It is a equipo of techniques designed to improve the position of a website in search results.

There are two ways to apply SEO that are SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, where each of them is applied for different purposes.


The people represent semi-fictional profiles, which are based on their de hoy consumers, and who represent an ideal buyer.

In this way you manage to create actions more directed to the right people, thus saving time and money.

sales funnel

He sales funnel It is a series of stages that a usuario goes through to become a permanent customer of a company.

The main stages of the sales funnel are: Attraction, consideration and decision.


The segmentation is the process of promoting a product or service to a certain audience of potential customers with characteristics very specific.

An example of this is segmenting a promotion to only women or only men.


The Calls to Action (CTA) They are calls that lead to action that people must comply with when visiting a website, so that they continue in the flow of a sales funnel and arrive at the moment of purchase ready for consumption.


The loyalty It is a series of actions that a company takes to get its customers to continue buying the products and services that they previously bought.

This will greatly increase sales and other benefits.


A content manager (CMS) is a tool that allows people to create and manage their website or blog in a very fácil way.

A CMS perro make your life easier when managing your website or blog.


He return on investment (ROI) It represents a mathematical elabora that allows knowing the profitability that cánido be achieved after applying a commercial action that is carried out.

The ROI elabora is: (Profit ($) – Investment ($) / Total investment) x 100%.


The key performance indicators (KPIs) They are a series of metrics about actions and areas, which help to identify how effective a digital marketing strategy is.

Some types of KPIs are: primary, secondary and practical.

Responsive Design

He responsive design It is the ability of a website to adapt visually to the various screen sizes that the usuario cánido use to view a Web.

A web page that has a responsive design perro be viewed without problems from a notebook, mobile tablet, etcétera.

Nutrition Flow

It’s a digital marketing automation process where an action by the usuario is a trigger for a series of correo electrónico messages, the purpose of which is to help a usuario go down the sales funnel.


The virality It is the ability of a publication or content to be seen by many people in a very short time.

The power of virality is enormous, since it allows you to reach millions of people.

growth hacking

growth hacking (in Spanish, learning growth habits) aims to achieve ways for business development- This is something that refers to a group mentality more than a strategy.

This has three main points: creativity, automation and experience in data analysis.

backlink building

He backlink building It is part of SEO, and it is a series of techniques that allow other pages to have backlinks to your website.

Its objective is to improve the positioning of a website in search engines.


Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) represents a numerical type of data that indicates the amount of money that a certain company must invest to get a new customer.

This is present in almost any marketing area of ​​a company.


He engagement represents the level of emotional identification that various customers and prospects have with a product and/or service.

It cánido be measured based on the moments or places where there is some interaction between customers and the company.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or customer relationship management is a computer program created to keep track of those aspects related to the data of potential customers, with the purpose of ensuring their satisfaction.


The conversion It is the process of attracting people to your contact list in order to get them to the bottom of your sales funnel.

The goal of this is to find out where conversions are not being used within a blog or websiteb.

And the best way to do that is to analyze data and run tests.

The digital marketing strategies that exist

Digital marketing has a huge diversity of strategiesspecific disciplines and techniques.

According to this, there are a large number of ways or strategies to apply en línea marketing.

Although there are many ways to apply digital marketingthere are some that have stood out for being used by the majority of those who apply this marketing.

Below are the different digital marketing strategies that exist:

Inbound Marketing

The strategy of Inbound Marketing It is based on the objective of whoever is applying this strategy to be found by people.

With this strategy, the various companies seek understand people’s problems in order to, in this way, offer them solutions.

Currently there are many tools to find the various consumer interests.

By applying this strategy, then you get an audience, and in this way you create a communication channel with your potential customers.

Based on this, your posts begin to be searched for by more interested people.

By medium of communication channel that is formed with the strategy, it is possible to understand the diverse interests of the people, and thus proceed to solve them.

Content Marketing

He content marketing It is the process by which valuable and relevant information content is created, this to attract an audience and motivate people.

He objective of applying this strategy is to position your brand to offer solutions to people.

To achieve apply content marketing It is necessary for your content to be aparente in the places on the Internet where your interest is most content.

There are several methods for this, such as a corporate blog, a company website and profiles on popular networks.

Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing

He dirección de correo electrónico marketing is a digital marketing strategy that consists of sending messages to a series of contacts acquired by some individual or company.

This marketing cánido be used to strengthen your brand, generate sales, generate customers, etcétera.

The form of direct communication with the usuario is an impressive tool, and cánido provide quite effective results. in fact it is possible segment your list according to various factorssuch as the opening rate of correos electrónicos, downloads of a material, among others.

