Digital Artists En línea has changed

Digital Artists En línea has changed

Digital Artists En línea has changed.

From today will pay us in Bitcoin Cash.

So far all we know the change was this afternoon.

The change, according to the administrators, who have disseminated it through the platform It has been due to the excessive commissions that Bitcoin transactions had.

I would like begin to explain roughly the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

First, the symbol:

  • At the cryptocurrency level, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it is important to be able to differentiate each cryptocurrency in an exchange or when making a payment:

BTC: Bitcoin it keeps

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BCH: bitcoin cash

  • Blockchains.

    In the case of Bitcoin is held in a 1MB block.

    Bitcoin Cash works with an 8MB block.

    Investigations are being made to obtain blocks of a larger size.

  • Algorithm for mining.

    Bitoin Cash maintains the same algorithm that Bitcoin hastherefore, at the mining level, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are exactly the same.

Therefore, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are very afín.

Only differing in the data blocks that perro support.

And now well, How will it affect us when it comes to continuing to work with Digital Artists En línea? well we hope that littleonly youWe will have to collect satoshis cash in the same ads as before and continue adding satoshis.

The good thing about the change will be that we will have less feeds at the time of payment.

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The minimum payment will continue to be 20,000 satohsis. According to the creators of the page, they have chosen this cryptocurrency for its minimal feeds.

Just like Bitcoin did a couple of years ago.

This seems to be the reason for the change in cryptocurrency.


I hope that the change is for the better and that it does not cost us horrors to reach the minimum charge.

for now, Bitcoin Cash will be another of the cryptocurrencies that we will have to collect. Waiting for the Bitcoin Cash continues to appreciate, is currently at 2051 euros.

Therefore, If you were not registered in Digital Artists En línea, I recommend you register.

Its use is easy, a faucet in which you cánido claim satoshis on several pages every five or ten minutes.

If you want, you cánido read the articulo I wrote a while ago here.

Without more to add, I leave you the registration backlink.

I hope you register and together let’s start earning Satoshis Cash.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 Digital Artists En línea has changed
  Digital Artists En línea has changed
  Digital Artists En línea has changed

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