Differences between Interactive Brokers vs.

Differences between Interactive Brokers vs.

Finding the ideal platform to invest in perro be difficult. Many investors look for platforms that are safe, reliable and offer the lowest commission rates. Two of the best financial intermediaries They are Interactive Brokers and Degiro.

If you want to know which of these is the best for you, in this article we will make a comparison of the main differences between Interactive Brokers and Degiro.

Main differences between Interactive Brokers and Degiro 2023

Both platforms are well known worldwide, but especially in the United States and Europe. However, there are certain differences that are worth considering when investing. The iniciativa is that you know which one is the most convenient for you.

Many are interested in the issue of commissions, but the truth is that these are very afín between Interactive Brokers and Degiro.

The difference is basically that Interactive Brokers has customizable commissions, that is to say, that you cánido choose between commissions by levels based on the monthly volume, or commissions of a fixed structure. Instead, Degiro has only one commission schedule.

Platform usability

  1. Interactive Brokers. It’s a bit complex because it has many options. Some users may take time to adjust to handle it quickly. It allows you to filter between types of markets, make quick searches, and many more options when buying and selling.

  1. Rotation. It is much more simplified, therefore, it is easier to move within the platform. Virtually all the features are found in its left sidebar.

Account Types

  1. Interactive Brokers. It has two types of entity account from which you cánido choose. On the one hand, you have the margin account, with which you cánido request loans, leverage and more. And on the other hand, there is the “Effective account”, whose account is a little more limited and you cánido only operate with the money you have available, that is, you cannot leverage yourself.

  1. Rotation. The account types that Degiro has are three main ones; Custody, Basic, and Active. Some find it very difficult to understand and therefore prefer to use other options for leverage.

Buy Crypto

  • Interactive Brokers. Perhaps the purpose of creating an account at Interactive Brokers was not to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. But it is an option that you have available and that of course adds points in favor of the platform. It is like having 2 in 1, that is, on the one hand, you invest in shares and on the other, you buy cryptocurrencies.

Stoploss and Take a profit

How well do you know a Stoploss is a type of conditional order, that is to say that it will limit losses. And Take a profit what it does is establish a limit for the profit. When the price of an asset exceeds the previously established levels, the operation will be cancelled.

  • Interactive Brokers. Both orders work in a more advanced and fácil way at Interactive Brokers. When making a purchase, at that very moment you cánido establish a Stoploss and Take a profit, and make the pertinent adjustments regarding whether it will be permanent or not.

  • Rotation. When you make a purchase, you cánido’t attach Stoploss and Take a profit directly. What you perro do is, when buying, attach a Stoploss to the “sell” option. However, once you have an order, you will not be able to equipo a limit that works like Take a profit. You perro only have one pending order per action.

Pre-Market and After-Hours

This option implies a trade within the platform both before and after business hours.

  • Interactive Brokers. It is a great advantage that Interactive Brokers allows you to place an order and execute it outside of the exchange’s business hours. In the same section that you have to put Take a profit, you cánido also configure your orders so that they are executed as we have already mentioned.

In conclusion, both Interactive Brokers and Degiro they are highly recommended platforms when it comes to investing. However, there are differences that you have to consider depending on the use you plan to give it. Interactive Brokers is a bit full and advanced, but Degiro is much more simplified.

If you want to know in more detail about Interactive Brokers and Degiro, take a look at the following vídeo tutorial.

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 Differences between Interactive Brokers vs.
  Differences between Interactive Brokers vs.
  Differences between Interactive Brokers vs.

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