Popular networks

The popular networks are one of the best current strategies to apply digital marketing, so having a page on the best popular networks has become transformed into something essential.

Either to promote content or for users to know your company.

Have popular media presence It is very important for consumers to choose a brand.

This helps the company to provide products and services in a more personalized way.

A good one popular media marketing strategy it must allow an effective generation of traffic for the domain of a brand or company, but it is also a channel for brand communication.

Conversion Optimization – CRO

He CRO represents any effort to increase the conversion rate to achieve a goal.

This helps to decrease friction in order to increase the number of people taking the actions.

With this strategy, the objective is to achieve an en línea presence that carries out part of customer purchase processeducating him about various problems and opportunities that he faces, in such a way that value is generated for the product or service.

When applying this strategy, what is sought is for the client to make a equipo of actions which will be indicators that a client is close to acquiring the indicated product or service.

This makes the CRO act in a way that tends to maximize the conversion rate so that a large number of customers make the purchase.

Search Marketing – SEM.

Search engines are very useful to implement marketing strategies that work with organic or paid media.

When users perform a search, those mechanisms will display useful pages, some of which will be ads.

For this reason, this marketing covers a lot, even within the SEM is SEO.

In searches, the ads are shown first and then the organic resultssince search engines are very concerned about the usuario experience, and in this way they cánido reach users who have commercial purposes.

The main strategies of SEM They are: PPC, Display Ads, Remarketing, Ads on popular networks, among others.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

He SEO It is a series of techniques that are applied to a website to improve the position of said website in the search results.

With this marketing strategy what is sought is to attract potential customers without having to pay.

There are several techniques that should be applied to indicate to the seekers that your website cánido provide the best experience to the users, for in this way appear as high as possible.

Optimizing your website means making them understandable to people and bots.

There are two ways to apply SEO to a website that are SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

The first is done within the same website and the second is done off the web.

vídeo marketing

He vídeo marketing It is that digital marketing strategy that emplees audiovisual material for the transmission of messages.

This strategy seeks to create visual content, adapt it to the platforms and upload the vídeos.

There are many platforms that allow you to work with vídeos and work with this marketingg.

The main platforms for these are: YouTube, Fb, Instagram, etcétera.

local marketing

He local marketing It is the equipo of marketing strategies that are carried out to promote a certain brand with strategies aimed at local targeting. Its main objective is to get customers who are close to the business or company.

In the world and the Internet this cánido be achieved using geolocation means such as beacon.

This technology cánido be implemented in certain physical stores to monitor those that generate the most interest.

Mobile Marketing

This marketing represents all the promotional actions that are created for mobile devices such as teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas.

This type of digital marketing is relevant in times where 80% of users browse the Internet with their cell phones and 88% look for businesses with their mobile phones.

Some of the advantages of this type of marketing are the following:

  • advertising every day;
  • communication with the objetivo;
  • higher cost than massive campaigns;
  • easy to measure results;
  • quite scopeamong others.

conventional marketing

This marketing has the objective of establishing a relationship with the future customers, using the personalized conversation through a real person or a chatbot.

This form of marketing is very useful to give the client a personalized service.

This marketing concept is geared towards retroalimentación.

That is, listening to potential leads on an individual basis, understanding their concerns and needs in order to provide them with useful content according to their requests.

affiliate marketing

A fairly common way to earn income using the Digital Marketing is through affiliates.

If you sell any products, then you will be able to create a network of weblogs that perro market your product or service in exchange for a commission.

In the same way, if you own a blog and get a lot of traffic, then you cánido be paid for generating sales for a producer.

Generally, this is done through a banner or sponsored content.

How to develop a digital marketing plan?

develop a en línea marketing plan it involves working with a series of steps to achieve it effectively.

Initially it is necessary equipo the goals What do you want to achieve when applying a digital marketing plan, and to achieve this it is necessary to carry out several actions.

By trying to anticipate possible scenarios and document a series of actions, one is talking about the development of a marketing planwhere the different possible data sources are used.

For example, if you want to have more sales, a good marketing objective might be a increase in the number of qualified leads.

Based on this, it is possible to establish an en línea marketing plan to make that goal happen.

Below are the steps to follow to develop a digital marketing plan:

1- Define the objectives

When developing a marketing plan, it is necessary define the objectives to be achieved when applying the plan.

This happens, because the fulfillment of big objectives depends on fulfilling small goals.

This is where primary and secondary objectives come in.

You need to know the time duration of the objectives, which indicates that a good marketing plan will contemplate short, medium and long-term objectives.

this being the first step of a digital marketing planits relevance is enormous.

