Digital Artists En línea

Digital Artists En línea

Digital Artists En línea It is the last “acquisition” to earn bitcoin that we have made in I get out of the crisis.

It appeared at the beginning of 2017 and is religiously paying its users.

The main novelty of this platform to earn Bitcoins is that It will allow us to earn satoshis in a very fun way.

Like reading books, news and playing mini games!!

His Registration is very fácil, it will simply be done by linking your Fb account. In this way you will have created your Digital Artists En línea account without the need to create any profile. If you want, you cánido create an account totally free by clicking on this banner:

All you have to do is fill in your Coinbase correo electrónico in the “account” section.

Coinbase is the unique purse bitcoin accepted by this platform.

In Digital Artists En línea you cánido earn bitcoin in several waysyou perro see them in the Dashboard section.

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in that section You will see the different ways to earn satoshis, the maximum satoshis that you cánido get each time and how often you perro claim them.

This is what we will find.

I will explain their most important columns:

  • max payout.

    will be the maximum number of satoshis that we cánido earn in each share.

    Normally the number is quite smaller.

  • Payments last 7 days.

    Are the number of satoshis paid on that depósito in the last 7 days

  • action.

    Is he backlink through which we must access the page, we must always access through this button so that our earnings are accounted for

Once we know this, we must scroll down to the bottom of the page, and look for a counter like this

The number of satoshis we have earned will be able to us. We solve a small captchat and that’s it!.

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Although the pages are for reading books, games, etcétera., no action is required.

You just have to wait for the counter to reach zero (usually they are faucets of 10 minutes).

The games or books are just in case you get bored, or want to read something while you wait.

An important thing: it will not be necessary to wait with the page open waiting for the count to be equipo to cer.

You perro do other things, other PTC, study, watch televisión, or wait for the next day

In the section “The Wall” (the wall), The offers that you perro find on many pages of this type will appear.

Complete registrations, download and use of applications.

These types of offers are totally external to the page and perhaps some of them are not fully accounted for.

But Digital Artists En línea cánido’t do anything about this.

Digital Artists En línea has a good referral system, you will earn 25% of the earnings of the friends you invite to the platform, without any limit.

You cánido find the referral backlink in the “Earn Commission” section.

The payments are made by the platform automatically Every mondayonce you get to the minimum, which are 20,000 satoshi.

In case of If you don’t reach that amount, you don’t have to worry, since they will accumulate for the following week.

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A good opportunity to earn satoshis and increase our Coinbase portfolio.

I remind you that this is the only accepted wallet for this platform.

You perro sign up for free on Coinbase here.

He Digital Artist En línea registration is freeyou perro do it. Thank you very much for reading until the end And until next time!! many successes!!

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 Digital Artists En línea
  Digital Artists En línea
  Digital Artists En línea

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