Differences between Visa card and

Differences between Visa card and

¿Do you question some time? Why do some cards say VISA and others MasterCard? If you are interested out of pure curiosity or because you have to choose one, stay and read the information that we have gathered for you.

What are the advantages of having a Visa Card?

To begin with, VISA (Visa International Service Association) is a multinational financial services company, which originated in the US.

Like Mastercard, both allow all kinds of bank transfers throughout the world. Both with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid and Gift cards. The main advantage of choosing Visa the thing is captures most of the market. Their commissions abroad are usually lower.

Have more likely to find a bank that does not charge commission when you do a currency exchange. And, it also offers many benefits in travel, restoranes and all kinds of business.

What are the advantages of having a MasterCard Card?

All the cards associated with Mastercard offer you a series of advantages when you use them for your purchases. However, these perro change depending on the bank that issues the card and the type of card you have.

Here we point out the most striking advantages of Mastercard:

  • Thanks to your price protectionif you have bought a product with Mastercard, and then you see it cheaper, while you are within the 60-day period, the difference will be refunded to you.
  • They also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee Therefore, if you are not satisfied with what you have purchased using your Mastercard and the store does not refund your money, within a 60-day period you perro claim and recover up to €250.
  • Mastercard offers you a Warranty Extension offered by the brand or manufacturer of the product you have purchased, for up to one year.
  • Mastercard cards offer you a purchase insurancewhich covers breakdown or theft of those products you buy, within 90 days of having purchased them.

In addition, you perro also count on:

  • Special sales
  • Protection in your purchase
  • Assistance and Personal Protection
  • Travel Assistance and Protection

MasterCard offers its customers all kinds of exclusive discounts and tiques to espectáculos.

What is the competition between Visa and MasterCard?

Points to mark:

  • Neither of the two entities issues credits or cards of any kind. Both are responsible for offering a service to the bank that issues the card.
  • Processing all economic transactions that are made with credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards of customers.
  • Both entities are accepted in most parts of the world equally. In more than 20 million stores and in more than 150 countries.
  • Their maximum security systems they protect customers from possible fraud when they carry out transactions with their cards. In the case of Mastercard it is called SecureCode, and in the case of Visa it is the Visa System.
  • They are in charge of checking with the bank or financial entity that has given us the card, if the transaction we want to make cánido be accepted or not. They verify that it is possible to make the payment what we want to do
  • Both manage the payment between the card issuer and the business we shop at.
  • Both of you allow you to equipo your private password. Then you will have to use it to carry out all your transactions over the Internet.
  • offer offers and promotions They are only available to people using their debit, credit, or prepaid cards.

Is it convenient to have a Visa or MasterCard abroad?

Both VISA and MasterCard are very powerful platforms that span the globe. Depending on the country to which you travel you will have more possibilities with one or another card. We recommend that, before traveling, you vea in your destination country which of the two entities has the greatest reach. Still, who completely surpasses in this competition is VISA. You will see why we tell you:

Visa leads the way because it is accepted in more than 30 million stores worldwide. And it has more than 2 million ATMs.

Instead, MasterCard it is accepted at 20 million businesses and works with more than 1 million ATMs worldwide. Beyond these differences, you will never run out of possibilities to make your transactions with VISA or MasterCard.

For this reason, we recommend that you place greater emphasis on more practical issues when choosing the card you will use to travel:

  • Look for the lowest annual maintenance cost
  • Primordial: the travel insurance that includes
  • Do you offer discounts on purchases or rentals?
  • You will have to pay commissions, take it for granted. But, let them be as few as possible. For example: When you change currency, by withdrawing cash from the ATM, the branch also charges you when you withdraw money, when requesting a loan you pay a commission.

Finally, we recommend that before traveling you see the advantages of doing so with Visa or MasterCard. Most of the banking entities work with both, so you will have to see discounts, commissions, issuance fee, maintenance, interest rate that the issuers of the card offer you.

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 Differences between Visa card and
  Differences between Visa card and
  Differences between Visa card and

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