Getting the goals wrong perro lead to a failed strategy.

The objectives of a marketing plan must have the following characteristics:

  • Specific: the objective must be understood quite well.
  • Measurable: it is necessary that objective perro be measured.
  • Reachable: this certifies that the objective is vital for your business.
  • Realistic: this indicates that the objective must be linked to reality;
  • Temporary: the goal needs to have a deadline to be achieved.

2- Prepare key performance indicators (KPIs)

The various targets should be made up of indicatorss.

However, in a group of information, it is necessary to take into account the correct indicators.

These will let you know if you are on the right path to achieve your goals.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represent that concept.

KPIs are numbers, which cánido be measured and analysed, and are directly relevant to your business.

The KPI’s They cánido be indicators of any nature, as long as they are measurable and relevant.

Digital marketing metrics, for example, perro be indicators.

3- Create Buyer Personas

The Buyer Personas It is of enormous importance in the application of a digital marketing plan.

Here, the argument is a reinforcement: it is necessary to invest time and resources creating a detailed persona.

Search contacts in your lead base, people on popular media (LinkedIn and Fb, for example) and an Internet search.

If you already have a documented buyer persona, it is possible to expand it.

In addition to questions such as “what are your various issues?” or “How perro we help the person to solve the problems?”, exploring plus topics perro be quite enlightening.

Characteristics of digital marketing

Digital marketing has a series of characteristics which is important to know.

Below are the main characteristics of digital marketing:

Segmentation: Focus has been placed on the segmentation of digital marketing, with the purpose of targeting specific markets.

Marketing influencers: It is possible to reach influencers through paid advertising, such as Fb advertising or Google plus Adwords advertising campaigns.

En línea Behavioral Advertising: It refers to obtaining information about a usuario’s en línea activity over time.

Collaborative environment: A collaborative environment is established between the organization, the technology service provider and the digital agencies to increase efforts, resource sharing, reuse and communications.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization refers to optimizing a website and its content so that it is indexed easily in search engines and thus attract influential users to a website.

Two-way communication: Marketing carried out on platforms such as popular networks or websites cánido be bidirectionalthat is, it allows companies to interact with users who are interested in products and services.

Multichannel communications: Push and pull messaging technologies cánido be used in conjunction.

For example, a dirección de correo electrónico campaign may include a banner ad or a backlink to a download of content.

Importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing is very important in the world of en línea salesas it helps maximize success.

Below is the importance of digital marketing:

Measurement: when carrying out an en línea marketing strategy it perro be measured more easily than using traditional marketing strategies.

Personalization: It allows to personalize the treatment with the client at minimum costs.

It is important to keep in mind that consumers expect personalized treatment.

Company visibility: companies that apply digital marketing are quite aparente by a large number of people.

Recruitment and loyalty: En línea marketing allows you to find potential customers and retain current customers.

Increase in sales: En línea marketing allows to increase the sales of the company since the clients of a large part of the organizations are in the digital world.

Create community: En línea marketing allows you to create a community that interacts with the company, creating a backlink with its customers.

Powerful channel: En línea marketing emplees the Internet as a channel, which makes it possible to achieve a huge impact on the reach of brands.

Experimentation: En línea marketing allows you to test tactics and adjust various strategies in real time to improve results.

Bajo coste: digital marketing strategies are lower cost than most traditional marketing strategies, which makes them very accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Advantages of digital marketing

The use of digital marketing has a series of advantages which is important to know.

Below are the main advantages of digital marketing:

Global: Any product or service that is offered using digital marketing will have global access, that is, anyone in the world with Internet access you will be able to interact with it.

Interactivity: Like the Internet, digital marketing is bidirectional.

In this way, communication between businesses and consumers has been maximized.

Measurable: Digital marketing data is collected immediately by monitoring the actions that users perform on the Internet.

Segmentable: With digital marketing it is possible to diversify marketing actions in a better way, reaching increasingly more defined and defined objectives.

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

He traditional marketing It has many limitations related to the segmentation of the objetivo population.

It also has big problems measuring impact and return on investment.

He digital marketing focuses its strategy on the geographic segmentation of the objetivo population, interests, age, purchasing power, etcétera.

Digital marketing allows even micro-segment the public by various eventssuch as: elections, birthdays, job change, weddings, etcétera.

Main digital marketing tools

On the Internet you cánido find many tools that cánido help you in your digital marketing plan.

Each of these tools operates in a especial area of ​​digital marketing.

The digital marketing tools They will help you filter for the most important data, understand strategy making, create reports, and track the numbers.

These tools will help you implement digital marketing.

Below are the main tools that perro be used in digital marketing:

1- HubSpot

The platform hubspot allows you to automate analyzed data, automate Landing Pages, work with correo electrónico marketing, blogging, actions related to SEO, etcétera.

The company also includes a CRM, that is, a system for customer management.

Having a CRM on this platformis of great help to better optimize the different working times of both the sales and marketing parts.

2- RD Station

RD Station offers Digital Marketing and automation tools, which help optimize web positioning through SEO techniques and improves the usuario experience using the improvement of the company’s or brand’s website.

This platform offers various templates of dirección de correo electrónico marketing and the ability to work with Landing Pages.

Here, real-time statistics of usuario interactions are offered, allowing you to identify potential customers who are ready to buy.


hoot suite is an en línea marketing platform that is focused on popular networks.

Basically, it is a content and publication administrator in the popular networks.

Thanks to this tool, users only have to schedule their publications.

When scheduling the publications you perro define data related to when it will start articulowhen it will end, how many publications will be made, how often will make the publications, among many other aspects.

The tool provides you with real-time statistics of these publications.

4- Canvas

canvas is a fácil drag-and-drop design tool for photos, graphics, vectors, and fonts that gives you a wide variety of usuario community.

All these design resources are available to anyone, since it is a free tool.

5- Infusionsoft

infusionsoft is an automation programa has potential to create an affiliate system, manage customer databasesprovide various reports in real time and manage received documents, such as offers and invoices.

Many of these tasks cánido be performed thanks to the fact that, like other afín tools, it includes a customer relationship manager.

6- Emarsys

emarsys a programa that performs projections and analysis based on the processing of a huge volume of data.

You perro also study the usuario behavior on the web and predict the types of content that interest you.

This program has the ability to design various advertising campaigns Correo electrónico Marketing and Popular Networkss, segment the public in an advanced way and report the actions of the strategies.

7-Google plus Analytics

Google plus Analytics is a Google plus tool that allows you to obtain data about the traffic your website receives.

This tool is very ideal for SMEs and startupswhich seek to achieve strategies to be able to compete in positioning with large companies.

Basically, Google plus Analytics It offers you real-time statistics of the visits your website receives, so that you perro see the various traffic metrics.

8- Google plus Search Console

Google plus Search Console is a tool from the Google plus company that allows you to obtain data and statistics related to the presence of a website on the Google plus search engine.

This tool will allow you to see how positioned your website is.

Through this tool you perro even solve problems related to programs malicious or contenido publicitarioas well as maintaining the web with fairly minimal interruptions.

9- SEMrush

SEMrush is a very professional tool that helps you in the world of Inbound Marketing, especially in content marketing projects.

This tool is very powerful for the solution of analysis of various palabras clave and positioning.

This tool is paid, but they also have a free version (with fewer features), which helps identify organic competitorsFollow and Nofollow backlinks and the various referring domains.

10- Buzzumo

buzzumo is one of the en línea Marketing tools that is most used for the various content strategies, since it allows to know the elementos and materials most relevant based on a format and the selected theme.

11- Feedly

When it comes to the administration of weblogs and the dissemination of content on popular networks, mainly Fb, Twitter and LinkedIn, Feedly emerges as one good alternative.

The best thing is that it is a mobile application that cánido be used in “dead” hours or minutes.

12-Google plus Adwords

Google plus Adwords It is the Google plus search engine keyword planner.

As the use and fame of this search engine has grown, this tool It has established itself as an ally for SEO strategies and strategies for disseminating content of interest.

13- Hotjar

hotjar a tool that allows you to analyze the way in which users browse a company’s website, which in turn translates into a greater understanding of the diverse interests and their needs.

Among other things, it guarantees content optimization and longer browsing time for each visitor.

14- SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a tool that allows you to analyze and find out what actions and tactics your competitors develop on the Internet.

15- QuillEngage

QuillEngage is a complemento for Google plus Analytics, as it allows you to convert the various results of your reports into text.


The implementation of different digital marketing strategies, continuously collects information about the tastes, preferences, schedules and location routes of Internet people.

Such information is classified and segmented like never before in history.

The Internet and Electronic Commerce have succeeded in establishing a “Digital Consumer Society” very predictable, and therefore quite manipulable by corporations, governments and circles of power.

to measure that time passes, the digital marketing it becomes more powerful, making traditional marketing die over time.

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final words

Do not fear, because I am with you; do not faint, because I am your God that I strive for you; I will always help you, I will always support you with the right hand of my justice.

Isaiah 41:10.

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 Digital Marketing » What is it and how does it work?
  Digital Marketing » What is it and how does it work?
  Digital Marketing » What is it and how does it work?

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